They say the ROH World Championship was made for Christopher Daniels as he wrestled in the first ROH show for it, but it has eluded him for over a decade in the company. Tonight at ROH 15th Anniversary, Daniels faces long odds against the dominant world champion Adam Cole after his best friend and Addiction partner Frankie Kazarian joined Cole in the Bullet Club, but Daniels looks to fulfill destiny. Plus, ROH World Tag Team Champions The Hardys take it to the streets in a Las Vegas street fight against The Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice. All that and more at ROH 15th Anniversary!

Video package for ROH 15th Anniversary.

We are LIVE from Las Vegas, Nev. Kevin Kelly, Ian Riccaboni, and Colt Cabana have the call for tonight.

Kenny King (w/Caprice Coleman) vs. Jay White

King works White into the corner and the referee breaks them. Chain wrestling exchange and White with an arm drag. White with a dropkick to send King out and King comes back with a spinning heel kick. King works White down. White comes back with a headbutt and King with a handstand kick to knock White off the apron. Corkscrew crossbody for King outside, but a springboard leg drop from King misses inside. White works the comeback inside and a running uppercut in the corner. White sends King out and hits Coleman with a suicide dive. Exploder suplex outside lands for White and he gets a nearfall back inside. King comes back dropping White on his knee and a suplex gets a nearfall. White elbows out of a Royal Flush and they exchange forearms. Flatline and German suplex from White. King returns fire with a spinebuster.

White kicks out of the corner and lands a buckle suplex, but King has his feet under the ropes. White stuck up top.and they fight for position, but King with a head kick up top. White shoves him away and gets a crossbody, but King catches him. Royal Flush blocked and White with a cradle.

Winner by pinfall: Jay White

Rating: 3 out of 5

ROH World Television Championship Number One Contender Six-Man Mayhem Match: Hangman Page vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Sabin vs. Punishment Martinez vs. Cheeseburger vs. “The Last Real Man” Silas Young

Sabin rolls Kazarian up for a nearfall and they exchange a pinning predicament. Bullet Club sent out by Sabin and each takes turns diving over the top rope. Martinez with a splash in the corner on Sabin and a release suplex. Swanton from Martinez gets a nearfall broken by Kaz. Page and Kaz try to take on Martinez and drop him with a DDT. Cheeseburger in to fight the Bullet Club and he takes them out. Young in with a suplex on Burger and Sabin in with a dropkick on Young. Young with a clothesline on Martinez. Martinez comes back and lands a kick to the head of Young. Last Ride on Cheeseburger blocked by everyone as they team up on Martinez. Sabin tries a tornado DDT on Page and gets blocked, only to get it the second time around. Slingshot DDT from Kaz on Sabin and Young takes him out. Cheeseburger takes Young out.

Page looks for a Rite of Passage on the apron on Cheeseburger, but Martinez meets him and they stare each other down. Page spits in his face and gets hit with a uranage. Sabin with a punt on Martinez on the apron. Kazarian with a slingshot cutter for a nearfall on Sabin. Kazarian up top, but Sabin gets there for a German superplex. Young comes back and hits Sabin with Misery for a nearfall. Cheeseburger in and he comes in like a house of fire on Young, looking for a Shotei. Shotei lands and Kazarian picks up for the Ace of Spades.

Winner by pinfall: Frankie Kazarian

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Bobby Fish vs. Jay Lethal

Chain wrestling to start and Fish with the first significant offense of the contest with roundhouse kicks and a push kick to send Lethal to the floor. Lethal gets back in and Fish with a shoulder tackle, but Lethal with a hip toss into a dropkick that forces Fish to roll outside. Lethal tries to hold the ropes for Fish and Fish kicks at him. Lethal with a springboard dropkick and a suicide dive, but Fish sidesteps him and drops him into the barricade. Fish targets the sternum after Lethal favors the chest. Lethal comes back with a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall. Fish returns fire with knees and a suplex for a nearfall of his own. Fish with roundhouse kicks to the chest. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker lands for Fish, but Lethal comes back with chops on the apron and a superkick drops Fish outside. Suicide dive lands on Fish on the ramp.

