It’s Day 7, and today begins with a five-hour drive from Saskatoon to St. Albert, Alberta, a suburb of Edmonton. Oh boy, where to begin? Well, to backtrack a pinch, before the tour even started, Danny Duggan tore his pec, and small bicep in a match, which took him out of the ring for the tour. He has surgery scheduled for Tuesday, so he’s flying out tonight and will return as soon as he’s able to. Therefore, I’ll be looking over things starting tomorrow to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The drive currently from Saskatoon to Edmonton.

We have a solid, professional crew, so it shouldn’t be a problem on that front. However, the unknowns are what hits when you least expect it — like Danny”s injury. On these tours, the most random, unlikely situations happen, so it’s really impossible to prepare…

I’m very pleased to say that ALL the houses have been wayyyy up. Winter time may be the best time to tour Canada. Unlike the U.S., people don’t stay home when it snows. Roads are treated, and people go on about their day without the unnecessary panic. So when we come to town, since you can’t go outside for long, we are a great “something to do” for some. For others, they wait excitedly for our return each and every tour.

A strong turnout in Melfort, Sask.

I can’t express enough how great the people are up here. I’ve already been given a few Tim Horton’s gift cards and coupons for free coffee from fans who follow me online and know how much I enjoy Timmy’s! Wow, thank you all so much!

So here we are… driving. I’m sensing tensions rising on the road… I’ll keep that quiet for now. Lord knows if I’m pulled into things, everyone will come away away with another classic Kozina story for the ages. All in all though, the crew has been fantastic! I was concerned about the tour because we have pretty much have a brand new crew of guys, and you never know how everyone will mix over the course of 21 days.

Jake Roberts interjects himself in the match, and stops interference in the main event, laying out AJ Sanchez with his famous DDT.

I will leave everyone with this though, and it comes from observation and experience. These tours may seem like some dream trip and good times, and “look at me, I’m a pro wrestler now” but the bottom line is, injuries aside, between the road, the weather, the general wear and tear on your body, if you don’t approach this responsibly in every aspect, you will be chewed up, spit out and quietly leaving for home mid-tour hoping no one notices.

I’ve been trying to come up with some kind of slogan or catchy line to describe it, like, “If the weather doesn’t break you, the wrestling will.” Well, that sounds goofy, but the right phrasing of that idea would be cool on the back of a CWE shirt.

Jake Roberts doesn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand setting up the ring.

Other than that, It’s been really smooth going this week, aside from Danny’s injury. The hotel accommodations have been stellar this tour. They’re usually pretty good, but I’ve never been so comfy and rested, so that’s a delight!

It should also be noted what a pleasure it’s been having Jake “The Snake” Roberts on board this tour. Now I haven’t had much time with him, but he’s gotten in there and been an important part of things from giving general advice to guys, and mixing it up with the fans at every show to even helping us set up and tear down, much to my surprise. He’s in there from the moment we start unloading until we load up the final piece of equipment at the end of the show. I tip my hat to the man. HUGE respect in my book.

So that’s about it from Canada.

Happy New Year to you all, wherever you may be!!!