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Shabazz was more than a pro wrestling author

Julian L.D. Shabazz, better known to pro wrestling fans as the author of Black Stars of Professional Wrestling, died on June 14, 2020, at the age of 52. According to his obituary, in addition to being an author, Shabazz also worked as “a motivational speaker, rap...

Wrestling Bookmarks Covid-Con gets a sequel on June 14

Pro wrestling book enthusiasts: get ready for the second chapter in the Wrestling Bookmarks Covid-Con saga. The next installment of the event is set for Sunday, June 14. The event, dubbed Covid-Con Lite, follows up on the successful first ever virtual pro wrestling...

Author of upcoming McMahon bio lays out his plan

It is finally happening! The world is finally getting its first Vince McMahon biography! The task of telling the tale of the WWE’s Chairman and CEO has been bestowed onto author Abraham Riesman. The book will be called Ringmaster: The Life and Times of Vince McMahon...

Owen Hart book serves up a delicious platter of ribs

Not many professional wrestlers will ever be able to match the grace, technical ability, agility, and finesse which the late Owen Hart brought to the ring. From legendary battles with his brother Bret Hart -- including their historic encounter at WrestleMania X – to...

Second Jim Ross book more heartbreaking, more insightful

Wrestling fans will get plenty out of the second autobiography of announcer Jim Ross, but it's the sheer emotion of him suffering through the unexpected death of his wife, Jan, that will resonate far after they are done reading. Jan, who died in March 2017 after being...

Guest column: Book helping me deal with Devil Bhudakahn’s suicide

By ROBERT PISKOR - For Slam Wrestling Devil Bhudakahn to fans, James Fawcett to friends, was a professional wrestler from the Pittsburgh area. Wearing customized masks that he designed and gear that was sewn by his grandmother, Devil was a pioneer to the Pittsburgh...


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