Fresh off the success of his two shows last week in Verdun and Montreal, Jacques Rougeau Jr. is heading west to Vancouver to meet with WCW and Vince Russo on Monday.

While he hopes to pump up the success of his students at his wrestling school, Rougeau is keeping his options open as to what the meeting could lead to.

“I’m open minded. That’s really all I can say at this time,” Rougeau told SLAM! Wrestling. He knows that he has a good thing going with his own Lutte International 2000 promotion. “I don’t have to accept the first thing I’m offered.”

It’s unlikely we’ll see the return of The Mountie to help Lance Storm out, however. For one, that would mean that Rougeau’s character couldn’t appear on Canadian TV because of a previous settlement with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Rougeau has had a real up-and-down week since his August 2nd show in Verdun that drew 3,500 people in the 5,000-seat Verdun Auditorium. While he and his brother Raymond beat Ronnie & Jimmy Garvin in their tag team match, Jacques got double-clotheslined in the Adam’s Apple. The miss-timed move had him bleeding internally and coughing up blood in the ring. He was sore and talking softly for a few days.

Ever the trooper, the next night in front of 20,000 fans at the Alouettes vs Roughriders game at Molson Stadium, Rougeau beat King Kong Bundy in a match at half-time. Many compliments followed that match, including the Alouettes complaining that they didn’t sell very many hot dogs at the half because everybody stayed in their seats.

“Everything I wanted out of the boys I got,” Rougeau said of his two shows.

On Saturday, Rougeau was out with one of his sons having a hot dog, when he passed out, with part of the dog having further damaged his already-sore throat. He fell to the table, cutting his head, then to the ground, where the side of his face was scratched up.

Rougeau regained consciousness quickly, but he had difficulty swallowing. In the ambulance on the way to the Joliette hospital, he was helped by a saliva-removing machine. Rougeau spend the night in the hospital for observation.

Tuesday night, Rougeau returned to his school. It was impossible to keep him away.

“I have a great school. I know that now,” he said. Eight of his students appeared on his show in Verdun. According to Rougeau, ‘Le Kid’ Kevin Steen stole the show.

The next show that Rougeau has booked for his Lutte International 2000 promotion is December 29, 2000 back at the Verdun Auditorium.