We are just one week away to the debut of TNA on Spike TV! Everyone is pumped and there have been a rash of huge announcements and developments in the last few weeks.

TNA announced on Wed that the former “Dudley Boys” of ECW and WWE fame have signed a multi year deal with the company. This is a huge development for TNA and a great addition to the roster. By signing the Dudleys (name and gimmick to be determined) TNA adds a recognizable and popular team still in the prime of their careers. Bubba and D-von bring a wealth of experience to a relatively young roster and add some much needed star power to a great tag division. And with the recent bad guy turn of America’s Most Wanted an almost ready-made dream feud is in place. These two teams could put on some of the best tag matches in recent history if they are paired, assuming the TNA brain trust goes in that direction of course. Personally I think a Team Canada/Dudley feud is money in the bank but I guess I’m a bit biased.

Also on the recently hired list is Gail Kim. The first in what may be a new women’s division in TNA. And what a way to get it started. Now my love for Traci Brooks is well documented and she’s one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure to know. But Gail will give the “established” TNA knockout a real competitor to work against, unlike past knockouts. Gail is one of the best women wrestlers in the world and so hot my teeth sweat when she’s near. And Gail will not be the last woman to make her presence known in the next few weeks.

I think the biggest recent news though has to be Jeff Jarrett winning the NWA Heavyweight Championship from Raven at the Border City Wrestling “International Incident” show in Windsor Ontario Sept 15th. I was at that show and what I saw shocked even me. Every face in the place, from the fans in the seats to the boys in the back, dropped when AMW ran out and screwed Raven. What the hell did we just see?!? What were AMW thinking?! Is the title change legal? Well apparently the change IS legal and AMW think that its easier to be part of the machine rather than be rolled over by it. Jarrett has been campaigning furiously since losing the title to regain the belt he believes is his birthright. And now that he has it and TNA is hitting national cable it will be near to impossible to take it from him. It will be a very interesting time in the pro wrestling world.

On the Canadian front the debut of The Fight Network has given Canadians a channel all their own to watch violence on! And I for one think its fantastic!! No fluff. No Oprah. Just good ole’ fashioned fists and feet. Tremendous. Not that I’m a violent guy, I simply like to watch contact sports. As do many other men and women , and now we have a channel all our own.

And taping for said channel in Winnipeg on the 8th of Oct is the soon to be well Recognized AWE. Action Wrestling Entertainment is the brain child of Mike Davidson, a sometime promoter, sometime sports broadcaster, full time wrestling enthusiast and now promotion “owner”. As the brains behind the fledgling company Mike has put together a good mix of local standout talent from Winnipeg and western Canada, names like Ryan Wood, Shane Madison, Adam Knight and Kenny Omega to mix it up with established stars like “The Total Package” Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell, Billy Kidman, and Brian “Grandmaster Sexay” Christopher. These shows and this company promise yet another alternative to the WWE monopoly and should do very well. The first taping on the 8th stands to be a great show and will have a couple great matches on it from what I have heard of the card. Oh and I am on it so you know the show will be good. Heh. Man I’m funny. As well AWE are going to be opening a school in Oct, those interested can contact Mike Davidson. I hear they are going to have a good trainer as well.

Well enough for this week wrestling fans. Remember to support your local indy’s and all wrestling in general. For those of you in he Toronto area check out the Blood, Sweat and Ears show Sunday in Norval, Ont at Nashville North. The main event is Chris Sabin vs Myself and will be good. Kicking Chris Sabin’s but will be a truly Devine experience!

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