After an action-packed weekend in Toronto highlighted by Money in the Bank, WWE moves to Ottawa for Monday Night Raw.

Drew McIntyre became Mr. Money in the Bank on Saturday and tried to cash in to become the champion on the same night, however, he was screwed by CM Punk. McIntyre lost his briefcase and was screwed out of the title for a third time by Punk. We get to hear from Punk to open tonight’s show.

Punk has much to get off his chest, but he wanted to begin by congratulating John Cena on his upcoming retirement. He then turned his attention to McIntyre saying he isn’t here tonight and called him an idiot for getting himself suspended. McIntyre put his hands on Raw General Manager, Adam Pearce at Money in the Bank. Punk has been trying to teach McIntyre a lesson, that his actions have repercussions. He picked a fight with Punk, so he shouldn’t be surprised that he has been screwed three times. Punk is the consequence of all of McIntyre’s actions.

McIntyre made a promise to become champion this past weekend, but Punk promised to make sure McIntyre will never be champion for as long as he has air in his lungs. Punk now wants to get his hands on McIntyre one more time and he wants his suspension lifted to get the match he wants. He called Pearce to come out to lift the suspension, but instead of Pearce, it was Seth Rollins who made his way out.

Rollins was collateral damage in Punk’s actions this past weekend and because of Punk, he can now never challenge for the World title again as long as Damian Priest is champion. Punk quickly warned Rollins to watch what he said because he would never let him disrespect him again. Rollins said Punk says actions have consequences, but how come that never applies to Punk? He cannot understand why Punk would stick his nose in his business.

Punk claims he did not stick his nose in Rollins’ business, but he was instead handling his own business. A man is walking around with a bracelet with his wife and dog’s name on it, so he is going to get his pound of flesh. What Punk did on Saturday was personal towards McIntyre, but he apologized to Rollins for screwing things up for him. Punk has a singular focus, but because it was Rollina that got screwed he can’t be too sorry. Rollins knows Punk can never apologize because nothing is ever his fault and Punk is the dumbest smart dude he’s ever met. Punk thinks he’s this hero, but he has yet to figure out that the world does not revolve around him.

Rollins is ready to give out some consequences. Credit: WWE

Rollins was willing to let Punk’s selfishness slide until Saturday because if it wasn’t for Punk he would be standing here as the World Heavyweight Champion. Now Rollins is out of chances and that title is the most important thing to him, so now he has to take something from Punk. So, Rollins promised Punk that as soon as he is cleared he won’t even be able to say Drew McIntyre before he snaps his arm again and puts him back on the shelf. That is all because actions have consequences.

Dominik Mysterio is set to team with Liv Morgan tonight and he has a big problem with that. He was telling Adam Pearce that he couldn’t tag with her and didn’t want the match. Pearce said he doesn’t care what Dom wants and the match is happening.

Morgan now came to find Dom saying he wanted to help her daddy beat his daddy! It didn’t take much for her to convince Dom to team with her…

Jey Uso vs. Chad Gable

Gable was outwrestling Uso early until Uso launched him to the outside and then attempted a suicide dive only to be caught in mid-air. Once Gable caught him he sent Uso crashing on the floor with a belly-to-belly suplex. Gable continued with a Dominator before hitting the diving headbutt from the top rope. Despite all that, Uso began to battle back with a suicide dive and a diving crossbody.

Uso then hit an enzigiri and the running hip attack before going to the top rope, but Gable knocked him off the ropes and locked him in the ankle lock. With the submission locked in the lights began to go out and it appeared that the Wyatt Sicks was on the way. Gable released the hold and the distraction allowed Uso to hit the Spear and get the victory before escaping from the ring.

Winner: Jey Uso

The Wyatt Sicks is here. Credit: WWE

Gable was left in the ring as the lights continued to go out and Nikki Cross of The Wyatt Sicks appeared at ringside. Gable was petrified and ran to the back, Cross then turned to the announce table and dropped off another box for Pat McAfee. For the third week in a row, it is another VHS tape.

Jackie Redmond now joined Sheamus in the locker room to congratulate him on 15 years in the WWE. She also asked him what’s next for him and he said all these young guys come in excited, but it takes a lot of experience to put on banger after banger. He was then interrupted by Bronson Reed who said his 15 years doesn’t matter because Sheamus is the past and Reed is the future. With that comment, Sheamus wanted Reed in the ring for a match. Reed said he would fight him anytime, but not tonight because he wants Sheamus to watch him destroy Pete Dunne.

