The second falling out between nWo members Hollywood Hogan and Randy (Macho Man) Savage has cost Hogan more than a storyline friendship, it also shredded his hopes of reclaiming the WCW World Heavyweight title. New World Order forces lost the precious prize but the evening wasn’t a complete wash out. They grabbed tag team gold and a new member in Scott Steiner turning on his brother Rick (see results section below).

The last meeting between nWo leader, Hogan and the enigmatic Sting (real name Steve Borden) at Starrcade ’97 reaped scorn from wresting aficionados. Some said the aging Hogan appeared sluggish and that Sting’s absence from the ring crippled his performance thus producing a slow-paced match not living up to the hype. Tonight at SuperBrawl 8 held in the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California; both ring legends made amends putting on a rough and tumble match slightly blemished by Hogan refusing to job cleanly once again even though the WCW World title was vacant. The belt was held-up by WCW officials based on the controversy surrounding the conclusion of the Starrcade main event.

Sprinting to the ring and hoping to start the “winner takes all” bout at a break neck pace cost Sting in a BIG way. Hogan caught him stepping through the ropes whipping and choking him with his weightlifting belt. Hollywood pulled Sting’s trench coat over his head laying in sledgehammer punches. Removing the coat, Hogan choked Sting with it.

Sting stumbled dazed on the floor as Hogan fenced him three times, posted him once and then atomic dropped him on the concrete floor. It was all Hollywood Hogan until six minutes in when Sting finally backed Hollywood into a corner unleashing rapid fire chops. Unbuckling the weightlifting belt, the Dark Warrior got his pay back whipping the nWo boss. Hogan endeavored to leave but Sting wrapped the belt around his throat and dragged him back to the ring.

Scott Steiner joins the nWo.

Another fatal mistake swung the pendulum back in Hogan’s favor. Missing his high-risk Splash, Sting crashed into a steel fence at ringside. Hollywood rubbed salt in the wounds smacking a chair across Sting’s spine. Hogan broke a Scorpion Death Lock by grabbing the ropes and avoided a Stinger Splash by pushing the ref into it. Reinstated at SuperBrawl, Nick Patrick subbed for the injured ref. Hogan connected with his big Leg Drop but Sting kicked out at two. Hollywood argued over the count. Patrick wouldn’t back down even pulling Hogan by the hair to stop him from landing closed fist punches. Hogan was visibly frustrated over Patrick’s unwillingness to hand him the advantage.

As Sting brought Hogan down with the Death Drop, Hollywood kicked Patrick in the bread basket. nWo members did a run-in. Sting held them off while Randy Savage knocked Hogan’s lights out using a can of black spraypaint. The Dark Warrior pinned an unconscious Hollywood. Sting celebrated the tainted win spraypainting the letters “W-C-W” across Hogan’s chest.

The next WCW pay-per-view is Uncensored on March 15th.

Rick Martel (champion) Vs Booker T. (challenger) (WCW TV Title Match)

: Booker T. side-kicks Martel as he dives off the second rope. Saturn runs in applying the Rings Of Saturn as soon as the first TV title match is over. It is said that Martel suffered a knee injury in the encounter.

Winner: …and new WCW TV champ…Booker T. at 10 minutes and 32 seconds.

Booker T. (champion) Vs Saturn (challenger) (WCW TV Title Match)

: A tired Booker T. lands the Harlem Side Kick for the victory.
: Booker T. wrestled approximately 24 minutes and 52 seconds tonight.

Winner: …and still WCW TV champ…Booker T. at 14 minutes and 20 seconds.

La Parka Vs The Disco Inferno

: Disco dances in the ring taunting La Parka. The masked man throws his chair at Disco clipping him in the head.
: Both men showboat constantly for the crowd dancing up a storm when their opponent is flat on their back.
: Disco slams La Parka face-first into the chair and puts him out applying The Chart Buster.

Winner: The Disco Inferno at 11 minutes and 41 seconds. .

Brad Armstrong Vs Bill Goldberg

: An unannounced special match.
: Goldberg receives huge pops and the fans stand on their feet as he executes his finishing move. Goldberg is still Da Man.

Winner: …and still undefeated in the WCW…Bill Goldberg at 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

Steve McMichael Vs The British Bulldog

: The Bulldog ducks a Mongo punch. Mongo’s arm hits the steel ring post. The Bulldog slaps on a wrist lock submission hold. Mongo doesn’t submit but the ref calls the match. Infuriated, Mongo shoves the ref.

Winner: At 6 minutes and 8 seconds, The British Bulldog.

Juvetud Guerrero (challenger) Vs Chris Jericho (champion) (Cruiserweight Title, Belt Vs Mask Match)

Juvetud unmasked!

: Jericho won’t take the belt off to start things off. Juvie drop kicks Jericho in the belt into Jericho’s gut.
: Juvie hits the 450 Splash, gets the 1-2-3 but Jericho was grabbing the ropes during the pin. The match starts over again.
: Jericho shot blocks Juvie’s knee and applies the Lion Tamer. Juvie loses and removes his mask revealing his face for all to see.

Winner: …and still Cruiserweight champ…Chris Jericho at 12 minutes and 51 seconds.

Chris Benoit (challenger) Vs Diamond Dallas Page (United States Title Match)

: Candidate for Match Of The Year as both respected workers give everything they’ve got.
: Benoit attempts a flip-over but DDP hits the Diamond Cutter.

Winner: …and still United States champ…Diamond Dallas Page at a action-packed 15 minutes and 30 seconds .

Macho Man Vs Lex Luger (No DQ Match)

: The crowd is totally on Macho’s side chanting Luger sucks! Luger sucks!
: Luger’s ribs are taped up due to the nWo sneak attack on Thunder. Macho pounds on them the entire bout.
: The nWo commences a run-in but Hogan calls them off.
: Luger hoists Macho into the Torture Rack.

Winner: At 7 minutes and 48 seconds, Lex Luger. .

The Steiner Brothers (champions) Vs The Outsiders (WCW Tag Team Title Match)

: As the brothers pose with Scott standing over Rick, Scott axe handles Rick’s back.
: Dusty Rhodes posts Ted Dibiase.
: Hall Outsider Edges Rick for the pinfall as Dibiase is helped out.
: Scott presents the belts to Hall and Nash.

Winners: …and new WCW Tag Team champs…The Outsiders (and Scott Steiner?) at 11 minutes and 83 seconds .

Sting Vs Hollywood Hogan (WCW World Title Match)

Winner: …and new WCW World Heavyweight champ…Sting at 16 minutes and 31 seconds .

Total Event Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes.