Victory Road, the name of the PPV says it all. For either Christian Cage, Sting, Samoa Joe or Scott Steiner, a road to victory could begin. A pathway to the Heavyweight championship will open up and one of those stars will be sent down that road to a title opportunity against the “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett. Who prevailed and began their journey?

Each competitor was shown taking the long walk from the backstage area to their respective entrance ramp, all with the same mindset, to enter with fury and emerge with victory. Once the bell sounded, there was no stopping them. Sting and Joe went at it in one corner, while Cage and Steiner ripped and teared at one another in the opposing corner.

Cage and Steiner tumbled to the outside, landing on the mats, while Sting did a number on “The Samoan Submission Machine,” hitting the Stinger Splash and applying the Scorpion Deathlock. Steiner and Cage came in to break it up, barreling over the Stinger and picking up where they had left off.

Sting and Steiner rolled to the floor and proceeded to brawl up and down the entrance way, with Sting cracking Steiner with a steel chair. Back in the ring, Joe and Cage duked it out with Joe getting the better of the exchange thanks to a vicious roundhouse spin kick that nearly knocked “Captain Charisma” out.

Cage and Joe then took their turn on the outside, tearing apart the Impact Zone, while Sting and Steiner returned to the ring to do battle. All of a sudden a crew member hit the ring and squirted gasoline in the face of Sting. That crew member turned out to be none other than the champ himself, Jeff Jarrett.

Help came out and took Sting to the back. The match continued with Joe taking firm control. Steiner has gotten much better in TNA, his matches are coming out more and more solid, even elbow dropping Joe through a table on the floor from the apron, however, Steiner nearly dropped Cage on his head after attempting a second rope Samoan drop. Joe made the best out of the situation, attempting to cover both men, but to no avail on either occasion.

Steiner was able to rebound, locking the Steiner Recliner in on Cage, as Joe awoke and locked in the Coquina Clutch on Steiner. Nobody submitted as the three men returned to their feet and fought to the corner. Cage and Joe fought on the top rope with Steiner below them as Sting returned with a bandaged face. Stinger Splash on Steiner cleaned house on all three.

After some more action, Steiner fell prey to a Scorpion Deathdrop that was enough to give Sting the win and the right to face Jeff Jarrett at Hard Justice for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. A disappointed Cage returned to the ring and raised Sting’s hand, clapping along for Sting’s success.



Match One – Johnny Devine w/ Alex Shelley vs. Shark Boy

Devine showed that he hasn’t lost a step since getting injured two years ago. He took down Shark Boy with a couple of nice armdrag type moves. Shark Boy got in the traditional ten count punch as well as a Shark Bite. Devine bit back, only to receive another bite on his rear end. Devine was sent to the floor where Shark Boy catapulted himself on top of Devine. The match made its way back into the ring where Shark Boy hit a neckbreaker on Devine, but couldn’t get the three count due to a distraction from Alex Shelley. Shark Boy went to confront Shelley, but received a beautiful Tiger Driver from Devine, giving the “Hot Shot” the win. Entertaining contest. At this stage of the game, Shark Boy is to TNA what Stevie Richards is to WWE.

Winner Via Pinfall – Johnny Devine

Match Rating – 5/10


The show began with an extremely well done hype video. Awesome job, one of the best TNA has put out for a PPV in a long time. Great work!

Match One – The Diamonds in the Rough (“Primetime” Elix Skipper and David Young) w/ Simon Diamond vs. The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens) w/ “The Franchise” Shane Douglas

Battle of the tag teams managed by road agents. The Naturals came out sporting their new “Franchise” tights and new haircuts. Douglas cut a promo before the match then it was right to work. The Naturals had the momentum going in their favor in the early going, but the tide changed once the Diamonds in the Rough began double teaming Stevens. Douglas made the hot tag and cleaned house, hitting a stomp version of the Doomsday Device to pick up the win. After the match Shane Douglas got in the ring and told the Naturals not to celebrate, just to go right to the back. Finally The Naturals look to be back on a winning track.

