There’s nothing better than watching a good rivalry between two competitors with a long history but when one is out to seek revenge because of a broken nose, it only makes it that much more exciting.

Arguably the most thrilling event of the night, Mia Yim and Allysin Kay went head to head and it’s safe to say that they went in with the idea of destroying each other. Not only was this an excruciating match physically but mentally and emotionally tough on both women. It was Yim, however, that pulled out a win after jumping from the top rope. This was kind of a surprise for me, as earlier she had smashed her hand on the metal bar of the ring.

Allysin Kay takes advantage of Mia Yim’s injured hand. Photo Courtesy of: WWE.


Yim has been in this position before when she had suffered a leg injury following last year’s Mae Young Classic. I was quite impressed at how she performed after she nearly mangled her hand. This match was filled with powerbombs, high kicks to the face and hard slaps that echoed throughout the arena. I was especially impressed with Kay’s strength. The five-foot-ten brawler put up a good fight against Yim and definitely demonstrated her years of in-ring experience. Had she been against anyone else last night, she would be moving on to the next round, guaranteed.

One thing that I have noticed is the appearances of the WWE Superstars during the classic. The women and the men of the main roster and NXT were there, supporting the competitors. I was especially happy to see the men attend the event. I think it shows that the WWE as a company are recognizing the evolution of women’s wrestling.

Although the last match most certainly stole the show, the others were good as well. It seems that as each episode rolls on, things get more competitive. I think both the WWE Universe at home and in the crowd will, could feel that. The tournament can only go up from here and I am eager to see what they have in store for us next week. Bravo ladies!

Mae Young Classic: Episode 2: Highlights

Kaitlyn (USA) vs. Kavita Devi (India)

The ring is definitely a familiar place for these two wrestlers. Although Kaitlyn stepped away from the WWE for a few years, it looks like she hasn’t missed a beat. This hybrid diva met her match with Kavita Devi. After learning about her history and her training with The Great Khali, I was excited to see what Devi would bright to this tournament and she didn’t disappoint. This powerhouse was not intimidated by Kaitlyn, slamming her down to the mat a few times. In the end, Kaitlyn cemented her legacy and hit Devi with a spear to win the match.

Winner: Kaitlyn.
Match Rating: 8/ 10

Toni Storm (Australia) vs. Jinny (UK)

Toni Storm wins with a powerbomb. Photo Courtesy of: WWE.

It’s the fashionista versus the girl with the rock style and ‘80s metal swagger. Although they seem to be polar opposites, they both practice a strong style of wrestling. For two grapplers that are said to have a long history of being in the ring together, that fierce competitiveness between each other didn’t come out until the end of the match. Jinny dominated most of the time but Storm held on nonetheless, even through the slaps and the submissions. To the crowd’s surprise, Storm released a burst of energy and took Jinny down to the mat for a powerbomb to win the match.

Winner: Toni Storm.
Match Rating: 7.5/ 10

Xia Li (China) vs. Karen Q (USA)

The audience went wild as soon as the bell rang. Both took a bow as a sign of mutual respect before the match began then they got down to business. Karen Q’s gymnastics background was displayed throughout, showing her high intensity energy and high kicks to Xia Li. Speaking of which, they don’t call this top-flight fighter a striker for no reason. Li’s kicks and slaps were incredibly powerful. It was enough to get her to win and move her on to the next round.

Winner: Xia Li.
Match Rating: 8.5/ 10

Allysin Kay (USA) vs. Mia Yim (North Korea)

Allysin Kay has some fun with Mia Yim. Photo: WWE.

This one was set up as a blood bath. I was intrigued to see two extremely boisterous and experienced wrestlers to come face-to-face in the squared circle. Mia Yim showed off her Taekwondo background with a few strong kicks and aerial acrobatics, flying out of the ring. When she smashed her hand onto the side of the ring I could have sworn it was broken. Even the announcers were concerned as to if she could finish the match. Allyson Kay used this to her advantage and applied her strong style to torture Yim. The Blasian Baddie eventually got herself to the top rope to take Kay down and pin her for the win. What an incredible performance.

Winner: Mia Yim
Match Rating: 9/ 10