Bronson Reed vs. Pete Dunne

Reed went right at Dunne with lots of power and Dunne responded with joint manipulation. He had Reed reeling and hit a diving forearm, a moonsault from the ring apron and a moonsault from the second rope to take the big man down. Dunne then stomped on Reed’s hands and kicked him in the face three times before landing a running knee. He now went back to his joint manipulation working on the left arm and hand of Reed.

Dunne then wanted a hurricanrana, but he was caught and planted with a sit-out powerbomb. Reed was then able to hit the Tsunami and get himself the victory.

Winner: Bronson Reed

All is not forgiven. Credit: WWE

Following the victory, Reed tried to continue the attack on Dunne, but Sheamus rushed out from the back. He hit Dunne with a bicycle knee, Dunne hit an enzigiri and then Sheamus connected a Brogue Kick. Sheamus then attempted to celebrate with Dunne and he wanted nothing to do with him as he walked out on him. Dunne is still mad at Sheamus for walking out on The Brawling Brutes.

The Judgement Day was meeting backstage when Seth Rollins approached Damian Priest to talk. Rollins said sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good and on Saturday he was very lucky. Despite that luck, Priest was also very good and kept his word on no interference. So, Rollins said he will now keep his word and no longer come after Priest’s title. He then told Priest even though he was good on Saturday, he would need to be even better to defeat Gunther at Summerslam.

An agreement is broken. Credit: WWE

Priest agreed he still has a lot to prove and told Rollins once he is done with Gunther he wants to go to war with him again. He decided to lift their agreement and give Rollins the ability to challenge for the title again. They shook hands and Priest then took a phone call, someone has arrived at Raw.

Sami Zayn overcame the odds on Saturday and somehow retained his Intercontinental title against the rising star, Bron Breakker. Zayn said Breakker brought it all and even though he is always the underdog that is no longer the case, he is a champion! For years, Zayn has been leaving it all out in the ring which has gained him a lot of respect, but Breakker didn’t bring that respect in Toronto.

Breakker heard enough, he came to the ring staring a hole into Zayn and he said he was shocked that Zayn was the man to beat him. He acknowledges that there is no reason for him to get a rematch, so he has been thinking and he then speared Zayn in half! Breakker continued to beat down on Zayn and he needed to be dragged out of the ring. He then escaped the crowd and ran full speed around the ring to spear Zayn again. Ilja Dragunov rushed out to try and get his hands on Breakker, but security held him back. Breakker has created a reason to get his rematch.

Zayn was helped to the trainer’s room where Dragunov yelled at Adam Pearce to give him Breakker. Pearce made the match official, Breakker versus Dragunov tonight.

The Judgement Day (Finn Bálor & JD McDonagh) & Carlito vs. The Awesome Truth (R-Truth & The Miz) & Braun Strowman

J-Day attacked Miz and Truth in the middle of their entrance, so Strowman rushed from the locker room to even the odds. Truth and Miz hit Bálor and JD with an Attitude Adjustment, showing respect to John Cena. J-Day did battle back and they had Miz trapped on their side of the ring, but he fought his way to tag in Strowman. That big S.O.B. was launching J-Day around the ring and choke slammed Bálor into the mat. The Strowman Express then took a tour around ringside destroying Bálor and Carlito, Strowman tagged in Truth and chased JD through the crowd.

The Awesome Truth was left on their own and Truth got distracted which allowed Bálor to hit the shotgun dropkick and the Coup de Grace for the win.

Winners: The Judgement Day (Finn Bálor & JD McDonagh) & Carlito

CM Punk was chatting with Adam Pearce about getting Drew McIntyre’s suspension lifted. Pearce said Punk is half the problem and all these fights need to stop. He will call Drew and try to talk to him with a level head, but for that to happen Punk needs to go home. Pearce said if Punk stays home and gets healthy, he will work on getting Drew back and getting a match made official between the two of them.

Liv Morgan and Dirty Dom were in the locker room and Morgan wanted them to work on their double-team moves. Dom tried to say no and said he didn’t even want to tag with her, but Morgan said he needed to loosen up. So, Morgan pushed him onto the couch and helped him stretch his hamstrings, which Dom happened to like.

