WAYNE, NJ — For months, TNA talent has attempted to take over the CyberSpace Wrestling Federation, but after a failed effort at Cybercade, it was time to bring in the reinforcements for the spooktacular Halloween Horror.

CSWF returned to the Wayne P.A.L. Center in Wayne, NJ, for another action packed show. On this night, we were promised the debuts of “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, “The Monster” Abyss and Vince Russo. We now send you to ring announcer extraodinaire, Mark Chen, who leads a 10-bell salute for Big Bossman and promoter Billy Firehawk’s mother Milka Patricia Hawkins. Now on to the Horror!


As CSWF’s own Gena Levy was singing the national anthem, Sonjay Dutt interrupted and told us to pledge to Sonjay Dutt. Reefer came out and the match was on. Fast paced back and forth. Reefer was taken down and Sonjay hit him with a standing backflip. The momentum switched back and forth. The match ended, when Sonjay Dutt, behind the referee’s back pulled out a pair of brass knucks and hit Reefer right between the eyes. Reefer was knocked cold and pinned for the one-two-three.

Winner Via Pinfall- Sonjay Dutt

Match Two- CSWF INTERNET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH- “M-Tizzle” Mike Tobin w/ “The Sure Thing” John Shane vs Ken Scampi w/ Tara Charisma

John Shane and Tara Charisma’s long-running feud continued as they were both at ringside to cheer their men on to victory. Tobin had the upperhand advantage throughout most of the match. At one point he displayed his Tully Blanchard-style slingshot suplex. Scampi was able to hit his spots, but once he was hung up in the ropes by Tobin, it was all over.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL CSWF Internet Champion- “M-Tizzle” Mike Tobin

A Magic Extravaganza with Julio Cop-A-Feel and Miss Michelle

The wacky Julio Dinero comes to the ring, decked out in a magician costume, to put on a magic show. He chooses a fan at ringside to perform a magic trick with. A deck of cards in hand, Julio tells the kid to pick a card. The kid does and shows it to the crowd. He places the card back in the deck and Julio shuffles. He pulls out a card and asks a guy at ringside if that was the card, and was told it wasn’t. Julio says he has another trick, he is going to pull a rabbit out of his hat. He takes off his hat, says the magic words and pulls Miss Michelle’s thong out of his hat. Danny Jaxx comes out to the ring and challenges Julio to a fight. Julio says if Jaxx wants a fight, a fight he will get. He walks over to a casket placed at ringside and out bursts LEX LUGER!

Match Three- Danny Jaxx vs “The Total Package” Lex Luger

Jaxx gets taken down and thrown around by the returning Lex Luger. Jaxx comes back with some offense, beating Luger down into the corner, but Luger, strong as ever, fights back and picks up Jaxx in the Tourture Rack for the submission victory.

Winner Via Submission- Lex Luger

Lex Luger then got on the mic and challenged DDP and anyone else in the CSWF to a match.

Match Four- CSWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH- America’s Most Wanted vs Mana and The Hungarian Barbarian w/ Mistress Asia and Her Assistant

Harris and Storm started off the match, by tagging each in and out, they even tagged referee Jim Malino in. Finally, Storm starts off the match with Mana. The two men landed some clubbing blows back and forth. Storm opened up a previous wound on the head of Mana, leaving him with a crimson mask. Frequent tags kept the action moving. When all the men went to the outside, The Hugarian Barbarian, who is no small man, did a dive off the top rope onto AMW. The action spilled back into the ring, and AMW was able to put away these two members of the Foreign Exchange.

Winners Via Pinfall and STILL CSWF Tag Team Champions- America’s Most Wanted

POST MATCH- The Foreign Exchange beat on Jim Malino, until a security member (the same one who cleared the ring at the last show) and JD Dreamer come out and clear ring.

Vince Russo came out along with the entire Team TNA. Russo first told Julio Dinero and Miss Michelle to get lost, ridding them from Team TNA. He then moves on to Michael Shane and Tracy Brooks, telling them if they miss their opportunity later on in the night, they are gone from Team TNA. Following that rant, he moved on to Ron “The Truth” Killings. He told him that he was a lie. Threating to get rid of him from Team TNA. Russo then told AMW, that they were on his good side. Finally, he asked Crowbar what was wrong with him. He said that later on, he would face a Mystery Opponent in a Hardcore Match. If Crowbar loses, he is out of Team TNA. Russo says that he is in charge of this mess, and that he will take over CSWF.

Bill Apter’s Halloween Costume Contest

Ten contestants lined up, decked out in their Halloween Costumes for a chance to win a WCW Heavyweight Title, signed by DDP. The fans choose a little kid named Chris, dressed as John Cena to be the winner. John “The Sure Thing” Shane came out and confronted Bill Apter. Mike Tobin comes in and grabs Apter from behind and holds him while Shane steals the Mil Mascaras mask Apter had on him, along with Apter’s glasses, which he stepped on. JD Dreamer and the Security Guard come out and clear ring. Apter gets on the mic and says that in all his years in the wrestling business, nobody had ever done anything like that to him. Apter said, “I will get even.”

