“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is the new World Wrestling Federation Champion…and that’s the bottom line.

As predicted in SLAM! Wrestling’s Countdown To WrestleMania, disgraced boxer “Iron” Mike Tyson betrayed D-Generation X leader Shawn Michaels slapping a faster than your average three count handing Austin his first reign as WWF World Heacyweight Champion. And how the chorus of boos that dogged Tyson’s every televised WWF appearance quickly changed to cheers. Faster than Marc Mero’s jabs, some would say.

Using the world of pro-wrestling to rebuild his shattered public image, Tyson’s sudden switch from an elite member of Michaels’ baddie D-Generation X gang (Michaels, Triple H and valet Chyna) to Austin’s best bud at a first-rate booked and executed WrestleMania card suggests that Tyson was on the side of right all along. An undercover spy of sorts in the services of the mega-popular “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Roping in more cheers from the sold out crowd cramming Boston’s Fleet Center, Tyson got into a heated argument with Michaels following the match and “KO’d” him in the middle of the ring. Michaels made no attempt to “sell” the punch to the audience visibly wrinkling his nose and smirking as the camera zoomed in. A move that’s viewed to be highly unprofessional in the pro-wrestling / sports entertainment biz.

A “special enforcer” doing very little enforcing during the main event, the night didn’t start out as it ended for the “baddest man on the planet”. Tyson was booed as he entered the ring to the jiving sounds of his wrestling theme song – a variation on the D-Generation ditty. Austin shoved past Tyson generating a massive pop as he stepped through the ropes. Ushered through the curtain by Chyna and Triple H, Michaels sent a message to hospitalized WWF referee Earl Hebner saying “This is for you, Earl” to the camera as the live D-Generation X band cranked out the entrance music.

Austin had eyes in the back of his head early on avoiding a swipe by Tyson from outside the ring. Mocking Austin, Michaels danced around the ring popping the WWF rattlesnake with quick punches. “Stone Cold” gave HBK his two-finger salute in return. Austin conveniently grabbed Michaels by the tights so he could “moon” the crowd then back-dropped him over the top rope.

Lurking outside, Hunter-Hearst Helmsley shot “Stone Cold” into the steel fence. The attack got the European Champion and Chyna barred from ringside for the remainder of the bout. Austin tossed Hunter into the D-X band’s stage. HBK clotheslined Austin from behind, hit him with a cymbal stand and rammed his head into a dumpster left over from the Tag Team Title match.

Back in the ring, Austin had Michaels set-up for his Stone Cold Stunner but HBK slipped out backing into the ropes. Austin hauled back haymakering Michaels sending him over the top rope and onto an announcing table. With Tyson (the designated “enforcer” remember?) looking on, Michaels back-dropped Austin over the fence into the front row. Austin tried to get to his feet but Michaels busted him with the ring bell.

At this point forward in the match, Michaels began openly favoring his back (reported as seriously injured during a weight-lifting session weeks ago) whenever there was a break in the action but was still able to take bumps and move quite fluidly as the match progressed.

HBK posted Austin’s knee three times then executed a baseball slide knocking Austin onto an announcing table. Tyson heaved Austin back into the ring so that HBK could slap on a figure-four leg lock. Austin reversed it then broke free from a sleeper hold crunching the referee and Michaels into a corner.

The referee down, a flying forearm felled Austin. Michaels started the lead-up to his Sweet Chin Music finishing move stomping his foot in the corner. Austin caught the foot and applied the Stone Cold Stunner. Mike Tyson scooted into the ring hammering down a swift three count. Accepting an Austin 3:16 T-shirt, Tyson draped it over Michaels after the knock-out punch. Rumor has it that Shawn Michaels will now be taking several months off from wrestling.

The next WWF pay-per-view is In Your House: Unforgiven on April 26th.


WWF WrestleMania XIV Results

: Sunny took a shot at Luna Vachon during the Free-For-All saying…”She doesn’t like anybody”. Sunny and Luna were recently involved in a real-life locker room disagreement and brawl.

: The D-Generation X band played alternative, kicking versions of Stars and Stripes and America The Beautiful to open the show. The crowd booed them.

Tag Team Battle Royal

: The Legion Of Doom were the mystery tag-team showing off their new look (buzzed hair, special goalie masks, Animal in shorts) and manager in Sunny.
: Wrestlers not involved in the match or already eliminated kept interfering while the refs did nothing about it.
: LOD tossed The New Midnight Express for the win and a tag-title shot at Unforgiven.

