WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg will face his biggest challenge since he won the title from Hollywood Hogan months ago. Via a World War 3 – battle royal victory, “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash has won the right to a title match at December’s Starrcade pay-per-view. And the nWo Wolf Pack leader did it in convincing fashion.

Sixty WCW superstars crammed three rings to begin the rumble in Auburn Hills, MI. Those unfortunate to be in the same ring as “Big Sexy” were left dazed and stunned on the arena floor in a blink of an eye. In less than three minutes Nash was standing alone having eliminated most if not all the other 19 contestants in his ring. Since the rumble rules state that the survivors in rings One and Three must wait until there are but 20 wrestlers left before joining the carnage in ring Two, Nash took advantage of a seven minute rest period.

Nash huddled with surviving Wolf Pack members Lex Luger and Konnan in Ring Two. nWo Hollywood members (The Giant, Scott Norton, Scott Steiner and Stevie Ray) and three of the Four Horsemen (Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Steve McMichael) also took time to plot their strategy. No alliance with any WCW or nWo faction, Scott Hall and Wrath surveyed the ring on their own sizing up the competition.

Six minutes of mayhem clocked by. ECW export – Bam Bam Bigelow – pushed his way through the crowd. The battle royal was brought to a halt. The Beast From The East, Bill Goldberg and WCW security brawled outside the ring and back to the dressing room. The in-ring action then resumed.

Bill Goldberg and Bam Bam Bigelow brawl at World War 3.

The crowd popped loudly as Hall and Nash double-teamed The Giant. The other wrestlers joined in heaving him over the top rope. The eliminations continued until Lex Luger, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall (last year’s winner) remained. Nash instructed Luger to go to a separate corner instituting a “every man for himself” finish. Luger and Hall teamed on “Big Sexy”. Nash tried to toss out Luger but Hall made the save.

Luger hit the Bionic Elbow Smash on both Hall and Nash dropping them to the canvass. Attempting to hoist Hall into the Torture Rack was Luger’s critical error. Nash’s big foot from behind knocked Luger and Hall out. Showing there was no hard feelings, Luger and Hall congratulated Nash on his achievement.

Editor’s Note: See bottom of the Results for the battle royal elimination order.

The next WCW / nWo pay-per-view is Starrcade ‘98 on December 27th.


WCW / nWo World War 3 Results

: The commentators announce that they are “shocked” that Hollywood Hogan is not in attendance.

Glacier Vs Wrath

: Glacier sets-up the dreaded Ice Pick nerve hold. Wrath counters it into a Meltdown.

Winner: Wrath at 8 minutes and 22 seconds.

Match Rating: 6 / 10.

: A video airs of Hart bragging about each wrestler he’s sent to the hospital. Sting is noticeably absent from the recited list.

Stevie Ray Vs Konnan

: For the second time, the commentators remind us that Hogan is not in the building.
: Stevie Ray is DQ’s for using a Black Jack on Konnan. Booker T. rescues Ray from a beating at the hands of Konnan. An argument ensues. Ray sides with nWo Hollywood over his brother.

Winner: Konnan by DQ at 6 minutes and 55 seconds.

Match Rating: 4 / 10.

Ernest Miller, Sonny Ono Vs Saturn, Kaz Hayashi

: Saturn is about to suplex Ono. The Cat kicks him in the back of the head knocking him into Dreamland. Ono covers for the 1-2-3.
: What the hell? Saturn jobs to Sonny Ono? Good God!

Winners: Ernest Miller, Sonny Ono at 8 minutes and 5 seconds.

Match Rating: 3 / 10.

Billy Kidman (challenger) Vs Juvie Guerrera (champion) (Cruiserweight Title Match)

: Guerrera comes to the ring wearing a T-shirt backwards. Mean Gene stops him revealing the LWO logo. Eddie Guerrero explains Guerrera’s defection. Rey Mysterio Jr. complains about his missed title shot. Guerrera goes to hug Mysterio. Mysterio pushes him away. Guerrero says he will talk it over with Mysterio in the locker room. Mysterio vows revenge against Guerrera.
: Kidman tells Guerrera…”You sold out”.
: Kidman is crotched on the top rope. Guerrera readies him for a Hurracanrana. From outside the ring, Mysterio holds onto Kidman’s belt. Juvie is thrown backward on his head. Kidman lands the Shooting Star Press and reclaims the Cruiserweight title.
: Guerrero and the rest of the LWO confront Mysterio in the middle of the ring. “You are either in or you’re out,” says Guerrero. Mysterio takes off his LWO shirt throwing it in Eddie’s face. The LWO chase Mysterio through the curtains.