Both beat the referee’s count and get to their knees inside for a forearm exchange. Fish with a combo and they exchange strikes until Fish gets a Saito suplex for a nearfall. Lethal fights out of the corner and gets the rope break as Fish looks for an ankle lock. Lethal breaks it and gets a cutter. Lethal up top and Fish crotches him with a kick, but gets knocked down. Hail to the King lands, but Fish with a crucifix roll into the kneebar. Lethal struggles for the rope break, but Fish drags him to the middle. Lethal gets the rope break and drops Fish to Hail to the King. Lethal Injection blocked by a Fish leg kick to the back of the knee. Lethal comes back with a kick combination of his own and lands a flying cutter out of the corner. Lethal Injection blocked as Fish rolls Lethal through into the kneebar. Lethal rolls him back and stacks him for a nearfall. Fish with kick combos, but Lethal ducks a head kick and lands the Lethal Injection.

Winner by pinfall: Jay Lethal

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Post-match, Fish and Lethal adhere to the Code of Honor.

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match: The Kingdom (c) vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys

Matt Taven tries to swing his staff at Castle and The Boys and they take TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia outside. Castle with a German suplex on Taven and The Kingdom regroup on the ramp. Marseglia in with Castle and Castle with a takedown. The Boys in with double-teams on Marseglia and O’Ryan. Boy 1 slammed against the ropes by Marseglia and he bounces off to the floor. Taven works Boy 1 inside. The Kingdom work Boy 1 in their corner. German suplex and springboard elbow combo get The Kingdom a nearfall. Castle gets to the top rope and Boy 2 switches in. Colt Cabana starts screaming to the referee at commentary, but it’s too late and a headscissors lands to create space and get the hot tag to Castle. Castle goes for Bang-A-Rang on Taven and Taven rolls through for a nearfall. Bang-A-Rang connects on the second attempt and nearfall broken by Marseglia and O’Ryan. Marseglia in with headbutts and a suicide dive on The Boys. O’Ryan with a springboard moonsault on The Boys, but he lands his shins on the barricade. Taven calls for Marseglia inside to hit Rockstar Supernova.

Winners by pinfall and STILL ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: The Kingdom

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

ROH World Television Championship: “The Villain” Marty Scurll (c) vs. Lio Rush

Chain wrestling start and Rush with a legsweep nearfall after a Scurll shoulder tackle. Scurll with uppercuts and Rush with kicks that lead to a hurricanrana on the floor outside. Rush with a baseball slide, but Scurll ties Rush in the ring apron and lands a thrust kick on the apron. Scurll stomps the elbow and works on the left arm of Rush with a hammerlock suplex. Scurll stomps the left hand and looks to snap the fingers, but Rush with a slap. Rolling elbow and a springboard back elbow from Rush leads to a corner clothesline. Flying clothesline from Rush leads to a swinging DDT for a nearfall. Rush up top and Scurll rolls through, but Scurll comes back with an Irish whip into the corner and he snaps Rush down. Rush rolls out and plants Scurll on his face on the apron after a kick attempt. Rush with a rolling thunder kick to send Scurll to the floor and a running double stomp to the back of Scurll on the floor. Double stomp off the top back inside gets Rush a nearfall.

Kick from Rush gets caught by Scurll and he stomps the knees of Rush into the mat. Running punt to the left arm by Scurll. Kick from Rush, but Scurll comes back with a brainbuster for a nearfall. Crossface Chickenwing called for, but Rush with a Pele kick. Forearm exchange and Scurll with a thrust kick to the knee. Rush with a spinning slap, but Scurll drops him with a lariat to put both down. Armbreaker over the shoulder from Scurll and he flips Rush into a forearm. Rush falls outside and gets hit with a thrust kick from the apron. Scurll with another and one more for good measure. Rush gets the fighting spirit and they exchange strikes inside. Rush with a spinning hook kick and a springboard back elbow caught for the Crossface Chickenwing. Rush struggles, but stacks Scurll for a nearfall. Rush drops Scurll and goes for a frog splash, but it lands on the knees of Scurll. Piledriver lands and Scurll unable to finish Rush. Rush comes back and is able to land Rush Hour, but Scurll kicks out. Rush brings in the title and the referee gets the belt from him. Rush able to drop Scurll and land the Dragon’s Call frog splash, but Scurll able to kick out.

