Ever since Stardust debuted on the June 16 edition of Raw, he and Goldust have been referencing a “Cosmic Key” and how that will play into their future. It’s been a mystery what this key is that the Dust Brothers have been talking about. Before his tag team championship match this Sunday at Night of Champions, Stardust spoke about his thoughts on the match and finally explained the significance of the key.

The unique Stardust. © 2014 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Before answering any questions, Stardust wanted to make sure that everything he said was on record. After assuring him the interview was being recorded on multiple devices, the Q&A started flowing.

(Note: Stardust wanted to talk about the “nasty theory perpetrated by Wikipedia” that he and Cody Rhodes are somehow the same person. He assured me that just wasn’t the case.)

Plans for Night of Champions

After the Usos lost a championship match against the bizarre pair, they were able to retain the titles thanks to a technicality of the champs being counted out, as opposed to being pinned or submit in the ring. That turned the once fan-friendly Dust brothers into a darker and more dangerous team. They will get their chance to win the belts at the PPV, hopefully there will be no controversial ending to this match.

Of course Stardust believes he and Goldie (Stardust’s nickname for Goldust) are going to conquer the Usos and become the new tag champs. While he wouldn’t speak on the actual preparation to win the belts, Stardust wants this win to “validate all the nonsense and the noise that has been Gold and Stardust.” As far as the noise and nonsense, Stardust is referring mainly to the Cosmic Key.

What is the Cosmic Key?

Stardust admits that his talk about this Cosmic Key may sound nonsensical and nothing but a stylized phrase but it’s not. Very simply put, the Cosmic Key is what Stardust calls the tag team belts. The plan of course is for Goldust and Stardust to dethrone the Usos and finally make good on Cody’s promise to Goldie that he would find his brother another tag team champion partner.

Those who grew up watching wrestling in the 1980s might remember another cosmic reference when Kevin Sullivan, during his Army of Darkness storyline, spoke about his experiences with a cosmic food when he said, “I chewed upon the cosmic cookie and went to the Amazon River of my mind where I met Og, the keeper of the key.” According to Stardust, these two cosmic things are not related, nor did Sullivan’s speech inspire Stardust about the Cosmic Key.

“Kevin Sullivan never tasted the cosmic cookie,” said Stardust. “He never went to the Amazon that was his mind. Sullivan wasn’t crazy. He was just doing crazy for craziness’ sake. That’s not the case with Gold and Stardust.”

The official team name of Goldust and Stardust


Some of the best tag teams started off merely as the pairing of two wrestlers, rather than an actual team. Such groupings as the Rock N’ Sock Connection, the Hollywood Blondes and even Team Hell No allowed the wrestlers to get their personae right, then tailor their name around their gimmick. It hasn’t been the same for Stardust and Goldust. WWE announcers have referred to them as the Dust Boys and Gold and Stardust, among other names.

Stardust isn’t one for labels (go figure). But he doesn’t mind the duo being known as “Gold and Stardust.” However, he wanted to make it clear you cannot change the names around. “You can’t cut my name in half,” Stardust said when asked if calling them “Star and Goldust” would be an acceptable name as well.

New tag belt design?

The WWE officially merged both the physical WWE and World Heavyweight Championship belts into one new title so it’s not out of the question that if Gold and Stardust won the tag belts if they’d introduce a new design. With their gold attires it would be the perfect opportunity to change the belts from their copper color to a more traditional gold-themed belt.

“There’s a lot of love for nostalgia,” Stardust said, possibly referencing when Cody Rhodes brought back the classic white Intercontinental title belt a few years ago. “The WWE masses have said they want a more traditional and rectangular designed championship.” Even though Stardust knows the WWE Universe would probably welcome a new design, he said not to hold out hope on the Dust Brothers coming up with it.

“The ideas that Gold and Stardust have for the tag team titles are a little too out there,” Stardust said. “They might be upsetting to the fans. Of course, that hasn’t stopped anyone before.” While it didn’t happen in the WWE, Jeff Hardy designed a custom TNA title belt that fit the bill of being “out there”. However, it worked for his personality so maybe having a black and gold themed tag belt would look appropriate should Stardust win on Sunday.