WAYNE, NJ – In late April, wrestling lost a star as Chris Candido died at the age of 33. Saturday night, NWA Cyberspace presented a special tribute to Candido — a regular on their shows — with the “No Gimmicks Needed” event.

The show kicked off with Cyberspace honcho Billy Firehawk in the ring, saying a few words about Candido. They then did the Ten Bell Salute and things got under way…

Match One- S.A.T. (Jose and Joel Maximo) vs All Money Is Legal (K-Pusha and K-Murda)
This was a great opening match that saw a lot of high flying all over the place. Pusha and Murda did some unique dives to the floor, keeping S.A.T. down and out. S.A.T. came back though, but the match throughout was more like a Texas Tornado Tag, with men flying in and out. It was entertaining and a great way to open the show. Hopefully these two teams will pair up again somewhere down the line.
Winners Via Pinfall – S.A.T.

Apter’s Alley with Sonjay Dutt
Bill Apter gets in the ring with Sonjay Dutt for another edition of Apter’s Alley. Apter asked Sonjay why he was willing to defend his Cruiser X Title against four men as opposed to defending it against “Primetime” Elix Skipper. Apter goes on to tell Dutt that Skipper called him his stepping stone. Dutt takes offense to that and spews some garbage and finishes up by saying he will be commentating the next match which is…

Match Two – Matt Striker vs “Primetime” Elix Skipper
Prior to the match, Striker cut an amazingly funny promo ripping into Billy Firehawk, which led to Firehawk walking out from the commentators table and leaving. Good back and forth match, both men wrestled a more mat-based game. Striker hit Skipper with “The Play of the Day”, but he couldn’t get the pin. He then hit him with his pair of knees to the back and a face buster, but still couldn’t get a pin. Sonjay Dutt ran in, and while the ref was down, planted Skipper with a chair, Striker fell to the mat and the ref turned around and called for the DQ.
Winner Via Disqualification – Matt Striker

Both women are very talented wrestlers, there is no denying that fact. Jazz and Hunter are another two people who work really well together. However, Jazz picks up the win and the title via a technical knockout.
Winner Via TKO and NEW NWA Cyberspace Women’s Champion – Jazz

Match Four – NWA CYBERSPACE INTERNET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH – Josh Daniels (C) vs Mike “The Shooter” Kreul
Another technical match-up between the two, both men really gave it their all and showed why they deserve the praise they receive. Kreul and Daniels have wrestled many times before in other promotions, but their matches in Cyberspace really speak for themselves. Whether they’re a tag team, or whether they’re going at it one-on-one, they always give the fans their money’s worth. Daniels picks up the victory, and his feud with The Youngbludz (Matt Striker, Mike Kreul and S.A.T.) continues.

They air a great tribute video to Chris Candido.

Match Five – NWA CYBERSPACE CRUISER-X FATAL FOUR WAY ELIMINATION MATCH – Sonjay Dutt (C) vs Shark Boy vs Chris Hamrick vs Nick Berk
“Primetime” Elix Skipper joined the commentators table to call this match. Some real fast-paced action here. Some of the fans busted on Shark Boy, holding up a Shark Boy and Lava Girl movie poster. Nevertheless, Dutt retained and his feud with “Primetime” for the belt rolls on.
Order of Elimination:
Elimination One – Nick Berk
Elimination Two – Chris Hamrick
Elimination Three – Shark Boy

Match Six – Slyck Wagner Brown vs “The Dog” Rodney Mack w/ The Smoke
They have a good feud going on here, this match was more of a brawl, but it was done proper in the sense that they are keeping the feud going with Mack picking up the DQ win. The crowd absolutely hates Mack and Smoke, but they love Slyck Wagner Brown. It will be interesting to see where the feud goes from here.
Winner Via DQ – “The Dog” Rodney Mack

Match Seven – NWA CYBERSPACE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH – Julio Dinero and Mo Sextyn w/ Miss Michelle (C) vs All Money Is Legal
Dinero won the tag belts at last month’s show with his then partner, CM Punk. Punk has since signed a deal with WWE, leaving Dinero to defend the belts himself. Dinero gets doubleteamed by a relauctant All Money Is Legal. Mo Sextyn comes out to help Dinero against Dinero’s will, and winds up getting pinned by both members of All Money Is Legal. “The Sure Thing” John Shane came out and said that a traffic problem caused The Solution not to be able to make the show and considering that they were the ones who lost the belts to Dinero and Punk, they get a tag title shot anytime they please.
Winners Via Pinfall and NEW NWA CYBERSPACE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS – All Money Is Legal

Match Eight – NWA CYBERSPACE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH – Jeff Jarrett w/ Attorney Daggard, Abyss and Strangler Nick (C) vs Michael Shane w/ Traci Brooks
Another more technical, back and forth type match, there was a lot of activity outside the ring, including Daggard getting knocked down, Abyss chasing Traci out of the arena. Abyss accidentally almost costs Jarrett the title, which upsets him. Jarrett and Shane continued to go back and forth ending in Jarrett retaining the title over Shane.

Special Presentation to Tammy Lynn Sytch
Billy Firehawk and Derek Gordon came out to present Tammy Lynn Sytch with the Icons of Wrestling Lifetime Achievement Award In Memory of Chris Candido. They also gave her a cheque for $2,500. They did another ten bell salute in his memory and the crowd erupted with “Candido” chants. Tammy announced that she would be coming back to Cyberspace every single month to manage Billy Gunn.

Match Nine – LAST MAN STANDING MATCH – Abyss w/ Strangler Nick vs Mana
An insane match that started out on the floor and went all around the arena. They went into the doors, Abyss threw Mana into an entire section of chairs knocking everything over. Abyss stapled Mana’s head, whacked him with a kendo stick and even a fan’s crutch. They go into a cherry picker and Abyss throws Mana off the cherry picker and through a table. They finally make it to the ring, Abyss picks up a chair and proceeded to hit Mana twice in the head with the chair, Mana falls down bloody and referee Brian Khener catches the third chair shot to the head. Abyss breaks out the thumbtacks, but Mana reverses and throws Abyss into the thumbtacks. The ref starts the count, he reaches eight and Abyss is up, but he is looking at Mana. Jarrett comes in and hits Abyss with a guitar shot and Abyss goes back down. Mana gets up at nine, and Abyss is down as the ref calls for the bell, having not seen Abyss get up.
Winner Via Ten Count – Mana

A great show with a lot of emotion. Everyone went out and gave it 100%. The matches were solid and the crowd was red hot. It was a great way to honor one of wrestling’s heroes. Chris Candido will be missed by all. R.I.P Chris.