Jerry Lynn

You would think after breaking his ankle and being put on the proverbial injury reserve list for three months that Jerry Lynn would be a little more cautious inside the ring, that he’d tone it down a bit.

Think again.

Jerry Lynn is a competitor. He lives and breathes the sport. The time off from the sport only made him hungrier and this Sunday he takes on Steve Corino at ECW’s Heatwave 200 pay-per-view from the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Lynn has been riding a wave of momentum ever since returning back in May. He wants to ensure that ride goes on for a long time by being cautious about his injury.

“(I feel) pretty good. I just have to tape my ankles up now every time I work,” Lynn told SLAM! Wrestling Friday afternoon over the phone from his home in Minnesota. “I don’t take any chances on screwing them up anymore. It wasn’t fun sitting at home for three months.”

The time off was painful for Lynn. Not so much due to the physical pain, but because of sheer boredom.

“(For) the first three to five weeks all I could do was lay there, ice it and elevate it. I tried to do some rehab a little too soon and ended up having to be put in a walking cast. Otherwise I got to spend more time than usual with my daughters so that was good.”

Despite suffering a major injury, Lynn hasn’t allowed it to slow him down or alter the way he works inside the ring.

“As far as wrestling, I still go out there and give it my all,” said Lynn. “It feels great to be back in the ring. This is the only job I’ve had in my life that I actually wake up in the morning and look forward to work. It just feels great to back in the ring.”

Lynn is looking forward to his match with Corino on Sunday and promises the match will turn some heads.

“I enjoy wrestling him. People don’t realize because the first week he was in ECW he was just mostly talking on the microphone and stuff, (but) the guy can wrestle and I think people are going to be surprised at the pay-per-view. I think it’s going to be a better match than people think it is.”

Lynn is also excited about performing in Los Angeles, ECW’s first show ever on the west coast.

“I think every time we move a little bit farther west, like the first time we hit Milwaukee, the first time we hit Chicago. It’s always been a great reception. The fans are just starving for ECW wherever we go. I think it’s going to be a great turnout and I think the fans are just going to be rabid.”

“When you’ve got a fired-up crowd who’s there to have a good time, and not just there to be skeptics, it always helps out,” continued Lynn. “It really fires you up and gets you into it. It’s always a lot better than being in front of a crowd whose there sitting on their hands just bored stiff, like most WCW fans (laughs).”

As for future programs after the pay-per-view, your guess is as good as Lynn’s.

“Paul (Heyman), with me, everything is sort of a mystery. (laughs) I never know what’s going on.”