CHERRY HILL, NJ — The first thing to get over is that Missy Hyatt is a redhead now.

Once past that, it’s the same old Missy.

She was in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for the NWA 50th Anniversary show, and SLAM! Wrestling caught up with her during an autograph signing.

Missy Hyatt at the NWA 50th Anniversary show. Photo by Greg Oliver

There’s no question that meeting Missy Hyatt will be burned in many fans’ memories. After paying their $10 US, fans could have their photo taken holding Missy’s breasts, face-first in her cleavage or holding her behind. When given the choice between “naughty” and nice photos, you can guess what most wrestling fans chose.

What are you doing these days Missy, besides corrupting young minds at fan conventions?

“I’m going to medical school, living in New York City.” (And if you visit her web site, she’s asking for “anybody in college who has any good psychology 101, English composition papers please send and in exchange I have good physics, biology and chemistry papers.” Seriously.)

What’s your involvement with wrestling?

“I’m just hanging out doing different things. Here, at the NWA show tonight, I work for Darren Wise every once in a while. I’ll be in Atlanta next month at the Roxy [November 6th]. I just do independents on the weekend. I really do it for fun.”

She said that she doesn’t miss wrestling or being in the mainstream. Her favorite memory from all the years in the NWA and WCW was “getting a paycheque.”

The brains and body behind Hyatt International didn’t have too much complimentary to say about WCW.

“Let me tell you, the independents are more legitimate than anybody else. I never worked for the WWF, so I don’t know, but I’ve heard they’re a lot better, but the other company, it’s W-something-or-other-W, they should be out of Orlando because they’re extremely Mickey Mouse.”

One more than one occasion, Hyatt was rumoured to be WWF-bound. But she doesn’t dwell on the past.

“Things don’t work out the way they’re supposed to. Everything happens for a reason in life. And if I would’ve been [hired by the WWF], I wouldn’t have finished up my biology degree and be in med school right now. We only live once. I can only stay 28 so long.”

The former wife of Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert managed The Pitbulls and Stevie Richards in the cage main event of the NWA 50th Anniversary show against a team head by Dangerous Doug Gilbert, Eddie’s brother.

After the match was over, with Gilbert’s team declared the winner, Hyatt got on the mic and offered to give him “something his brother never got.” Hyatt gave Gilbert a good view of her bosom, and unlike her fans, didn’t charge him.