Sky Low Low

REAL NAME: Marcel Gauthier
BORN: Montreal, Quebec
DIED: November 6, 1998 at 70
42 inches, 86 pounds

“The Little Atlas of the Wrestling World” has passed away at age 70.

Montreal’s Sky Low Low made his name in the fifties as he travelled from territory to territory, taking on the best midget wrestlers from around the globe.

He was fast in the ring, an excellent dropkicker, and was usually the heel, using dastardly tactics to gain the upperhand.

Sky Low Low even faced Little Beaver in front of royalty like Queen Elizabeth and King Farouk of Egypt. The two are generally considered the greatest midget wrestlers of all time.

Both Sky Low Low and Little Beaver were for a time managed by Jack Britton, father of Gino Brito. Britton also managed midgets Fuzzy Cupid, Lord Littlebrook and Pee Wee James.

One of Sky Low Low’s gimmicks was an open challenge to any midget wrestler for $100.00 in a two-out-of-three fall match. Another was his ability to stand on the top of his head without using his hands for balance.

During the Second War War, he served fixing rivets in the tail of aircraft bombers.

Outside the ring, he loved to golf, fish and go horseback riding.

Sky Low Low died from a heart attack. The funeral was a simple affair, attended by his wife, sisters and neighbours. Wrestlers attending included Gino Brito, Yvon Robert Jr., Paul Leduc and Lionel Robert.


I worked for the promotion here in San Jose , Calif during the 60’s . Every time Sky Low Low would come to the area you could be sure the house would be sold out . Pound for pound Sky was one of the biggest ” athletics ” in his day . Their was always ACTION every second in the ring when Sky Low Low was in a match .
Joe Pottgieser

A sad day for the wrestling world. Sky Low Low will be missed. Rest in Peace Sky Low Low. You will never be forgotten.
Judy Wihlfehrt

I remember when Stu Hart would bring the midgets through and you could count on Sky Low Low being one of them. At the age I was at it was a treat to be as tall as the guys in the ring. My favourite antic of the Sky Low Low was how he would torment the referee along with whomever was his opponent. Particularily at one time Stu Hart would bring Sky Low Low in with Andre the Giant and three other midgets truly a treat and a great loss for wrestling.

He brought joy to my heart…may he rest in eternal peace…may God be with him………..a great may and a great wrestler…may God bless him
Frank Thomas Hodnik

After a card in Chicago about 1973, Marcel “Sky Low Low” Gauthier was among a few wrestlers who were signing autographs for the fans, when some high school boys walked up to a girl of about the same age and started badgering her. It was apparent from the conversation that they knew each other from one of the schools, and it was equally apparent that the girl wished that the boys would go away. But the boys kept annoying the girl with lewd comments.
Marcel stopped signing autographs and stared intently at the boys. The kids paid no attention, continuing to make suggestive remarks. Finally, one boy reached out and felt the girl, commenting “You don’t have a bra on, do you?”
Sky faced the offensive boy and tapped him on the stomach. The boy looked down at Sky. Sky punched the kid hard in the crotch, commenting: “You don’t have a jock on, do you?” He then went back to signing autographs—with Billy Graham standing there, a look on his face making it clear that whatever that boy or his friends might have in mind for Sky would have to go through him first. Of course, there were no volunteers from the kids to avenge their friend.