By the looks of things Justin Credible may not be coming to the World Wrestling Federation but Peter Polaco surely is. Jim Ross has formally announced that the Kendo stick-swinging hardcore rebel and former ECW World Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion has been signed to the WWF. And Polaco, couldn’t be more pleased about returning to his old stomping grounds especially in the wake of ECW’s downturn.

“I was very happy there (in ECW). That’s why I was in no rush to change things. I really tried to hold on but I couldn’t any more. I realized that the WWF is investing in me for a lot of reasons and one of them is my youth,” he told SLAM! Wrestling.

The move brings things full circle for Polaco who started his wrestling career at the age of 19 with the WWF as the Portuguese Man O’ War. Unlike others who have burned (or at least singed) their bridges with the promotion, when Polaco left to join Paul Heyman’s ECW he departed under very good terms with the understanding that the door was always open for a return.

“When I was there (in the WWF) I had a very nice reputation,” he recalled. “I was a hard worker. I left on my own terms. They didn’t fire me. I left because I thought at the time I could do better for myself. I just left on my own. Paul (Heyman) helped me a lot.”

Since reestablishing himself under the guidance of Heyman, Polaco’s life has changed dramatically. He is now married and has a nine-and-a-half-month-old son. To say his priorities have changed is an understatement. Polaco’s responsibilities to his family were paramount in his mind when deciding whether to make a commitment to the WWF or stay with the declining ECW federation.

“I have a wife and a kid. That’s the bottom line. If I was a kid, it would be different. I could stay (in ECW). It was hard to hold out but I am at the point where I need the money. I can’t play games any more,” Polaco stated.

Signing on with the more mainstream WWF means that he won’t be required to wrestle the potentially dangerous and ultra-violent ECW hardcore-style matches that can take a toll on one’s career over time. Polaco is glad for the change of pace. He is not sure what his spot with the company will be – though rumours of him tagging with pal X-Pac are running rampant – or even what type of persona he’ll portray. Polaco will cross that bridge when he comes to it. He’s just thankful for the opportunity to re-join the successful federation.

“I got to make this a living and I think that at 27-years-old, it’s prime. It’s prime for me. I am not going to be The Rock or Austin but I’ll take it in stride and take each step as it comes. Just do the best I can. I think it is a positive move whichever way you look at it,” he said.