Rush puts two chairs together outside and sets Scurll up top. Rush Hour attempt blocked and Scurll gets Tower of London. Crossface Chickenwing blocked and Scurll snaps the fingers. Scurll rips the tape off the shoulder of Rush and elbows his head until he can lock it in.

Winner by submission and STILL ROH World Television Champion: Marty Scurll

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Bully Ray with the microphone before the match and he asks if they know who they are. Bully says he and The Briscoes are going to kick their asses.

War Machine & Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. The Briscoes & Bully Ray

Brawling to start and Bully with Smith inside. Smith works him in the corner and Bully returns fire with a chop in the corner. Mark in with chops and Jay in with a big boot. The Briscoes try a suplex on Smith and Smith counters with a double Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall. Mark and Jay Briscoe come back to knock War Machine off the apron and land their version of Wassup with an elbow drop below the belt. Bully calls for tables and War Machine stop them by dropping Bully and The Briscoes. Rowe with a shoulder tackle on Mark and Hanson slammed on Mark for a nearfall. Smith with a slam of his own and he stomps the midsection. Backdrop suplex from Smith gets a nearfall and Mark worked by War Machine on their half of the ring. Mark fights up with Smith in the ring, but Rowe blocks in by knocking Jay and Bully off the apron. Mark comes back with a German suplex on Hanson and he makes the hot tag to Jay. Jay with uppercuts and a dropkick on Rowe. Neckbreaker nearfall on Rowe. Jay Driller blocked as Jay lands a superkick on Smith. Pop-up powerslam from War Machine gets a nearfall on Jay.

War Machine look for Fallout and Smith tags himself in. Rowe gets himself back in, but it allows Jay to recover and land a lariat on Rowe. Bully in on the hot tag and Jay takes out Rowe. Hanson takes out Jay. Mark takes out Hanson. Rowe takes out Mark. Jay takes out Rowe. Mark with a crossbody on Rowe inside. Jay with a crossbody on Hanson. Bully with a crossbody on all three. Jay Driller on Hanson followed by Froggy Boy from Mark. Rowe knocks Smith out with shotgun knees and a 3D lands on Rowe.

Winners by pinfall: The Briscoes & Bully Ray

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Las Vegas Street Fight for the ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Hardys (c) vs. The Young Bucks vs. Roppongi Vice

The Young Bucks tell The Hardys to suck it and The Hardys chop RPG Vice as they delete. RPG bring in trashcan lids and take out The Hards and the Bucks. Romero with a double hurricanrana on the Bucks. Meltzer Driver blocked and Romero with an Asai DDT. Beretta with a springboard stomp on Matt Jackson and the Hardys come in with with a double team on RPG. The Bucks and the Hardys left in the ring. Matt Jackson with a running powerbomb on Beretta on the ramp. The Hardys with chops in the corners with “DELETE!” chants and the Bucks come back with a Superkick Party. Swanton and leg drop combo miss for the Bucks. Matt Hardy with right hands and Jeff brings in a ladder. The Hardys take out The Bucks and Romero dropkicks the ladder back into the face of The Hardys. RPG stack a ladder against Matt Hardy in the corner and Beretta runs Romero into the ladder on Matt Hardy. Jeff takes out RPG with a trashcan. Matt Hardy with a Razor’s Edge on Matt Jackson, but Nick with a Superkick. Beretta with a tornado DDT to send Nick out. Beretta swept on top of a ladder laid on the second rope in the corner.

