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Dustin Rhodes shines in ‘Scare Package’

The final girl. The jump scare. Death by sex. There are more horror movie tropes than you can hurl a machete at. The funny thing is that even though they have been recycled time and time again since the days of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Nosferatu, they never get...

Big Robert Maillet shares love for small film ‘Becky’

As it approaches only the halfway mark, 2020 has proven to have no hesitation of turning the routine and the predictable right into its head. While the health and safety of anyone affected by this year’s events are far and away the highest priority, there have also...

Edge to star in action film

Edge just isn’t making a comeback in the ring he is also doing so on the big screen. Edge will be starring in the film Money Plane alongside Kelsey Grammer, Denise Richards and Thomas Jane. In the film, Jack Reese (Copeland) is a professional thief who owes $40...

Dustin Rhodes starring in Shudder horror film

AEW's Dustin Rhodes is about to turn heel in the worst way. Rhodes will be starring as the 'Devil's Lake Impaler' in the Horror Hypothesis segment of the horror anthology film Scare Package. The film by Aaron B. Koontz and Cameron Burn will debut on the...


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