Winners Via Pinfall – The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens)

Match Rating – 5/10

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the card and sent it to the back with Jeremy Borash.

Jeremy Borash was standing by with Christian Cage who cut a promo on his adversaries later on in the program. Cage assured victory and said he would go through Steiner, Joe and Sting to regain his championship.

Next up was a video package for the Rhino/Monty Brown “feud” that led into…

Match Two – “The War Machine” Rhino vs. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown

This was just a thrown together match, but not a bad start to their feud. This was an out and out brawl. Referee Andrew Thomas earned some points, not only getting hit with the POOOOOOOUNNNNNNNNNCEEEEEE! Period. He also was caught up and hit with a Gore! Gore! Gore! The fight went throughout the Impact Zone before the bell was rung and security broke them apart.


Match Rating – 6/10 (You have to give it up for Andrew Thomas)

In the back, Jeremy Borash was with LAX who draped Puerto Rican and Mexican flags over the TNA Logo and talked about how they were taking over. LAX is another great thing that TNA has going on. They have taken this group and really made them into something special.

They played a hype video for the LAX/Ron “The Truth” Killings/Sonjay Dutt feud which led to…

Match Three – LAX (“The Notorious 187” Homicide and Hernandez) w/ Konnan vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings and Sonjay Dutt

This was an excellent match. The match started out X Division style, with the competitors hitting flips to the outside. Dutt and Killings grounded Homicide with several kicks. Hernandez came in and displayed pure, unadulterated strength, sending Dutt overhead with a slam unlike anything Dutt has ever taken. Killings came in and got in some offence, before tagging back to Dutt and taking out Konnan and Homicide with a dive to the floor. With Dutt alone in the ring, Hernandez attacked, launching Dutt with an insane Razor’s Edge-like move for the three count. LAX is red hot and should be the next feud with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels — throw some tag gold their way!

Winners Via Pinfall – LAX (“The Notorious 187” Homicide and Hernandez)

Match Rating – 8/10

In the back Scott Steiner provided an entertaining promo where he ranted and raved about his opponents in the number one contender’s match, before telling Borash that he didn’t care who he had to beat, he was going to win.

Scott D’Amore came out with the former Team Canada members for a special “Goodbye Session.” D’Amore spoke to “The Canadian Enforcer” Bobby Roode first. He put him over as someone whole could easily take the Heavyweight championship and wished him the best. Roode hugged Petey Williams and A-1 on the way out, but only slapped the hand of Eric Young. D’Amore then spoke with “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams. He put over Williams as someone who could easily take the X Division championship when he wanted to. Williams hugged A-1, but ignored Eric Young on his way out. D’Amore then moved on to A-1 and told him that he was happy A-1 was a part of the team. A-1 walked right by Eric Young as D’Amore ripped into him. D’Amore blamed the loss of Team Canada on Young. He then took back his Team Canada jacket and pants, leaving Young in the ring in his mismatched socks and boxers. “Don’t fire Eric Young” chants and signs were all over the Impact Zone as Young said that he would make a secret plan with his followers and they would make sure that he didn’t get fired. He then dove into the crowd as they chanted his name. Amazing segment that showed that Eric Young has a very strong following in TNA.

It was announced that Bound For Glory PPV will take place on October 22, 2006 in Detroit, Michigan. (A PPV outside the Impact Zone? Should be good.)

Mike Tenay and Don West sent it back to Jeremy Borash who spoke with Senshi about his upcoming title defense. Senshi wasn’t worried about his mystery opponent and welcomed the challenge.

Match Four – TNA X Division Championship Match – Senshi (C) vs. “The Future” Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian came back with a haircut. He wouldn’t cut his hair for WWE, but he would for TNA? This was a Senshi kick fest. Kazarian got in some nice offense, he hasn’t missed a step. Senshi hit a Double Stomp from the ground, but it wasn’t enough to put away Kazarian. After several kicks, Senshi attempted another Double Stomp, this time from the top rope for the one-two-three. Senshi retains in strong fashion.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL TNA X Division Champion – Senshi

Match Rating – 7/10

Back in the promo area, Larry Zbyszko told Jeremy Borash that he was going to shave Raven bald and end this feud. Mark “Slick” Johnson ran in and told Zbyszko that he didn’t have to do the match, but he would have to leave TNA, however, if he did the match, he was his referee. Zbyszko didn’t like any of the news and left disgruntled.

