When a wrestler dies, many fans will remember the legacy he left behind, others will remember him outside of the ring and in the public eye, but only a few fans will remember the last time he stepped through the ropes. The recently-released Main Event DVD contains a very special match: Road Warrior Hawk’s last.

Ted DiBiase’s Power Wrestling Alliance (PWA) ran the show which featured a tag team main event, which in one corner saw Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal, collectively known as The Road Warriors, taking on Buff Bagwell and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. And while the DVD is a given for classic wrestling fans because of its significance, the matches were also good too!

Here is a quick rundown of the DVD:

Match One- Tyson Dukes vs The Hacker
Two young upstarts get a chance to showcase their skills in front of “The Million Dollar Man”. Not a bad match, both men had the crowd into it and showed some promise as far as it pertains to a future in the wrestling business. Hacker takes the victory thanks to a trip by Dibiase on Dukes, that allowed The Hacker to fall on him for the three.
Winner via Pinfall- The Hacker
Match Rating- 6/10

Match Two- Joe E. Legend vs “Showtime” Eric Young
Another basic match that the fans were into. Legend displayed his power, while Young displayed his agility and quickness. Young wins the match, when he gets on Legend’s shoulders and picks up the pinfall via the crucifix.
Winner via Pinfall- “Showtime” Eric Young
Match Rating- 6/10

Match Three- Ladder Match for the PWA Lightweight Championship- Johnny Ova w/ Bobby Reidel vs Chris Sabin
Nice ladder match, both men took a beating. The match saw plaunchas, suplexes into the ladder, ladders to the face, and all the good stuff that goes along with it. The athleticism displayed in this match was tremendous. These two men brought their “A Game”, and showed that a ladder match doesn’t need to be a “Spotfest” in order to be good. The match ended when Sabin powerbombed Ova off the ladder and grabbed the belt. Best match on the DVD.
Winner via Grabbing The Belt- Chris Sabin
Match Rating- 7/10

Match Four- The Road Warriors vs Marcus “Buff” Bagwell and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
A historic match, as I mentioned earlier, it was Hawk’s very last match before his early death. Entertaining, as it brought back some great memories of times past. The wrestling wasn’t as stellar as it was all those years ago, but still good for where the men were in their careers. Match ends with a modified version of The Doomsday Device on Bagwell. After the match, Bagwell and Valentine double team Hawk, splitting his head open, until The Missing Link comes in for the save.
Winners Via Pinfall- The Road Warriors
Match Rating 6/10


Candid Interviews
Throughout the DVD, bits and pieces of interviews with Ted Dibiase, Marcus Bagwell and Road Warrior Hawk are shown. The interviews focus on religon in wrestling, and their personal thoughts on the subject. Very interesting to hear, and well worth it to watch.

Main Event Ceremonies
Prior to the main event match, The Road Warriors, Ted Dibiase, Marcus Bagwell and Greg Valentine got into a verbal altercation, over being bought by “The Million Dollar Man”. After the main event was over with, Hawk is jumped by a pack of demons, which we find out represent his “Personal Demons”, and is chained. Hawk says a prayer with the pastor, and the chains are broken. Bagwell, Animal, Valentine, Dibiase come back out and talk about religon and wrestling in front of the live crowd.

In closing, I would like to let you all know, this was the most interesting wrestling DVD I have watched in some time. It has an old-school vibe, mixed with a new type of concept in wrestling. And it’s not too preachy. I definitely recommend fans pick up a copy of this DVD. It’s interesting to see the men you grew up watching, preaching such a different message then they did in their heyday.
Overall Rating- 7/10