In a posting on, the company confirmed rumors that former hardcore champion Rhyno has been released by the company, as well as Matt Hardy.

The release of Rhyno comes on the heels of reports that he acted unprofessionally at the post-Wrestlemania party in Los Angeles, causing damage to the hotel. Rhyno hasn’t been used to his full potential since joining the company in 2001, in part due to a neck injury that November which put him on the shelf for a year. With the ECW pay per view on the horizon it comes as a surprise that Rhyno would be released, but could be a major coup for the “Extreme Reunion” to get the last ECW World and TV Champ on their event.

The release of Hardy comes as a shock to many. The popular former tag team star was on the shelf with a knee injury and was scheduled to return. Things have taken a downturn for Hardy with a bitter and highly publicized break up with Lita recently that saw him taken off of RAW events. There is no word yet as to if the release was requested by Hardy or a company decision. Chants of “We want Matt” have been heard at recent WWE events and fans have been clamoring for his return.

Critics are slamming the releases due to the fact that a number of upper card stars have participated in less than professional activities recently and still have their jobs and pushes, but mid card stars are not safe.