Tonight at ROH Final Battle 2019, PCO looks to complete his wrestling resurrection and fulfill his destiny at 51 years of age. All that stands in his way is the dominant ROH World Champion Rush, who took the company by storm in under a year. The world title is on the line in the main event! Plus, ROH tag and TV titles up for grabs and Bully Ray takes on Mark Haskins in a street fight. All that and more at ROH Final Battle 2019!

Pre-Show Results

Two Guys, One Tag (“The Last Real Man” Silas Young & Josh “The Goods” Woods) defeated Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry.

Alex Shelley challenges NWA National Champion Colt Cabana for tonight.

Kenny King defeated Rhett Titus.

Jeff Cobb defeated Dan Maff.

We are LIVE from the UMBC Event Center in Baltimore, Md. Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman have the call for tonight.

Brody King joins commentary for the first match.

Villain Enterprises (“The Villain” Marty Scurll & “The Mercenary” Flip Gordon) vs. Bandido & Flamita

Gordon and Flamita start and exchange shoulder blocks. Counters exchanged out of hurricanranas and they shove each other as they stalemate. Scurll and Bandido in and they taunt each other from the top ropes. Submission exchange and Gordon and Flamita brought back in. Flamita works Gordon down and Gordon trips him to the outside. Scurll clears the apron and hits an apron superkick. Double stomp and sunset flip combo gets a nearfall and Scurll stomps the hand as they work Flamita down. Flamita hits a dropkick and superkicks out of the corner to bring in Bandido on the hot tag against Scurll. Bandido and Flamita with lucha double-team offense for a nearfall. Scurll doubles Bandido over to bring in Gordon, but Gordon hit with the double-team offense as well. Scurll chops the two and gets hit with a double superkick. Flamita springboard dive assisted by Bandido badly botched as Scurll and Gordon wait on the outside to take the flip dive for a few seconds. Wheelbarrow into a splash double-team gets Flamita a nearfall on Gordon back inside.

Gordon sends Bandido out on a back body drop and Villain Enterprises with the double team for a nearfall on Flamita. Superkick combos take Flamita out and Bandido in with a springboard dropkick and Fosbury Flop outside on VE. The match breaks down and Flamita with a Spanish Fly on Gordon to put all four down. Gordon superkicks Bandido off the top rope and Scurll with a Cheeky Nando’s Kick on Flamita. Doomsday Device blockbuster gets a nearfall. Scurll accidentally hits Gordon with an apron enzuigiri and Bandido in against Scurll. Bandido fights in the corner and up top for a Spanish Fly slam on Gordon. Crossface Chickenwing in on Bandido. Flamita with a 450 splash on Scurll and he takes out Gordon with a dive outside. VE hit with a 619 and splash combo before being hit with a double German suplex from Bandido.

Winners by pinfall: Bandido & Flamita

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Really fast-paced opener that had some noticeable botches that slowed things down a bit. They still managed to pick up right where they left off and not let it slow the match down though for a decent opener.

The crowd was excited for this one, but the turnout seems to be really low and relegated to mostly floor seats in a college basketball arena. It doesn’t look bad on camera due to lighting, but the lack of atmosphere could make some matches drag on.

Video package recaps the rivalry between Matt Taven and Vincent.

Vincent vs. Matt Taven

Taven with a takedown immediately. Ground-and-pound and a suicide dive follow with Taven throwing Vincent into the post. Taven undoes the floor mats and Vincent tackles Taven into the barricade. Vincent sent into the crowd for a dive. Back inside, Taven with strikes and a backstabber to work Vincent down. Taven with a powerbomb for a nearfall. Taven continues to control until Vincent sends Taven to the apron and Taven favors the knee. Cutter on the top rope by Vincent drops Taven to the floor. Slam on the apron and suplex on the concrete by Vincent. Taven kicks and strikes back inside to create space, but Vincent with a tilt-a-whirl Russian legsweep for a nearfall. Vincent argues with the referee and allows Taven to land a superkick. Taven with a clothesline to put both down. Taven with a dive over the top rope outside. He follows with a guillotine splash on the apron and Taven looks to have gotten the worst of it despite a nearfall inside. Vincent comes back and lands a Redrum swanton for a nearfall.

