TNA has reached another Turning Point in their history. The rematch between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle topped off a somewhat lackluster PPV, but showed that there are big things on the horizon for the group. A star-studded spectacle filled with many close calls, near finishes and spectacular moments proved that TNA is ready to take their game to the next level and provide some serious competition to WWE.

It was the main event, “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe was set to go up against the man who broke his 18-month long winning steak in TNA, “The Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle. The stage was set and the intensity level was off the charts. The Impact Zone was shaking as the modern day irresistible force met the modern day immovable object. It was the moment in which TNA would reach another big Turning Point in their quest to success.

The match itself displayed what real wrestling is all about. Joe and Angle matched each other with vicious clotheslines, a series of suplexes which included a huge overhead release suplex on Angle, as well as a mix of reversals back and forth as both competitors jockeyed for position over the other, with Angle getting the better of most of the exchanges. Olympic Slam attempts were plentiful, however only one actually connected, but it wasn’t enough to put Joe away.

Joe attempted to hit the Muscle Buster, but Angle rolled through and locked in the Ankle Lock. Angle and Joe traded submission finishers, with both men escaping time and time again. Joe was eventually able to reach the ropes and break the chain. Joe got to his feet and Angle charged at him, catching an elbow and flying into senior official Rudy Charles. Joe then locked in the rear naked choke, forcing Angle to tap, but their was nobody around to recognize the submission.

Joe got up to check on Charles and was hit from behind with a low blow. Angle went to the outside and grabbed a chair, he came charging in again at Joe and wound up hitting the rope and having the chair bounce back at him. Dazed and confused, Angle fell into another rear naked choke and tapped out, giving Samoa Joe the biggest win of his career. A true Turning Point in TNA.


Match One – Ron “The Truth” Killings and Lance Hoyt vs. Serotinin (Johnny Devine, Frankie Kazarian and Matt Bentley)

Things are starting to take shape for Serotinin. It’s beginning to develop, but a lot of work still needs to be done on them. Serotinin showed some hope, with Kazarian getting in some offense and preventing Hoyt from taking a high risk leap onto Devine. After some back and forth action Kazarian got caught and planted with an axe kick courtesy of “The Truth.” After the match, Kazarian was punished with a series of kendo stick shots from Raven.

Winners Via Pinfall – Ron “The Truth” Killings and Lance Hoyt

Match Rating – 5/10


The show began with an interesting opener that mixed TNA and Santa Claus clips. Odd, but effective.

Match One – PCS 5 Way Elimination Match – Jay Lethal vs. Senshi vs. Alex Shelley vs. Austin Starr vs. Sonjay Dutt

Kevin Nash came out to join Mike Tenay and Don West on commentary for the first part of the Papparazzi Championship Series. Good opener, could have been much better. Nash was hilarious on commentary, sticking to his claims that Dutt is on steroids. Shelley and Dutt went at it, with Dutt locking in a Camel Clutch. The ref was distracted while Starr pulled Shelley away from the ropes, leaving him no option but to tap out.

Elimination One Via Submission – Alex Shelley (Earns 1 Point in the PCS)

The other competitors hit the ring and tagged in and out. Lethal charged at Senshi and was met with a flying pair of boots, knocking him down and out of the contest.

Elimination Two Via Pinfall – Jay Lethal (Earns 2 Points in the PCS)

Senshi and Starr teamed up on Dutt. Dutt locked in a Camel Clutch on Starr that for some reason was broken up by Senshi. Either way Starr got a second chance and took full advantage of it, hitting a 450 and putting away Dutt.

Elimination Three Via Pinfall – Sonjay Dutt (Earns 3 Points in the PCS)

Starr went at Senshi and hit his swinging elbow drop. Starr continued his assault and went to the top to land another 450 splash. Shelley came back down and distracted Starr long enough for him to miss the 450 and get rolled up by Senshi.

Elimination Four Via Pinfall – Austin Starr (Earns 4 Points in the PCS)

After the match Starr and Shelley argued to Kevin Nash who told them to work it out.

Winner – Senshi (Earns 5 Points in the PCS)

Match Rating – 6/10

In the back, Jeremy Borash was with Eric Young. Young was nervous about the Bikini Contest, but Borash encouraged him on and told him that he had the cajones. Funny bit.

First Ever TNA Bikini Contest – Ms. Brooks w/ Robert Roode vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

Ms. Brooks won the coin toss and went first. West and Tenay were drooling all over her. Young came up next, removing his robe to show a T-Shirt with an airbrushed bikini. Roode said that wasn’t proper attire and he should be disqualified. Young said he wasnt finished. He continued on to reveal Spongebob Squarepants boxers. Roode again claimed it was inproper attire. Young again stated that he wasn’t finished. He continued on to reveal a pair of small Spongebob Squarepants briefs that ultimately got him the win. Roode attacked Young, who slid out of the ring and up the ramp. He then yelled at Ms. Brooks and told her to do whatever it takes to get Young to sign with Robert Roode Enterprises, and if she didn’t she would be fired.

Winner – “Showtime” Eric Young

Rating – 1/10 (It was funny, but it didn’t deserve a real rating.)

Latisha was in the back looking for VKM who was doing a DX knockoff. She knocked on the door, but it went unanswered. A Big Dick Johnson ripoff came from behind and grinded her against the door. She ran away as the ripoff knocked on their door. It again went unanswered so he went looking for catering.

