HAMILTON — The WWE juggernaut rolled into Copps Coliseum in Hamilton on Sunday. The arena was half to two-thirds full. Curtains blocked off most of the upper deck. During the opening announcements, Tony Chimmel mentioned the blackout, which drew boos from the fans.

John Cena dissed the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and said that he would be refereeing the main event because Vince McMahon did not want to be in Hamilton.

Rapping Contest:
John Cena defeated radio personality Adam The Intern
Adam did an awful version of the Vanilla Ice song “Ice Ice Baby” and the fans hated it. Cena then did a rap that was full of insults directed at Adam. When Tony Chimmel announced that Cena had won, Cena hugged him.

The Basham Brothers (w/Shaniqua) defeated Billy Gunn & Jamie Noble
Gunn & Noble did DX crotch chops during the match. Shaniqua helped The Basham Brothers win by striking Noble in the face with her whip. After Noble explained to Gunn why they lost, Gunn abandoned him.

Matt Hardy (w/Shannon Moore) defeated Zach Gowen
A fan accompanied Gowen to the ring. Moore interfered constantly and Hardy got the pin with his feet on the ropes after Moore tripped Gowen.

Chris Benoit & Tajiri defeated Eddie Guerrero & Rhyno
Guerrero moved the tag rope closer to the center of the ring so that he could walk along the apron, but the referee made him return to the corner. The match ended when Tajiri spit mist in Rhyno’s face and Benoit forced Rhyno to tap out. Rhyno then said that he could not see and grabbed Guerrero’s butt by mistake.

During the intermission, a fan yelled “your dad screwed Bret” in Brian Hebner’s direction. Brian shouted back that his dad was with the fan’s mom too.

Cruiserweight Title Match:
Rey Mysterio defeated Billy Kidman, Shannon Moore & Nunzio in a 4-Way
Moore and Nunzio immediately attacked Mysterio, then Moore turned on Nunzio. At one point, Mysterio had all of his opponents in the 619 position, but Kidman stopped him from doing the move. Mysterio pinned Nunzio to get the win.

A-Train defeated Funaki
A-Train threw chairs and the ring steps prior to the match. Some fans heckled Funaki because he stumbled while ducking a clothesline. Funaki was pinned after he took both of A-Train’s finishers.

WWE Tag Team Title Match:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team defeated The APA
Before the match, Bradshaw accused Benjamin of being Shaniqua and forced the referee to look in Benjamin’s tights to determine his gender. Benjamin then asked Haas to look, but Haas turned down the offer. The fans chanted “Shaniqua” at Benjamin until The World’s Greatest Tag Team threatened to leave. However, when they tried to exit the ring, the referee told them that they would forfeit the titles if they went. Haas got the pin with his feet on the ropes. After the match, The World’s Greatest Tag Team continued their assault, then The APA fought them off. As The World’s Greatest Tag Team walked away, the “Shaniqua” chant returned and Benjamin wanted to remove his tights so that everyone could see that he is male, but Haas pulled him backstage before he could get his tights low enough.

Edge talked about his injury and thanked the fans for their support. He also mentioned that his very first WWE match took place at the Copps Coliseum. (EDITOR’S NOTE: He worked as Sexton Hardcastle, and for the record, Christian made his first TV appearance at Copps as well.)

Bikini Contest:
Torrie Wilson defeated Sable, Dawn Marie & Nidia
Edge was the host. Nidia brought perfume to the ring and tried to buy Edge off with one dollar. The fans were behind Torrie, even though Sable and Dawn Marie received some cheers. After Torrie was declared the winner, a catfight ensued. Sable and Dawn Marie left when Nidia used her perfume to stop the fighting.

WWE Title Match:
Kurt Angle defeated The Big Show & Brock Lesnar in a 3-Way
John Cena was supposed to be the referee, but Angle eliminated him before the match. Angle pinned Lesnar after The Big Show grounded Lesnar with a chokeslam.