They played a hype video for the Hair vs. Hair match which led to…

Match Five – Hair vs. Hair Match – Raven vs. Larry Zbyszko

Awful, awful, awful. Mark “Slick” Johnson got hit at one point so he couldn’t make the count when Raven hit the first Evenflow DDT, however on the second attempt, Johnson was in position and made the count, giving Raven the win. Afterwards, Raven, Don West and Johnson all took turns cutting Zbyszko’s hair.

Winner Via Pinfall – Raven

Match Rating – 3/10

In the lockeroom area, Jeremy Borash spoke with Kevin Nash, Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine who were all confident about their upcoming battle with Jay Lethal and Chris Sabin. Nash and Shelley are excellent together.

They played a hype video for the feud between Alex Shelley, Kevin Nash, Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal which led to…

Match Six – Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley w/ Johnny Devine vs. Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal

Lethal and Sabin used their X Division style to ground Nash, as Lethal hit a springboard crossbody and got a near fall on the giant. Nash got back to a vertical base and then it was ground and pound on Lethal. Sabin and Lethal fought back, with Sabin using Nash as a springboard to hit the delayed dropkick on Shelley. Sabin and Lethal hit their finishers on Nash and took Devine out of the equation as well. Lethal was able to roll up Shelley and get the win, causing the Paparazzi and Nash to attack them after the match. Jerry Lynn hit the ring and cleaned house, saving Lethal and Sabin.

Winners Via Pinfall – Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal

Match Rating – 6/10

Team 3D spoke with Jeremy Borash about Abyss and The James Gang, promising tons of violence.

They played a hype video for the feud between The James Gang, Abyss and Team 3D which led to…

Match Seven – No DQ Six Man Tag Team Match – Team 3D (Brother Ray, Brother Devon and Brother Runt) vs. “The Monster” Abyss and The James Gang (BG and Kip James) w/ Father James Mitchell

Another all-out brawl. Brother Runt was tossed into the crowd and surfed the Impact Zone before being unceremoniously tossed back at the ring. The James Gang took a beer break, but Team 3D stopped them from enjoying, low blowing them and stealing their beers. The James Gang went to hit the 3D through a table on Brother Runt, but it was blocked. 3D hit a modified 3D on BG, a flapjack on Kip and several trash can shots on Abyss, but somehow they overcame it. Abyss caught Brother Runt with the Black Hole Slam through the table, picking up the win for his team.

Winners Via Pinfall – “The Monster” Abyss and The James Gang (BG and Kip James)

Match Rating – 7/10

Jeremy Borash caught up with America’s Most Wanted and Gail Kim. Borash said that if they didn’t win, it was going to be their last chance against Styles and Daniels. AMW guaranteed victory before walking off for their match.

They played a hype video for the feud between AMW, Gail Kim, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Sierelda which led into…

Match Eight – Six Person Intergender NWA World Tag Team Championship Match – America’s Most Wanted (“Wildcat” Chris Harris and “The Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm) and Gail Kim vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Sierelda (C)

Sierelda and Kim showcased some excellent in-ring ability. Styles hit his nip up huricanrana and springboard reverse DDT. Daniels executed a tremendous BME. AMW almost had the win on several occasions, but in end, Styles was able to roll AMW up and get the win in yet another spectacular match.

Winners and STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions – “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels along with Sierelda

Match Rating – 8/10

Mike Tenay and Don West hyped the main event before sending it to Jeremy Borash.

Borash spoke with “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe who said that he would remain undefeated in TNA.

They played a hype video for the Victory Road Number One Contender’s Match leading to…

Match Nine – Victory Road Number One Contenders Match – “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage vs. “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Sting vs. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW Number One Contender to the NWA World Heavyweight Champion – Sting

Match Rating – 7/10

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