Match Two – TNA X Division Championship Match – “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels (C) vs. Chris Sabin – Special Guest Referee: Jerry Lynn

Lynn called it right down the middle. Sabin showed a ton of fight, sending Daniels crashing to the floor, tossing him on the entrance ramp. Sabin caught Daniels with a wicked Tornado DDT, but Daniels was able to recover and hit a DVD for a near fall. Sabin continued to match Daniels punch for punch until Daniels caught Sabin with a kick that laid him out and a BME that put him away, thus allowing the champ to retain his title. Afterwards, Lynn took the belt and told Sabin to show some respect. Daniels just wanted his belt and eventually snatched it from Lynn, telling him he didn’t care about Sabin. This infuriated Lynn who slapped Daniels as security swarmed the ring to separate them.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL TNA X Division Champion – “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Match Rating – 7/10

Jim Cornette came to ring and was joined by AJ Pierzynski, Dale Torborg, David and Rick Eckstein. David Eckstein promoted his brand new book. Pierzynski and Torborg mocked him, tearing pages out of the book and ultimately attacking the Ecksteins. Lance Hoyt came down and made the save as the Ecksteins stared down Pierzynski and Torborg. Ugh.

Jeremy Borash was interviewing Rhino in the back when he was jumped by AJ Styles. The two brawled all over the Impact Zone, cracking walls in the process. At one point, Styles was nearly dumped directly on his head on the concrete after Rhino threw him. The fight final made it’s way to the ring, thus officially starting…

Match Three – “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “The War Machine” Rhino

Another good back and forth match. Rhino dominated a good portion of the match, planting Styles with slam after slam and huge spinebuster that might have re-arranged the back of “The Phenomenal One.” The end came with Rhino launched Styles to the outside and apparently injured his knee. The trainers and referees came down to check on Styles and were about to call the match when Styles broke away and rolled up Rhino from behind for the win.

Winner Via Pinfall – “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

Match Rating – 7/10

In the back, Latisha ran into a Vince McMahon impersonator, complete with a rooster, who threatened to fire her. Probably the best VKM segment yet.

Back to ringside, AJ Styles and Rhino continued brawling and were eventually separated by security.

In the back Jeremy Borash stood with LAX who promised to bring the violence and defeat AMW.

Match Four – Flag Match – LAX w/ Konnan vs. AMW w/ Gail Kim

What did you think of TNA Turning Point?
It was great – 19%
It was okay – 18%
It was terrible – 11%
Didn’t see it – 52%

This was just a brawl. Homicide took a nasty back body drop onto the ladder, catching the edge. Hernandez showed some agility, diving over the top rope and hitting Storm on the floor. Kim and Konnan got involved on several occasions, getting knocked around for their troubles. Kim was able to hit Homicide with an incredible moonsault that took him out of the game for a bit. Both sides eventually got half of their flags hung and were battling to complete their hanging. Homicide and Harris were going at it when Storm came from behind and cracked Homicide in the back of the head with the bottle, busting him open and sending glass into Harris’ face. Storm was then attacked by Hernandez who ripped down the American flag and hung the Mexican flag to win the match. Afterwards, Gail Kim blamed James Storm for the loss while the Mexican National Anthem played and LAX celebrated their victory.

Winners Via Hanging Their Flag – LAX

Match Rating – 7/10

In the back, Storm said Harris quit and that what happened was a disgrace. He went on to say that Harris had till Impact to apologize to him. Storm and Harris breaking up again? Ugh.

VKM came out dressed like DX. They did the spiel and out came a bunch of Spirit Squad knockoffs. They hit the ring and fell down before VKM could hit them. One member was stuck in the ring as the Big Dick Johnson knock off came down and superkicked him. VKM then said that it was all a parody. They ripped off their masks and said that the truth is they want to issue a challenge. They made a million dollar challenge, where it would be them vs. DX in a legit shoot fight. BG James laid down the gauntlet and said that if Vince McMahon didn’t accept, he was nothing more than a piece of $#@#*. Wow.

Christian Cage and Tomko talked with JB backstage, saying that the title reign of Abyss was about to come to an end.

Match Five – Triple Threat Match for the NWA Heavyweight Championship – “The Monster” Abyss (C) w/ Father James Mitchell vs. “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage w/ Tomko vs. Sting

A surprisingly bad encounter. Sting had his moments to shine. Abyss got knocked around for a majority of the match and Cage had occasional offensive flurries, but nothing more. Tomko and Mitchell both tried to get involved, but each was knocked down for their efforts. Thumbtacks were brought into play by Mitchell, Abyss tried to use them, but instead got stomped head first into them by Tomko. Sting tried to talk sense into Abyss not to bother with Mitchell anymore, but he wouldn’t listen. Sting then locked in the Scorpion Deathlock, but was attacked from behind with a steel chair by Cage. Abyss got back to a vertical base and caught Sting for the Black Hole Slam. As Sting was spinning around, he hit Cage and knocked him from the ring, allowing Abyss to plant him and get the pin. Terribly sloppy finish.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL NWA Heavyweight Champion – “The Monster” Abyss

Match Rating – 5/10

Jeremy Borash caught up with Kurt Angle who said that this would be his last encounter with Samoa Joe. They played the hype video again and went into…

Match Six – “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Winner Via Submission – “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Match Rating – 8/10

They showed replays of the match and teased another rematch as Turning Point came to an end.

Overall Event Rating – 6.5/10