As Dom was enjoying that, the rest of J-Day walked in and saw that. Priest thought Dom was gonna get this worked and sent him to figure everything out. Priest then said he was gonna share some news, but decided to keep it to himself and said Dom would find out very soon. Mami are you here?

It was time to watch the third VHS tape from The Wyatt Sicks and in this video, we got to see everyone’s faces behind the masks. The group includes Bo Dallas, Joe Gacy, Erick Rowan, Dexter Lumis and Nikki Cross. The rest of the video can be seen below:

Chad Gable chased Adam Pearce down backstage and said The Wyatt Sicks are after him. He also believes their VHS tapes are about him, but Pearce does not seem to care and tells him to think about why they are after him. Pearce then entered his office to find Bo Dallas or Uncle Howdy waiting for him.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Bron Breakker

Breakker began the match with a released German suplex and then shoulder-tackled him across the ring. He continued with a gorilla press power slam before locking him into a brutal body stretch. Dragunov battled back with headbutts and chops followed by a kick to the back of the head. He now kneed Breakker in the face and went to the top rope, but Breakker met him up there. Dragunov slid out under Breakker and power-bombed him before dropping a diving senton from the top rope.

Dragunov wanted the H-Bomb, however, he was met halfway with a knee from Breakker and then dropped with a gorilla press gut buster. He then slammed Dragunov’s ribs into the turnbuckle and sent him to the floor. Breakker now sprinted around the ring looking for a spear, but he was hit with a big boot from Dragunov. He then took a run at Breakker and Breakker launched a chair at him causing a disqualification.

Breakker continued his attack on Dragunov after the DQ and Sami Zayn rushed out to make the save. However, that did not go too well for Zayn as Breakker threw him into the post and then over the announcer’s table. Breakker threw Dragunov over the table as well and left both men out, as he stood tall.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov via DQ

Damage CTRL (Iyo Sky, Kairi Sane & Dakota Kai) vs. Lyra Valkyria, Katana Chance & Kayden Carter

Damage CTRL was trying to showcase their new attitude, but it was not going well early in the match. Luckily they got things figured out as the match progressed, Kai stomped Carter onto the mat and Sky finished the job with an Over the Moonsault.

Winners: Damage CTRL (Iyo Sky, Kairi Sane & Dakota Kai)

Raw’s newest faction. Credit: WWE

As Damage CTRL was celebrating their win they were attacked by Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark and the returning Sonya Deville! We have a new faction and they just absolutely destroyed Damage CTRL. Deville, Baszler and Stark have put the women’s division on notice.

LWO (Zelina Vega & Rey Mysterio) vs. Liv Morgan & Dominik Mysterio

Vega was quickly beating down Morgan, so she rushed to tag Dom into the match and start some father-son battle. Rey and Vega double-teamed Dom which angered Morgan and she tackled Vega to the mat. However, Vega quickly battled back and Dom stood in her way to help out Morgan. Rey dropkicked Dom from behind and sent him crashing face-first into Liv’s….well I can’t say that here.

Things just keep getting weirder. Credit: WWE

Dom scurried out of the ring after that and with Dom rattled, Rey and Vega were able to keep themselves in control. Dom slowly battled back into the match and he was trying to rip Rey’s mask off his face while beating the hell out of him. Rey would send Dom out of the ring and the women were back in the match. Vega connected a hurricanrana spike DDT and a diving meteora from the second rope. She then attempted a Code Red, but Morgan blocked and then hit Vega with the Three Amigos.

Both women now went for a clothesline taking each other out and they both crawled to tag the men in. It was Rey beating down his son and going for the 619, but Morgan broke up the pin. Vega then hit Morgan with a 619, but Morgan responded by throwing Vega into the ring post. Rey and Dom were battling and Morgan threw a chair into the ring distracting the referee, she then dropped Rey on the top rope causing a low blow. Dom then hits Rey with a Frog Splash and finally defeats his father!

Winners: Liv Morgan & Dominik Mysterio

Morgan celebrated the win by jumping onto Dom, and just then we heard it…THIS IS MY BRUTALITY! Mami, Rhea Ripley is back! Morgan booked it from the ring and escaped through the crowd. An angry Ripley turned her attention to Dom and gave him the cold shoulder, but he followed her into the back to close out Raw.