Total Divas is back and with it comes a return of a Diva, baby drama, and family troubles. Tonight on Total Divas, The Bellas find a uniqueway to cure Nikki’s no baby blues. Eva Marie and Jonathan prepare for a wedding ceremony, but what will Eva’s family drop on her? Plus, Rosa Mendes makes her return! All that and more on this season premier edition of Total Divas!

The show kicks off the Divas recapping WrestleMania XXX and the wedding of Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan. We begin with Eva Marie and her husband, Jonathan, doing a racy photoshoot for their engagement photos. We move to Monday Night Raw in Nashville, Tenn. Rosa Mendes greets Natalya backstage and Mendes introduces herself in a promo, saying she is “34 years old, but looks like 24.” Mendes gives some background information and Natalya tells Mendes her boobs are hanging out. Mendes declares that “side boob is the new cleavage” and Natalya warns her that she may not be able to get Be a Star or children’s engagements with the company wearing dresses like those.

We move to The Funkadactyls at catering. Eva Marie is showing off her engagement photos and Naomi questions whether she’d use those type of photos. Titus O’Neil drops by and is equally shocked by the pictures. Divas battle royal is shown and Mendes watching in the back, expressing that she wants to get back in the ring as soon as possible.

The Bella Twins hit a restaurant in Phoenix, Ariz. Nikki and Brie get to relationship talk and Nikki tells Brie that John Cena asked her if marriage would be enough. Brie is a little concerned and warns Nikki to think it all through. The two discuss possibilities and Brie tells Nikki to go have her eggs frozen “in case she’s 40 and alone.” Nikki asks about the process and learns about the pricey procedure. Nikki really wants kids and she seems to be willing to consider the procedure.

SmackDown in Cincinnati, Ohio shows the Divas welcoming Rosa back. Brie says Rosa lost herself on the road too often and developed a reputation. Rosa says the girls didn’t expect her to come back with bigger boobs and a smaller waist. Mark Carrano runs down the meeting and asks Natalya to mentor Rosa on the road. Natalya doesn’t want to babysit people, but reluctantly accepts the job. Natalya meets with Rosa and honestly explains the situation. Rosa reveals her stint in rehab and she appreciates the second chance WWE has given her. She knows she’s under the microscope, but she doesn’t have a choice but to be strong as we break.

We return to Jonathan and Eva Marie are going to meet her parents to reveal their wedding plans. Eva Marie thinks everyone will be on board with the ceremony and Jonathan tells her not to leave her hanging in front of her family. The Bellas and Daniel Bryan go to dinner with Bella brother JJ and his wife, Lauren. The conversation turns to kid talk and Nikki looks jealous as they talk. Nikki finally drops the bombshell about freezing her eggs and everyone wonders if Nikki will let John in on it. Nikki plans to tell him after the fact and Daniel awkwardly mentions donating his sperm, as they toast to Nikki’s frozen eggs.

Jonathan and Eva Marie with her parents. The parents are excited and both Eva Marie and her father are excited to walk down the aisle. Eva Marie shows off the engagement photos and things take a turn for the awkward. Eva Marie isn’t shocked, but they end happily with a toast to the wedding. The Bellas are at the clinic, getting a consultation for the procedure. The doctor runs down the hazards and warnings, including laying off sex and no drinking, which Nikki is none too pleased about. Back to Eva Marie and her family, sitting down to dinner. Her brother, Neil, is informed about the news and begins grilling her about the venue. The family wants a traditional Catholic wedding and Jonathan is a non-denominational Christian, so this leads to conflict. Eva Marie’s dad is disappointed as we break.

We join John and Nikki at home. Jennifer, the interior decorator, is at the house and they call decor. Nikki remembers she has a nurse coming to the house to draw her blood since she is now on her period and ready to be checked. Nikki plots on how to sneak the nurse into the house. John and the interior decorator go around the house and the nurse gets in and out without a hitch.

Natalya shown making her way to the hotel, where she rooms with a naked Rosa. Rosa is proud of her body, specifically her new boob job, and wants to show off. Natalya makes Rosa put on some clothes. Eva Marie and Jonathan are out with her mom. Her dad calls and it is revealed by her mom that her dad is still taking chemo shots. The cancer has reoccurred and Eva Marie is shocked as we hit commercial.

Eva Marie discussing with her brother and mom the chemo shots her dad is taking. Her mom says she didn’t want Eva to worry while on the road and they are doing the shots to hold off the cancer as long as possible. We go back to the fertility clinic with the Bellas, to test Nikki’s fertility. Brie is tagging along and gets to see a side of her sister she never wanted to see during the procedure. The doctor informs Nikki that she looks good and Nikki now receives medications as she wonders what her ten-day cycle will be so she can abstain from sex, wrestling, and drinking.

Jonathan and Eva working out in the park and the two have a heart-to-heart about her father’s cancer. Jonathan has faith her father will beat cancer once again and Eva wants to make her father happy, asking if it would be the worst thing for him to convert to Catholicism. Jonathan replies that it would as we cut to commercial.

Jonathan informing Eva that he can’t change his beliefs to make her dad happy for a day as we return. Jonathan will not compromise and Eva accepts it with a few tears. The Bellas returning from the clinic and discussing how Nikki will give herself the shots for the procedure, among other things. Eva joins her father in the garden and promises to do all she can to have a Catholic wedding. The two share a moment and Eva is unsure of how she’ll sway Jonathan as we cut away.

Nattie and Rosa make their way to the arena. Rosa is stressed over her return match tonight. Titus asks if Rosa has had a long weekend and Rosa letting her nerves get to her, walking into a conversation between Eva and Naomi about her. Rosa wonders why they are laughing at her and goes out for her match with Natalya. Rosa comes back and starts crying, upset over her performance in the ring. Natalya tells her not to worry about what the girls are saying as she breaks down at the break.

Natalya comforting and telling Rosa to relax as we return. Natalya tells Rosa to go out there and give her best so no one will take her spot. Rosa smiles as Natalya tells her that they’ll get everything working and says that getting hate is part of the job. We are back at the Cena house and John has discovered the medicines in Nikki’s purse.

The show closes with a preview of all the drama, trials, and tribulations on this season of Total Divas.

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