Trevor Lee, leader of The Cult of Lee, recruited Caleb Konley and together they both aim to dominate Impact Wrestling. The Cult of Lee may expand if Lee is able to find a malleable mind to follow his self-centred beliefs.

The Cult of Lee would be interested in recruiting top talent. “I’d love to have Moose. I’d love to have EC3. I’d love to have Bobby Lashley. I’d love to have Eddie Edwards,” said Lee Wednesday afternoon on an Impact Wrestling media conference call. “The factors to join (The Cult of Lee) is quite simple. You have to have something to bring to the table. You have to have something that helps me, so then I can help you. In order to do this, I have to be helped first.”

Trevor Lee, X-Division champion. Photo by George Tahinos

The Cult of Lee includes Caleb Konley who unquestionably follows Lee’s orders. “The goals are to make sure that Trevor does exactly what he wants to do. 24/7. All the time. I’m here for Trevor no matter what. Whatever he says goes,” said Konley who was also on the Impact Wrestling media call.

Konley was signed by Impact Wrestling in 2016, and it took months for him to debut after he was signed. “I request to wrestle all the time and get paid as much as possible. I have no idea why I sat at home for seven or eight months. I assume it had to do with the changing of the guard as far as the creative side goes,” said Konley. Lee believes that Konley needed an extra edge before his debut, and Lee was the only person who could provide it.

Before the Cult of Lee was created, Trevor Lee was a successful star in Impact Wrestling.

“This wasn’t my first X-Division title run. I’m a three-time X-Division champion. I’ve been in the company for two years. The state has changed a long time ago. Yeah, maybe Low Ki was a champion four months ago, maybe that was a mistake, that was a guy holding a spot. That’s all that was,” said Lee, who is the current X-Division champion.

Caleb Konley. Courtesy Impact Wrestling

“Look at Petey Williams, a guy that showed up out of nowhere, just like Sonjay Dutt, a guy that showed up out of nowhere, just like Low Ki a guy that showed up out of nowhere. All those guys were excellence in the X-Division but now it’s a new day, now it’s Trevor Lee running the X-Division. There is no one in the X-Division that can do the things that I do, and I can do everything they do,” said Lee.

“At 24 years old, I haven’t even reached the peak of my life. My body is still growing in ways that I don’t even comprehend and yet I’m in a world full of dudes that have already been past that place, they have already reached the pinnacle and now they are just riding the slide back down. I’m still climbing that ladder,” said Lee. “I’m already a three-time X-Division champion, and a World tag team champion.”

“There are a few people, there are a few competitors, but I’m still champ and that’s all that matters. Hell, there are contenders scatter on this planet, and I don’t mean just in the Impact Zone,” said Lee.

To prove Lee’s X-Division dominance, he wants to face the top talent in the world right now including Ricochet, Will Ospreay, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks.