Sorry for the delay in columns folks but it’s been a hell of a couple weeks. What’s been going on you ask? Well I’ll tell you. I have now relocated from the beautiful Lady Di room in Casa D’Amore back to my hometown of Winterpeg, I mean Winnipeg, Manitoba, to run the wrestling school for the new wrestling company Action Wrestling Entertainment.

There are a few reasons for this move, first I need to get a new surgery on my stomach as I recently found out that the crappy ass job the docs in Nashville did left me with multiple hernias. Nothing like wrestling with holes in your abs. Secondly this gives me a steady income for a period of time which in wrestling, when you do it full time like I do, can be hard to come by sometimes. For my TNA fans this does not mean that I will not be back, it just means a little while longer. In the mean time I will try to keep up with everyone who has questions and concerns and all but at times it can be difficult so bear with me.

Recently the wrestling world has been kind of turned on its ear as TNA started with Spike TV to a very strong .8 rating, which is great for its timeslot, and WWE switched back to USA Network and gave a PPV level show for its first USA offering. The seeming war that had been brewing between WWE and Spike/UFC seems to not be as competitive as many first thought it would. I expected UFC to draw stronger ratings than they did and give WWE a little competition on Mondays. But it seems to me the only thing that can hurt WWE on Mondays is WWE. Story lines and writing overall seem to be the biggest hurdle they have been facing but with a returning HHH feuding with the Nature Boy and the ongoing rehash of Austin/McMahon in Cena/Bishoff there are a couple good reasons that viewers would be tuning in. In all honesty I must say I like the way they have built Carlito and Masters lately, and can Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle be any better? I see 60 minute Iron man at Wrestlemania. I’m not sure what to think of Smackdown lately as I haven’t seen all the product but what I do know it that it was great to see Spanky on the preshow of No Mercy tagging with Paul London. They are great guys to put together and fangirls everywhere screamed like a Backstreet Boys concert!

On the heels of their tremendous debut on Spike, TNA has built a solid card for the upcoming Bound For Glory event on pay per view October 23rd. There are a lot of great matches on the biggest card for TNA this year and the two I most look forward to are Iron Man 2 with Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles and the Monsters Ball 2. Why not Ultimate X? I’ll get to that. Iron Man 2, while having big shoes to fill after the amazing first between these two, can’t be anything but stellar when you have two guys with as much heart and imagination as AJ and Christopher. It’s a certainty that this will be the match to beat for the evening. Monsters Ball I believe could have the legs to steal the show because there are 4 INSANE individuals who will do things to themselves and others that would leave normal people in the hospital for extended stays and still walk away. The match features Abyss, best big man in the biz period, Rhino, the man beast who is in incredible shape and the most intense he’s ever been, Jeff Hardy, who no matter what you think of the guy will do the craziest stuff to win, And of course Sabu. I won’t even tell you why Sabu if you don’t already know. These 4 thrown together spells magnificent train wreck. I for one will be rubbernecking for this one. With such a loaded card the fact that there even is an Ultimate X match with Petey Williams, Matt Bentley and Chris Sabin is like that extra cherry in an already great sundae. The match will be great as the guys in it are too talented not to make it great. I think this match could have headlined any card… except this one. That’s where I worry as I don’t want what will definitely be a “match of the ages” kind of match to be lost or glossed over because of the abundance of talent and other great matches on this card. But I guess I’m just being an over critical smart mark. I do predict Petey all the way.

For those of you in the Manitoba, Minnesota, North Dakota, or Saskatchewan or anyone looking for more info or to learn to wrestle at the AWE Sports Entertainment College, either email me. As well for those in the Toronto area make sure you check out the Canadian Wrestling Expo the first weekend of November. I’ll be there along with AWE standouts Ryan Wood, Kenny Omega and Shane Madison. As well TNA stars A1 Al Ralphs, Chris Sabin and I believe Alex Shelly will be in attendance, and the legendary Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart will be teaming up with his daughter Nattie. It promises to be an excellent weekend of wrestling.

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