Speaking to the ‘Les anti-pods de la lutte’ podcast, Deonna Purrazzo has lifted the veil on what went down during the recent WWE layoffs and discussed leaving the WWE/NXT.

“Vince McMahon had put a video on for us all to watch and it talked about people being furloughed and people being fired and pay cuts so it kind of all happened fast. No one really expected it and then as soon as we all watched the video we clicked over to Twitter and it was name after name being released,” she recalled about the day WWE made their cuts.

Deonna Purrazzo takes Asuka down. Photo: WWE.

Purrazzo knew her time was up based on her history with the company. She says she spoke to people in the NXT office about not being utilized properly and claims speaking up for herself was “looked upon negatively”.

“I was unhappy and I was vocal about it and I know what I was worth. I knew what I could do and I thought coming in, July of 2018, like I had proved myself. I had proved I was ready to be a superstar and it ended up being that I was hired to keep me from AEW and keep me from doing All In. I continued to be enhancement talent for two years. So, I really would like to now focus on the indies and getting back to where I was and getting back to the in-ring competitor that I was prior to NXT and more than hoping I go back one day, I just kinda want to say, ‘Screw you guys. That’s what I feel right now.’ I feel like I wanna prove them wrong and if I earn an opportunity again then I’m not gonna sit on the sidelines like I did for two years,” she vowed.

Purrazzo also chatted about the culture behind the scenes at NXT. She described another situation in which questioning the decisions that were being made by those in charge didn’t really benefit her.

“I asked too many questions probably and I was upset a lot of the time. NXT does these road loops and I hadn’t been on one since I got to NXT and I kept asking why. ‘Why am I not being booked on these road loops? Why am I not being moved to the next class?’ And no one could really give me an answer other than that I was ‘difficult’. I think because I have a mouth and I ask questions and I stand up for myself, they don’t like that. It’s very much a culture of be grateful for what you’re given and don’t ask for more and I don’t see life that way,” she explained.

Purrazzo has revealed that she only has a 30-day non-compete clause and would like to be a part of either AEW or Impact Wresting in the future.