Vincent lifts Taven and Taven flips away to land a Penalty Kick. Draped Climax gets a nearfall as Vincent has his foot under the ropes. Taven with a Climax in the center of the ring and Vincent able to kick out. Taven goes to get an axhandle and Vincent catches Taven with a Dudley Dog out of the corner.

Winner by pinfall: Vincent

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Taven’s bumps here were really admirable, but they were the only things notable about the match. This was supposed to be a grudge match featuring two former teammates and felt a little flat.

Post-match, Bateman hits Taven with a Tombstone and they use a wooden block and chair to hobble Taven’s ankles.

Video package recaps the rivalry between Bully Ray and Mark Haskins.

Street Fight: Mark Haskins (w/Vicki Haskins) vs. Bully Ray

Bully Ray attacks Haskins with barbed wire plywood from behind. Vicki charges in and Bully knocks her down with it as well, causing officials to come out for a medical check. Haskins has his arm sliced open and Bully runs him into the post. Bully works Haskins down inside. Bully brings in a barricade and suplexes Haskins on it. The barricade set up in the corner and Haskins fights off, but Bully hits him with a full nelson bomb. Bully brings in a cheese grater and jabs Haskins. Haskins hits an enzuigiri and sets up the barricade in the corner. Bully drops him and gets a chair and kendo stick.

Bully gets the microphone and takes a seat inside. Bully taunts Haskins while smacking his back with the kendo stick. Haskins fights up and flips Bully the bird. Haskins fights up and hits a drop toehold into the chair. Haskins kicks the chair into Bully’s face. Haskins works Bully’s arm on the chair. Haskins sets up a ladder and climbs it, but Bully knocks the ladder down and Haskins falls onto the barricade. Bully sets up a table inside and brings in the barbed wire plywood to put on the table. Bully and Haskins fight up top and Bully powerbombs Haskins on the table. It doesn’t break and Bully splashes Haskins through it for a nearfall. Bully lays out the referee, gets another table, and uses the blood of Haskins to paint his face. Haskins put on the table and Bully up top. Vicki Haskins hits the ring and grabs Bully below the belt. Vicki uses the cheese grater below the belt and they hit a military press through the table. Double stomp off the top from Haskins.

Winner by pinfall: Mark Haskins

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

This went on way too long for a match that could have been a fun and silly weapons brawl. This seems to be a theme with Bully Ray’s work in ROH. It is a misuse of what he can bring to the table these days and really reflects badly on the booking that is already taking a shellacking.

Colt Cabana vs. Alex Shelley

Arm wrench and submissions exchanged as Shelley and Cabana feel each other out. Cabana rolls out of a wristlock and goes to a headlock. Shelley to an ankle lock and Cabana to a headlock. Cabana headstands out of a wristlock and locks in a bodyscissors. Shelley to leglocks and they stalemate after a pinning combination from Cabana. Shelley leapfrogs and ducks on counters and they exchange pinning combos. Shelley with a trap pin.

Winner by pinfall: Alex Shelley

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Technically, this was a good time and worked in a World of Sport style that really gave both a chance to show off. This was definitely not the crowd to work this in front of though and managed to bring things to a halt with an already small crowd.

Video package recaps the rivalry between Angelina Love and Maria Manic.

Angelina Love (w/The Allure) vs. “The Maneater” Maria Manic

Manic runs in and lands a clothesline. Manic tackles Love into the corner with Love all tied up in streamers. Mandy Leon tries to get involved and gets splashed with Love in the corner. Love hit with a hip toss and Manic with a stomp in the corner. Manic goes around ringside shaking the barricades. Pearl River Plunge inside from Manic and the crowd asks for it one more time. Manic goes up top and Leon gets in with the hairspray. Manic kicks it away and Love comes off the top into a fallaway slam after the crossbody nearly knocks Manic down. Manic bounces Love off the turnbuckle. Leon trips Manic on the apron and gets slammed. Manic with a military press drop on the announce table. Manic strolls around ringside and drinks from a water bottle while putting on an MJF Burburry scarf. Manic locks in the Torture Rack inside.

