A Joey Styles “Oh My God!” call may not be totally necessary on the Ultimate Insiders: Doin’ Time With New Jack DVD compilation from Big Vision Entertainment, but the two-disc set will raise some eyebrows and elicit a smattering of chuckles.

Basically, everything you’ve heard about this hardcore legend is true and he goes into detail about it. Big time.

The set, one disc with shoot interviews and one with XPW matches, starts out with New Jack snorting cocaine off-camera and wiping the residue on the show’s host, Dr. Keith Lipinski. Fantastic.

The New Jack gimmick is bandied about and New Jack says that he isn’t from South Central Los Angeles, instead hailing from Georgia. The South Central gimmick was started when the O.J. Simpson murder trial was going on and L.A. was a hot topic. New Jack said no one had ever been billed from South Central, so he went with it and stuck with it.

Who knew?

The shoot interview comes with facts at the bottom of the screen with such valuable information like New Jack’s astrological sign, residents of L.A., famous bounty hunters (a career New Jack once had) and facts about wrestlers New Jack mentions, such as Tim Horner – a “f— head,” according to New Jack. He also said his first match was in 1992 against “some white guy,” but can’t remember the wrestler’s name as he can’t even remember his kids’ names from time to time.

The interview portion of the set is actually several separate interviews, and all are intriguing.

New Jack also tells the story of how he became a wrestler, or rather, how he was asked to be a wrestler. He touches on his time with Smoky Mountain Wrestling, the USWA and mentions Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett and Jerry Lawler by name and hints at Jerry Jarrett stereotyping African-Americans by making any African-American that came to the company talk about watermelon, chicken or stealing.

Lipinski at time seems intimidated during the interview. It’s hard to tell if it’s legit, but I’d probably be a bit on edge sitting down with New Jack. Lipinski loosens up as the interview goes on.

One of the most extensive parts of Disc 1 is when New Jack discusses his time in the original ECW. Obviously, New Jack says he went to ECW for more money and says the ECW Arena crowd made him enjoy wrestling more. He then rips Paul Heyman to shreds and tells how he and Mustafa formed The Gangstaz. He also says he did not have sex with John Kronus’ ex-wife.

This set is also not for children as the F-bomb gets dropped pretty regularly, as does MFer and many others. However, New Jack is the first to tell us that he went to college.

New Jack talks about his numerous arrests and the stabbing incident in the ring in 2004 with Hunter Lane as well as the infamous Mass Transit Incident that incites the F-bomb 24 times. If you want to hear New Jack’s side of this epic tale, you won’t be sorry. Excerpts of Forever Hardcore: The Documentary is also shown to document the situation.

New Jack also says he was blamed for ECW getting taken off The Nashville Network, but New Jack passes the buck to Heyman. He also dismisses the rumor he once lived with Missy Hyatt and Bill Alfonso.

His time with TNA is also talked about and New Jack tells about a hilarious time with Perry Saturn the night Saturn was fired from TNA.

And of course, the scary Free Fall scaffold match with Vic Grimes is mentioned and New Jack is blunt when he says that he didn’t care what happened. He says Grimes chickened out when they were ready to take the bump and New Jack forced him into it.

A Sprite/7-Up concession stand incident is also discussed by New Jack, as is when he plans on wrestling his last match, his thoughts on doing reality television and why he won’t talk bad about Hulk Hogan.

And that’s all just on Disc 1.

Disc 2 is a sweet compilation of bloody XPW matches, including the Grimes scaffold match.

Disc 2 matches:

  1. New Jack vs. The Million Dollar D (BIB 2)
  2. New Jack vs. Kaos (Halloween In Hell)
  3. New Jack vs. Vic Grimes (Free Fall)
  4. New Jack vs. Vic Grimes (New Year’s Revolution)
  5. New Jack vs. The Messiah (Redemption)
  6. New Jack vs. Homeless Jimmy vs. Kronus (Rapture)
  7. New Jack attacks The Black Army

I highly recommend this DVD set — to anyone, even if you’re not a fan of New Jack or if you’re a newer breed of fan, and haven’t even heard of the man. Just get it. I could not recommend it any more. There are no ECW matches on it, but the XPW matches are just as good, if not better, and the Disc 1 shoot interviews are worth the price alone. This well-done DVD tops any WWE or TNA collection and trust me, you won’t be let down.