ANAHEIM — In an informal poll with fans leaving the Arrowhead Pond, there’s no doubt what match they will remember the longest from WrestleMania2000 — the Three-Way Tag Team Ladder Match.

Ditto for one of the participants. “It was definitely a dream come true,” said Edge, who with partner Christian, became WWF tag team champion for the first time by beating The Dudley Boys and Hardy Boys.

“Jay (Christian) and I would wrestle in his backyard, and would always be WWF tag team champs. That’s honestly what we dreamed about, talked about and aspired for. So to do it at the bigger show of the year, possibily also one of the biggest shows of all time, in one of the billed matches, and one of the semi-main events — and for the match to go perfect, the way we wanted it to. It just all unfolded amazingly. It literally was a dream come true,” continued Edge.

“It was really cool. When we grabbed the belts, it was like a dream sequence out of a movie where it’s fuzzy at the edges. That’s what it felt like, but maybe that was just because I was about to become unconscious, I don’t know.”

Edge claimed that all the pain is worth it following the show Sunday night, just before heading into the post-WrestleMania party at the DoubleTree Hotel in Orange, CA.

“I’m in pain right now. I’m sore, I’m stiff. My lower back and my upper back, I’m getting some bumps and bruises coming out now. Tomorrow they’ll be out in full force, I’m pretty sure.”

Planning the match itself was an ongoing process. “We just all float around ideas. Pretty much it was just a couple of sit-down conversations, a couple of cups of coffee.”

There were numerous innovative spots involving ladders and tables, including the one table placed across the top of two ladders, and a even bigger ladder.

“We called that the Big Bastard,” Edge said about the extended ladder. “That was our pet name for it. We were trying to think of a way we could incorporate it, and thought that would be a good way for Jeff and Bubba to crash and burn and be eliminated from the match.”

Edge said that he expects to have the night off tonight at Monday Night RAW, probably just cutting a promo.