For wrestling fans in Canada, ECW is a good news, bad news proposition.

The good news is that soon you will be able to witness ECW on Friday nights on TNN. Even better news is that soon they eventually doing a Canadian tour.

The bad news is that no immediate plans have been made by the wrestling company to trek north of the border.

“I have been hearing that we will be having events in Canada,” said ECW World Heavyweight Champion,┬áTaz. Taz explained that it will take a couple of months in order for a fan base to be built before ECW will consider crossing the border into Canada.

Taz has wrestled and become friends with many of the top stars that have emerged from the Hart school in Calgary including Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit but he has never had the opportunity to wrestle in Canada.

“I’ve never wrestled in Canada in all the years I’ve been wrestling,” Taz said. “I’ve been wrestling for 13 years so I’m looking forward to it.”

More positive signs were put forth by ECW owner and chief promoter Paul Heyman. He said that he sees natural markets across the country, not just Toronto and Montreal. He likes Calgary because of the Lance Storm connection and the same was said about Winnipeg, Cyrus’ (Jackal) hometown.

But the news that really should excite Canadian fans is that Heyman said, “I’d like to turn Canada into a market that we tape TNN shows from.”

It seems as though all of the wrestlers are excited about the opportunities Canada presents.

‘Hardcore Icon’┬áJustin Credible, who has wrestled in Canada before as Aldo Montoya in the World Wrestling Federation, said he had heard of no immediate plans in the works but figured it was destined to happen at some point soon.

“Some of the greatest wrestling fans are from Canada,” Credible pronounced. “That was some of the best times I had going to Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. So, I hope we do.”