Outside, Jeff gets hit with a Superkick that sends him falling back into the pile. Nick climbs the ladder and gets tipped, but he springboards and lands a Swanton outside. Beretta hit with a buckle bomb and head kick combo in the corner. 450 splash with the trashcan by The Bucks gets a nearfall broken by Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy bites Nick in the corner, but gets hit with a Superkick. More Bang for Your Buck blocked by the knees of Romero and Matt Hardy with a Twist of Fate and Side Effect. Swanton from Jeff lands on the knees of Nick. Romero brings in a thumbtack sleeve and lands corner clotheslines on The Bucks and The Hardys. Strong Zero on Nick gets a nearfall broken by Matt Jackson. Beretta pours tacks into the ring. Superplex attempt on Nick by Beretta blocked and a Doomsday Device bulldog on Beretta lands on the tacks. The Bucks with a giant Superkick Party and they kick Beretta with tacks in his mouth. Meltzer Driver on Romero on the tacks broken by The Hardys.

The Bucks and The Hardys left exchanging punches. Superkicks blocked by Twists of Fate and Matt Hardy lands it into the thumbtacks. Nearfalls for The Hardys and tables and another ladder brought in by The Hardys. Side Effect from Matt Hardy and The Bucks sent out after they land Superkicks on Beretta. Beretta laid on a table and Jeff with a Swanton.

Winners by pinfall and STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Hardys

Rating: 3.25.out of 5 stars

Post-match, The Hardys lay out The Bucks and take the Superkick Party Titles.

ROH World Championship: Adam Cole (c) vs. Christopher Daniels

Cole and Daniels adhere to the Code of Honor and chain wrestling start to feel each other out. Cole shoves Daniels down at the end and thumbs his nose at him. Cole with a takedown and he continues to toy with Daniels. Cole takes the back and runs him against the ropes. Cole says Daniels can’t get it done and Daniels drops him with a jab. Daniels works him in the corner and lands a dropkick. Cole comes back with a superkick out of the corner. Cole works Daniels down in the corner and drops him with a back elbow. Daniels comes back with a back bodydrop to the floor and a springboard moonsault. Daniels thrown into the ring apron and Cole with a superkick that bounces the head of Daniels off the ring post. Daniels bleeding after hitting the ring post and Cole runs him into the post. Cole crossfaces him with the wrists and wipes the blood of Daniels over his chest. Cole with a rear chinlock. Daniels fights Cole off and starts a comeback that is stopped by a shining wizards from Cole for a nearfall.

Cole asks Daniels what he’s got and tells him to stay down as he lands kicks to the head. Cole lifts Daniels and poses, allowing Daniels to grab the STO and apply the Koji Clutch. Cole able to scoot and get his foot on the bottom rope. Pump kick by Cole puts Daniels back down. Cole bounces Daniels out of the corner after talking trash about Daniels and his family. Daniels gets the fighting spirit and they exchange punches and forearms. Daniels with clotheslines and back elbows. Back bodydrop blocked for an STO and Daniels with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Daniels with a uranage and he looks for the Best Moonsault Ever. Daniels lands on his feet and Cole is there with a superkick for a nearfall. Cole comes with an enzuigiri and shining wizard. Last Shot gets a nearfall on Daniels. Destroyer blocked by Daniels and he meets Cole up top to land a Frankensteiner for a nearfall. Angel’s Wings countered by Cole into a superkick and both men go down as they land clotheslines in stereo. Cole crotched in the corner on the top rope and he looks for Angel’s Wings of the top. The two trade blows and Daniels falls to the apron. Destroyer blocked by Daniels and Cole ends up getting Angel’s Wings. Daniels able to kick out.

Cole with a shining wizard and he looks to finish Daniels. Daniels ducks a shining wizard and hits a Last Shot for a nearfall. Jackknife cover for a nearfall and pump kick from Cole. Daniels catches a hurricanrana attempt from Cole and turns it into a Styles Clash. Cole able to kick out. Daniels stops short of the referee in the corner and moves away as Cole tries a superkick. Referee hit with a superkick and Cole with a kick below the belt. Kazarian runs out. Kazarian brings in the title and sets up Daniels. Kazarian takes the title and looks to lay out Daniels, but rips off his Bullet Club shirt to reveal a Christopher Daniels Destiny shirt. Kaz flips the bird and Daniels does a Bullet Club gun to Cole. Uranage and three BMEs on Cole.

Winner by pinfall and NEW ROH World Champion: Christopher Daniels

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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