The Ontario independent wrestling scene has a reputation of turning out some of the finest pro wrestlers in Canada. Zakk Wylde is no exception.

Born in Nova Scotia in 1971, it took no time for Keith Assoun to realize he wanted to be a professional wrestler. After growing up watching the likes of the WWF and Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, Assoun journeyed to Sully’s Gym in 1990, where began training under Sweet Daddy Siki and Ron Hutchison. When contacted by email, Hutchison had nothing but compliments to share about Assoun.

“He wasn’t gifted physically (few of us are) but Zakk had the heart of a lion!! He had a dream to pursue and I was more than happy to help him realize it. Especially when I seen his never give up attitude! A lot of guys come in to train that look good but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to even complete the training never mind becoming a wrestler!!

Zakk was different. He always gave 110% despite often times being outweighed and smaller than some of the other students. He suffered some tremendous punishment to make it into the game. At one point his ankle was shattered which kept him on the shelf for a long time. Now most guys would have quit…but not Zakk. He came back to complete the training and fulfill his childhood dream”.

Assoun always gave it his all, and after a two year training schedule, Hutchison challenged his protege to an hour long match to see if he was ready for the Indy circuit. Awhile into the match Hutchison set up Assoun for a dropkick, but just as he was about to be hit, the rookie ducked out of the way and Hutchison’s knees “met the wooden floor of the gym with a sickening thud”. It was then that Zakk Wylde was born.

From there Zakk went on to wrestle all over North America. He had a long stint with the Manitoba based IWA Hardcore, where he won the National, and Television titles.

He also had a big part in Insane Championship Wrestling, based out of Detroit, where he was apart of the “Thug Life” stable, along with Joe E. Legend, and WWF stars Edge, and Christian. From there he ventured to the CWA where he won the Tag Titles with El Fuego Kid, and then to Mid West Championship Wrestling, where he and Christian feuded with the team of Sex and Violence.

This is just the beginning of a flourishing career in pro wrestling for Zakk. If he continues to give it his all, and continues to perform on the level he does now, It wont be long before he makes one of the big three a little more Wylde with his presence.

He returns in a big way to the local circuit this weekend on the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation show at Cactus Pete’s in Toronto.