Winner by submission: Maria Manic

No Rating

This was an extended squash, but they did it really well for what it was. Manic looked like a monster for the Women of Honor division and maybe someone who can cross into the main event like a Tessa Blanchard for ROH.

Video package recaps the rivalry between ROH World Television Champion Shane Taylor and Dragon Lee.

ROH World Television Championship: Shane Taylor (c) (w/Ron Hunt) vs. Dragon Lee

Taylor spits in Lee’s face. Lee with a dropkick and he stomps Taylor in the corner. Taylor with a spinebuster and ground-and-pound. Dropkick sends Taylor out, but Taylor with a chokeslam on the apron. Taylor chops Lee and lands forearms that sit Lee in the chair. Knee lands on Lee and a guillotine leg drop lands for Lee on the apron. Lee strikes back inside, but Taylor drops him with one shot. Leg drop nearfall for Taylor. Chops from Taylor, but he misses in the corner on Lee. Taylor gets Lee up and Lee counters out. Lee pulls down the top rope and lands a torpedo suicide dive. Flip dive follows for Lee and he works the comeback inside. Taylor with a corner clothesline and Lee with a corner dropkick. Lee tries a suplex and fails. Lee with knees that drop Taylor onto the bottom rope and apron. Double stomp off the top by Lee lands. Double stomp inside gets a nearfall for Lee. Lee slaps the back of Taylor’s head and challenges him to a striking battle. They exchange and Taylor with a headbutt. Pump knee from Lee and Taylor turns him inside-out with a clothesline. Package piledriver from Taylor only gets a nearfall.

Lee sends Taylor into the ropes for a German suplex. Lee looks for a reverse hurricanrana. Taylor drops Lee and goes to the second rope, but Lee crotches him. Lee with a double stomp and a penalty kick for a nearfall. Taylor hits Welcome to the Land, but unable to put Lee away. Taylor gets a chain out and wraps his hand. Lee spins off for a knee and a Mexican Destroyer. Hunt gets to the apron and Lee ties the chain around his knee. Knee lands, but only a one-count on Taylor. Desnucadora lands and Taylor able to kick out. Lee exposes his knee and knocks Taylor out.

Winner by pinfall and NEW ROH World Television Champion: Dragon Lee

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

This was a classic speed vs. power match to start that just went crazy down the finishing stretch, maybe even over the top with the kick-outs. It kept building to the finish though and they kept pace with each other in their respective wheelhouses to the end. The first great match on the show.

Video package recaps the rivalry between ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes and Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham.

ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Briscoes (c) vs. Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham

Gresham starts with Mark Briscoe. Mark powers Gresham into the ropes. Gresham with a takedown and he presses Mark’s head into the mat before the referee breaks it. Lethal in against Jay Briscoe now and Jay strikes Lethal down as he shoots for a takedown. The Briscoes cut off the ring on Lethal and Mark in with a suplex. Lethal and Gresham exchange quick tags to stomp Mark down. Mark with a shoulder tackle and Lethal cartwheels out to a stalemate. Lethal shut back down in the Briscoe corner. Lethal and Gresham send Mark out and work his injured knee. Gresham sent into the post and he clips Lethal’s knee to give the Briscoes an advantage outside. Mark hits a dive on Lethal and Gresham. Cactus elbow off the apron and the Briscoe’s dad cheers them on from ringside.

Lethal gets the tag to Gresham inside as they get Mark isolated inside. Jay knocked off the apron and Lethal and Gresham work Mark down. Lethal with a dive outside and Gresham with a dive off the top on Jay inside. Doomsday Device takes too long to set up and Mark with a top rope cutter on Lethal. Gresham hit with a Doomsday from the Briscoes. Lethal makes the save and tags in against Mark. Lethal hit with a double-team from the Briscoes and they work him down. Lethal fights out and gets the hot tag to Gresham, taking out both Briscoes at the same time. Moonsault and suicide dive from Gresham. Lethal Injection on Mark and Gresham with a shooting star press for a nearfall that is broken by Jay. Gresham with a spinning toehold on Mark and Lethal brought in to work on the left leg. Exploder suplex from Mark.

