By JEFF “The Ref” KOHL

As a result of an injury sustained during the main event of a WCW pay per view earlier this year, Sid Vicious is seriously beginning to ponder whether or not his days of in ring action are numbered.

Sid Vicious

During a telephone interview Sunday afternoon, Sid openly discussed the particulars of a question that was posed to him earlier in the day by a friend that he was having lunch with.

“He asked me ‘Do you think you know when you really should retire or do you think you’ll be one of those people that really extends [his career] too long?'” explained Sid. “He said ‘Do you think this [injury] is a sign saying that you should end it now?’ And I’ve been thinking about that a bit today. Maybe it is.”

Vicious, real name Sid Eudy, has not been seen on television since January 14, 2001, when he suffered serious injuries to both his leg and his back following a move that went terribly wrong during a match at WCW’s Sin pay per view against Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett.

Sid confesses that the thought of retiring from wrestling for good has actually been on his mind for quite some time now.

“I had about a year left on my contract, and I was thinking back then prior to hurting my leg what was I going to do as far as wrapping up my career” said Sid.

However, Sid admits that the way that everything has gone down thus far was not exactly how he was envisioning his wrestling career coming to an end.

“The only thing I really wanted to do was ideally go out in a big pay per view, like a WrestleMania or something like that, main event, leave like that, and not come back again. It would really be the retirement match.”