Match Five- HARDCORE MATCH- Mr. Crowbar vs Abyss

Russo introduces Abyss and the match takes off. Abyss and Crowbar brawl through the crowd. The two battled up and down the bleachers. Guardrails falling all over the place. Four extra guardrails lying against the wall fell on Abyss. Abyss would fight back and hip toss Crowbar into the fans seats. The two would fight back and into the ring and Abyss would finish Crowbar off with The Black Hole Slam.

Winner Via Pinfall- Abyss

POST MATCH- Abyss and his manager come into the ring, and Abyss beats on Crowbar with his steel pipe.

Match Six- 3-WAY ELIMINATION DANCE- Nick Berk w/ Matt Striker vs “Dynamite” Josh Daniels vs Mike “The Shooter” Kreul

Before the match starts, Striker is sent to the locker room. The three men start off with some quick ring skills. Daniels and Kreul delivered the HIGHEST backbody drop I have ever witnessed. I was able to use the restroom while Berk was in the air. Kreul was DDT’d onto the ring apron and left on the outside. Daniels then hooked an abdominal stretch on Berk as Kreul was trying to get back into the ring, he grabbed Daniels hand applying more pressure on Berk, forcing him to tap out. With Berk out of the equation, Striker came out and told Berk to stay at ringside. Kreul and Daniel battled it out, but every time one tried to pin the other, Berk or Striker would break it up. The bell rung and the match was declared a TIME LIMIT DRAW, meaning nobody won or lost.

Match Seven- Jimmy Rave vs “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

Rave and Styles pulled out all the stops. AJ hit Rave with some stiff kicks to the back. AJ knocked Rave to the outside and did a plancha over the top rope. The action spilled back into the ring, with Rave gaining the upperhand advantage and working on Styles. Rave had Styles down, until AJ pushed him away with his feet and did a nip up hurricanrana. The first time I have seen that move done, EVER. Styles also hit his very own backflip reverse DDT off the ropes. The match continued on with excellent mat based and highflying action. With Styles down once again, Rave went to the top rope, but out came Vince Russo to knock him off. Styles would come around and hit Rave with The Styles Clash for the win.

Winner Via Pinfall- “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

POST MATCH- AJ helped Rave up. Rave told AJ what had happened with Russo shoving him off the ropes. AJ then chased after Vince Russo to question him.

Matt Striker came out and did some Lanny Poffo-style poems for the crowd. The crowd was left in tears, as Ron “The Truth” Killings made his way to the ring. Striker then challenged Killings to a Dance Off. Killings obliged and the two went at it. Striker did his disco moves, while Killings did his break dancing. The whole dance off led into…

Match Eight- Matt Striker vs “The Sun Tan Superman” Ron “The Truth” Killings

Striker attacked Killings and beat him into the mat. Killings fought back and hit some of his signature moves. Striker was also able to throw in a little Ric Flair strut. Killings came back and took Striker down, he then realized that Luger was doing commentary and he had a few words with him. While Killings was preoccupied, Striker came from behind and took out his legs. The match continued on, until Striker put Killings in the Figure Four LegLock. With the Lock on, Striker grabbed the ropes for extra advantage, but he would not break for the five count and thus was disqualified.

Winner Via DQ- Ron “The Truth” Killings

POST MATCH- Luger walks into the ring with a bag in hand. He congratulates Striker, shakes and raises his hand in victory. Luger tells him that he loved his psychology. He presents him with the bag and deems him the Total Package. Striker opens the bag and it’s a beautiful blue robe, with Striker written on the back. Killings comes back to the ring and says that’s BS. Killings jumps into the ring and beats on Luger, Striker goes over and beats on Killings. A double team attack follows, until America’s Most Wanted comes in and makes the save. Billy Firehawk comes out and says that if the two want to fight, they will. At CSWF Superbrawl Saturday on February 5, 2005, it will be Ron “The Truth” Killings vs Lex Luger.

Match Nine- Till Death Do Us Part Match – Slyck Wagner Brown and April Hunter vs Michael Shane and Traci Brooks

The match starts out with Slyck and Shane locking up. The two battle it out as the women get involved here and there. Traci Brooks came in illegally, and got taken down head first into the lower regions of Michael Shane. Slyck then took her head and bashed it into Shane’s male-oriented area about four times. Traci was then sent to the outside where she revealed she had a sock on her. While the ref had his back turned, the sock was brought into play, being used to choke Slyck. The match continued until Slyck and Shane battled on the outside, that allowed Vince Russo to come in and clock Slyck with the CSWF Heavyweight Championship. With Slyck out, Shane was able to go into the ring where April had applied a Sharpshooter on Traci. Shane went over and delivered a monster superkick to the face of April Hunter, which allowed Traci to cover her for the pinfall victory.

Winners Via Pinfall – Michael Shane and Traci Brooks

Another fantastic CSWF event. Check out www.cswfol.com for all the late breaking news on CSWF Fatal Attraction, which takes place on January 8, 2005, Superbrawl Saturday with Luger-Killings on February 5th.