Hot tag to Jay against Lethal. All four get attacks in the corners and rolling counters as the match breaks down. Lethal cradled by Jay for a nearfall and Jay Driller connects on Lethal for a nearfall that is broken by Gresham dragging the referee out. Lethal lays Jay out with a belt for a nearfall as the referee gets back in. Lethal with a Figure Four. Gresham holds Mark up top and they fight on the apron. Mark with a Froggy Bow to break the submission. Doomsday Device blocked by Gresham knocking Mark off the top. Lethal rolls Jay up with a handful of tights.

Winners by pinfall and NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions: Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This had a really unique feel for a tag match, with neither team really gaining an advantage throughout at all. It was back-and-forth the whole way and it made for an entertaining closing stretch as they chained together high-impact and potential finishers before Lethal managed to steal the win. This felt like a return to form from The Briscoes and Lethal and Gresham finally getting the right spots to succeed in, delivering one of the few brights spots of the show so far.

Video package previews the rivalry between ROH World Champion Rush and PCO.

ROH World Championship: Rush (c) vs. PCO

Rush and PCO exchange shoves and forearms. Rush with a flying knee and PCO knocks him out of the air with a clothesline. PCO tries a dive and Rush throws the chair at his head, but it misses. Rush cracks him with the chair anyway and throws it at his head again as he works PCO outside against the barricades. Rush whips PCO with a camera cord and chops him inside. Dropkick lands and Rush does push-ups before celebrating to the crowd. PCO chops back, but gets dropped in the corner for Rush stomps. Rush fakes him out for a big boot and gets an armbar in over the ropes. Rush brings out a step ladder and throws it at PCO. Rush lays PCO against the step ladder in the corner and poses for the crowd once again. Splash lands for Rush, but PCO comes back and sends Rush into the ladder. PCO works the comeback and lands a powerbomb. Cannonball through the ropes by PCO and a cannonball off the top lands on the apron as Rush evades. Rush runs PCO into the barricades going up the entrance. Rush takes PCO up to the smoking hearse he drove into the arena in. Rush spits on it and knocks PCO out with a barricade.

Rush starts stacking chairs and barricades on top of each other by the stage. Rush throws PCO off the stage and onto the pile of weapons. Rush makes his way back to the ring.

D Destro makes his way out. Destro takes the grill off the hearse and sparks off the car battery. Destro hooks PCO to the battery and charges him up. Rush comes back and PCO chokeslams him on the car hood. PCO brings Rush to the top of the hearse with him. Rush hits a belly-to-belly suplex onto the windshield and it bounces PCO to the floor. Destro gives PCO a crowbar and he busts the windows of the hearse as Rush evades him. Rush hits him with an equipment case and Rush brings out a door from under the ring. PCO struggles back to ringside and Rush gets two more doors. PCO charges Rush in the ring and gets hit with German suplexes for a nearfall. Rush with a senton off the top and PCO kicks out at one. Rush splits a door over the head of PCO and PCO fights up. Rush suplexes him through another. PCO spears Rush through a door for a nearfall. PCOsault gets another. Destro brings in a table and a chair. Rush takes out Destro ringside and sends him into the front row. PCO with a chokeslam inside and Rush on a table. PCOsault lands on Rush and barely breaks the table.

Winner by pinfall and NEW ROH World Champion: PCO

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

This was the most surreal match, if you can even call it that. It worked as some weird spectacle, but didn’t really feel like a match at all. It was like attempted to cram an entire episode of Attitude Era WWE into one match. Even the announcers seemed to be in complete disbelief of what they were witnessing.

From a performance art perspective and delivering a hot moment in PCO winning the title, it worked. Otherwise, it felt really out of place on an ROH show, especially one that was struggling to deliver like this one.

Overall, Ring of Honor has been delivering pretty much the same product for the last few years. NJPW cooling on their partnership and talent leaving for AEW has caused the bottom to fall out and this show encapsulated all the things wrong with the promotion that are now magnified by a shallow in-house roster and not enough names to draw any excitement to the shows. Good wrestling is here and there for ROH, but with so much quality wrestling available these days, what they do doesn’t cut it anymore. It has been such a quick fall for ROH and it is tough to see them doing any worse than this for a prolonged period of time.