Winner: …The Legion Of Doom at 8 minutes and 19 seconds.

Taka Michinoku (champion) vs Aguila (challenger) (Lt. Heavyweight Title Match)

: Taka drop kicks and Michinoku Drivers Aguila for the 1-2-3.

Winner: …and still WWF Light Heavyweight Champion…Taka Michinoku at 5 minutes and 47 seconds.

Owen Hart (challenger) vs Hunter-Hearst Helmsley (champion) (European Title Match)

: From start to finish, a classic match-up.
: As per the stipulation, Chyna is handcuffed to Commissioner Slaughter outside the ring.
: Owen slightly limps on his way down to ringside.
: Jim Ross says…”We welcome all our fans in Canada”.
: Jerry Lawler chimes in…”…except Stu and Helen (Hart)”.
: At 8:11, Owen hurts his ankle while executing an Insiguri Kick on Hunter.
: Chyna throws that “blinding dust” into Slaughter’s eyes and groin shots Owen from outside. Hunter lands the Pedigree.
: Cuffs removed, Chyna punks Slaughter with a forearm and throws him into a steel fence at ringside.

Winner: …and still European Champion…Triple H at 11 minutes and 27 seconds. .

Sable / Marc Mero vs Luna / Goldust

: Just over a minute in, Mero slingshots Goldust and Sable karate kicks him in the chops.
: The crowd goes ballistic.
: At 3:39, Sable finally gets a hold of Luna ripping her ring attire and punching Goldust to one of the loudest pops I ever heard.
: Sable drops Luna with a perfectly done TKO to a tremendous roar from the crowd.

Winners: Sable and Marc Mero at 9 minutes and 5 seconds.

Rocky Maivia (champion) vs Ken Shamrock (challenger) (Intercontinental Title Match)

: Jennifer Flowers (with Jeff Jarrett and Tennessee Lee) introduces the combatants.
: The People’s Champion clobbers Shamrock with a steel chair at 3:33. Shamrock kicks out.
: Shamrock applies the Ankle Lock at 4:45 and The Rock submits. D-Lo Brown, Kama and Mark Henry all get belly-to-belly suplexed.
: Shamrock re-applies the Ankle Lock and won’t break the hold. Faarooq comes down and sees The Rock (bleeding from the mouth) pleading to him for help. Faarooq turns his back on Maivia.
: Shamrock finally breaks the hold, flips out and suplexes three refs and a WWF official.
: Because he wouldn’t break the hold after Maivia tapped out, the ref reverses Shamrock’s title win. Shamrock chases down the stretcher carrying The Rock, tips it over and beats Maivia some more.

Winner: ..and still Intercontinental Champion…The Rock.

Cactus Jack / Chainsaw Charlie vs The New Age Outlaws (WWF Tag-Title, Dumpster Match)

: To win, both opponents must be placed in the dumpster and both doors must be shut.
: Cactus brings a ladder into the ring. He and Gunn fight on either side of it. Slung off the ropes, Funk hit the ladder. Cactus and Gunn go over the top rope and into the dumpster.
: Action moved to a backstage area containing another dumpster and a fork lift, Cactus loads both Outlaws onto a skid. Funk, operating the fork lift drives the Outlaws towards the dumpster. The Outlaws roll into the open dumpster on their own accord.

Winners: …and new WWF Tag Team Champions…Cactus Jack and Terry Funk at 10 minutes even.

Kane vs The Undertaker

: Pete Rose comes out and insults the home crowd saying…”Last time I was here, we kicked your ass. You can’t win a World Series”.
: Kane entered the ring and Tombstoned Rose to a huge pop. Rose was carted away on a stretcher.
: Druids holding flaming torches formed an arch for The Undertaker to walk under.
: Kane Tombstoned The Undertaker. The Undertaker kicked out. Takes three Tombstones to put Kane away.
: Bearer puts the boots to a drained Undertaker. Kane Tombstones The Undertaker on a steel chair.

Winner: At 16 minutes and 48 seconds, The Undertaker .

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (challenger) Vs Shawn Michaels (champion) (WWF World Title Match)

Winner: …and new WWF World Heavyweight Champion…”Stone Cold” Steve Austin at 20 minutes and 1 second .

Total Event Time: 2 hours and 52 minutes.