Winner: …and new WCW Cruiserweight Champion…Kidman at 15 minutes and 32 seconds.

Match Rating: 10 / 10.

Scott Steiner Vs Rick Steiner

: The new nWo Hollywood referee will officiate the match.
: Rick’s music plays but he doesn’t appear. Cameras in the back show nWo Hollywood beating on Rick. The Giant grabs Rick by the throat dragging him to the ring.
: Buff and Scott pummel Rick.
: No bell is rung to start the match.
: Goldberg rescues Rick clearing the ring.

Winner: No decision.

Match Rating: 2 / 10.

Scott Hall Vs Kevin Nash

: No match takes place.
: Hall is accompanied by the rest of nWo Hollywood. Eric Bischoff says…”It’s survey time and the survey says…get him!”.
: nWo Hollywood Pearl Harbors Scott Hall.
: Kevin Nash arrives beating them away. Hall and Nash stand together in the ring.
: Hall gives the nWo Wolf Pack sign. Nash turns his back and walks out on Hall.

Winner: None.

Match Rating: 0 / 10.

Bobby Duncum Jr. (challenger) Vs Chris Jericho (champion) (WCW Television Title Match)

: Again, the announcers declare that Hogan won’t be on tonight’s card. His absence will be explained on…where else…Monday Night Nitro.
: At 12:24, Duncum powers out of the Lion Tamer, slams Jericho and hits a Reverse Flying Elbow Smash for a two count. : Jericho’s bodyguard, Ralphus grabs Duncum’s ankle. Duncum turns his back on Jericho clutching Ralphus by the shirt. Jericho clobbers Duncum with the Television title for the pinfall.
: Ralphus finally earned his pay cheque. Way to go, Ralphy-Baby!

Winner: …and still WCW Television Champion…Chris Jericho at 13 minutes and 10 seconds .

Match Rating: 6 / 10.

Bret Hart (challenger) Vs Diamond Dallas Page (champion) (U.S. Heavyweight Title Match)

: Match occurs after the battle royal match.
: DDP has a steel chair. The ref and DDP fight over the chair. Hart shoves DDP into the ref. Hart removes the illegal object he brought into the ring out of the ref’s pocket and haymakers DDP between the headlights.
: Hart wraps an unconscious DDP in the Sharp Shooter. The nWo ref calls for the bell without even raising DDP’s arm for a three count. DDP never submitted or tapped out. Hart thinks he’s won.
: WCW referee Mickey Jay scraps the decision restarting the match. Hart jabbers with Jay as DDP scores the Diamond Cutter on a distracted Hit Man.

Winner: ..and still WCW United States Heavyweight Champion…Diamond Dallas Page at 18 minutes and 57 seconds .

Match Rating: 7 / 10.

60-Man Battle Royal

Winner: Kevin Nash at 23 minutes and 25 seconds .

Match Rating: 5 / 10.

Confirmed Eliminations

Name Elimination Order
Norman Smiley .57
Super Calo .59
Lodi .59
Lizmark Jr. 1.06
Scott Putski 1:09
Tokyo Magnum 1:20
Lenny Lane 1:30
Johnny Swinger 1:30
Kaos 1:34
El Dandy 1:39
Mike Enos 2:11
Van Hammer 2:38
Chris Adams 2:46
Psychosis 3:26
Kanyon 5:27
Kaz Hayashi 5:29
Horace Boulder 6:14
The Disciple 6:14
Juvie Guerrera 9:06
Rey Mysterio Jr. 10:29
Saturn 11:18
Ernest Miller 11:18
Chavo Guerrero Jr. 11:41
Alex Wright 11:41
Eddie Guerrero 11:47
Disco Inferno 11:54
Kidman 11:58
Stevie Ray 14:59
Scott Norton 15:30
Steve McMichael 15:34
Scott Steiner 17:11
Wrath 17:20
Booker T. 18:22
Konnan 19:21
The Giant 20:25
Chris Benoit 21:10
Dean Malenko 21:17
Scott Hall 23:25
Lex Luger 23:25


Unconfirmed Eliminations
Bobby Blaze, Barry Darsaw, Cyclope, Damien, Chris Jericho, Scotty Riggs, Barry Horawitz, Bobby Eaton, Chip Mitton and Mike Star.

Total Event Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Overall Event Rating4 / 10.