This week’s episode sees the Divas stressing out, despite having some time off. For Nikki, she’s finding it stressful to deal with the schedule associated with being the Divas champion. Trinity, meanwhile, decides to take her family on vacation, which backfires and stresses them out even more. Whereas it’s having to come back to work that causes stress for Eva Marie – and her husband Jonathan. Check out the full recap for all the details!

Backstage, Nikki is being checked out by a doctor because she appears to have an infection in the mouth (nope – I’m taking the high road on this one), and she’s feeling physically weak. But, as she says, being the Divas champion means she doesn’t get a day off. Too bad, since that means we have to keep watching her in matches.

After a PPV, Trinity asks Tamina to join her and Jimmy Uso on a family vacation. Jimmy isn’t wild about the trip, since there will be a bunch of large Samoans all traveling in an RV. And to any Samoans out there, please don’t get mad at me for saying so.

Eva Maria goes out for brunch with her agent Dani Garcia, who’s also the agent for Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. Eva’s plan is to have a career like the Rock, and Dani warns her that this will require a full-time commitment.

Nikki and Brie have a full plate with a couple of appearances before that night’s TV. Nikki gets a panic attack before heading into the show, because her body is feeling the stress of being on the road. Nikki says she doesn’t think she can do it anymore. Hopefully that means she’s going to retire? I say “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to that idea.

Eva goes home, but ignores her husband Jonathan to answer work e-mails. He reminds her that she told him once that he was too focused on business, and that she needs to just take a night off so they can hang out as husband and wife for once.

The Bellas go to see WWE suit Mark Carrano where Nikki whines about her hectic life. He says basically to suck it up. But he also suggests that she can give up the Divas championship. She says she’d like to keep the belt, but asks for a couple of days off instead. Carrano agrees.

Eva shows up late for lunch with Jonathan because she was training with The Brian Kendrick and lost track of time. She wants to talk shop, but he just wants to focus on spending personal time together. And what the heck are they eating? It looks like a salad hanging off of thin wooden waffles.

Jimmy and Trinity, Trinity’s dad, along with Tamina, Jey Uso, his wife, and a bunch of kids pile into the RV. Problem number one strikes before they even reach the end of the block, when the air conditioner conks out. Later, the group goes crazy in a grocery store, loading up on supplies for their camping trip.

Brie and Mama Bella go to scout a potential building for the gym the Bellas want to open. Nikki doesn’t show up, which irritates Brie. Brie tells Mama Bella she thinks Nikki should see a shrink to talk about her stress issues.

Later, Brie shows up at the winery where she and Nikki are going to spend their days off, and Renee Young is there.

Carrano calls Eva and lets her know that she’s being put back on the road earlier than originally planned. This, obviously, puts a damper on her plans to spend the day with Jonathan. Eva is a bit freaked out, but Carrano says if she wants to main-event WrestleMania, she’d better deal with it.

The Uso brood arrive at a camping resort, and they get eaten alive by giant mosquitoes. Trinity is determined to smile through the pain, because she wants to seem happy so everyone else feels happy.

At the winery, the Bellas and Renee dance around in bikinis and then hit the hot tub, and I don’t even care what they’re saying, because boobs.

Driving around, Jonathan still wants Eva to focus on them-time, and gets mad at her for obsessing over work stuff. He wants her to put her phone away, but takes it too far, and her phone ends up broken in the process. She gets angry, and gives him the silent treatment.

The plumbing in the RV doesn’t work, and Jimmy is tasked with fixing it, much to his chagrin. He starts whining like he’s Nikki Bella.

Nikki is back to complaining about everything and stressing about everything. Brie suggests Nikki go to therapy, but Nikki just gets snotty about it. Frankly, I can see her point – I’m angry too now that she, Brie, and Renee are fully clothed again.

Trinity’s planned tubing/kayaking/swimming excursion gets cancelled because of debris in the water. Jimmy is ticked, noting that they could have just stayed at home and hung around poolside. Trinity is hurt by his negativity, since she just wanted everyone to have fun and he’s being a Negative Nancy. She tells Jimmy to stop criticizing her, and at least try to appreciate what she’s trying to do for the family. He apologizes, and thanks her for trying to do a nice thing for the family. They end up finding a swimming hole and make the best of the situation.

At a training session, Eva Marie tells Brian about the argument she’s been having with Jonathan about the whole work-life balance. Brian tells her to cut Jonathan some slack and make sure she devotes enough time to her husband. And how great would it be if they did a spinoff of Brian Kendrick just giving relationship advice to couples. I’d watch it.

The Bellas and Renee enjoy their winery experience until Brie starts telling the bartender about Nikki’s stress. Nikki is in denial that she needs therapy, and whines some more before storming off. Brie apologizes to her, saying she won’t bring up the topic anymore. Brie says she’s going to let Nikki figure out what’s best for Nikki.

Back at their camping site, the Uso brood toast marshmallows and all get along. The trip ended up being a success, despite the bumpy start.

Over lunch, Nikki tells John Cena that she feels that a trip to wine country is more therapeutic than seeing a shrink. Cena suggests Nikki schedule some time for herself every week. Nikki says that she’s been scarred by past experiences in therapy – apparently, during a session, her family all started laughing at her when she was at her most vulnerable. Bet you that Dr. Brian Kendrick wouldn’t have let that happen. Cena suggests she give it another shot, and she agrees to try it.

Eva is dressed up to go to a red carpet ceremony for the Rock’s new movie. She basically tells Jonathan that this is her time, and he’d better be along for the ride and like it.

Backstage, a few days later, Nikki tells Brie that her therapy session went well. Presumably, this means that we’re going to have to watch her matches for years to come. And that being the case, now I want to go to a winery.

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