NXT Battleground kick-started WWE and UFC’s hell of a tag team run, as described by Booker T inside the UFC Apex Center of Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFC production venue gave NXT a much-needed change of scenery and a flare of novelty, with fighters like Forrest Griffin and Jamahal Hill being in attendance.

The tag also extended to TNA, kicking down the forbidden door as TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace competed against NXT Champion Roxanne Perez. And in the main event, newly signed Ethan Page challenged for the NXT Championship against Trick Williams, headlining an event so noteworthy that special host “Hood Hottest Princess” Sexyy Red was an afterthought – besides twerking in-ring to open the show.

Sol Ruca vs Jaida Parker vs Michin vs Fallon Henley vs Lash Legend vs Kehlani Jordan – Women’s North American Championship Ladder Match

One big ladder decorates the entranceway, but six women have the opportunity to become the first ever Women’s North American Champion. Former collegiate athletes get gracefully chaotic from the get-go, and the weaponized ladders are snug inside the smaller venue. Powerhouse Legend stands out against very agile opposition, who at one point cooperate to brutally bounce her off a bridged ladder. Solo wrestling veteran Michin gets dumped from the top to justified “this is awesome” chants before Ruca garners big pops for her spectacular Sol Snatcher. And after hitting a corner moonsault, Jordan successfully climbs the ladder to become inaugural champion in a breakout moment – shared though by a new, talented women’s midcard division.

Winner: Kehlani Jordan 


Following a ridiculous amount of commercials, footage from yesterday shows Oro Mensah getting a lick back against Ethan Page, who previously took out him and Noam Dar, just arriving in Las Vegas.

The O.C. vs Axiom and Nathan Frazer (c) – NXT Tag Team Championships

The champions’ speed cannot be understated, but it’s emphasized by the vintage nonchalance of Karl Anderson. He foils a springboard from Axiom before tagging in Luke Gallows, who methodically retains control while commentary lists their TNA and IWGP accolades. Frazer makes a lightning-quick comeback in comparison until the opposition reverses momentum, and Gallows hits a rare sit-out powerbomb. Axiom reverses Magic Killer, and Frazer breaks another count with a Frog Splash. The champions eventually handle “Big LG” and target Anderson with an Avalanche Spanish Fly and Phoenix Splash for victory in a surprisingly solid defense in the end.

Winners: Axiom and Nathan Frazer


Reused vignettes describe Josh Briggs’ career limbo, Carlee Bright’s cheerleading background, and Dante Chen’s heritage. It’s at least better than another American Home Shield ad. But after miscellaneous spectators surround the ring for NXT Underground, the inescapable commercials for Peacock Premium continue.

Shayna Baszler vs Lola Vice – NXT Underground

Both competitors don gis, and Baszler’s spot on Team Rousey is shown in the UFC Apex. They authentically spar under dark lighting and a ropeless ring, and Baszler gets the upper hand with suplexes. Vice sends her into the ring post, reversing an ankle lock and cinching a choke thereafter, before crashing into people ringside. She targets Baszler’s right knee, which slams into the announce desk, and continues applying pressure with ground-and-pound strikes. A backfist sends Baszler to the floor, where she’s sent into the steel steps before another connects in-ring. A barrage of strikes from Vice forces the referee to step in, ending a fight between two professionals miles better than the last NXT Underground with… Natalya.

Winner: Lola Vice


Eddy Thorpe returns this Tuesday with a recycled vignette, and new Women’s North American Champion Kehlani Jordan celebrates with Sexyy Red. Plus, the next NXT special event is announced for July 7: Heatwave in Toronto, Ontario.

Wes Lee vs Joe Coffey vs Oba Femi (c) – North American Championship

The size advantage of Femi is reminiscent of Eddie Hall’s viral two-on-one MMA fight, and he throws the opposition around with ease. He snatches Lee on the ropes and launches him 15 feet, but Coffey takes advantage with strength of his own. Femi looks monstrous catching Lee’s outside dive, but the latter comes back with the Kardiak Kick broken up by Coffey. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang of Gallus attempt to take out Femi, but Lee eventually dives onto them following more interference. But Femi only comes back stronger, hitting two incredible powerbombs for the pinfall to retain. The impressive athleticism from Lee and Coffey was ironically the lowlight; the spectacle of Femi destroying four men made the match entirely, and the rookie continues to be built as indestructible.

Winner: Oba Femi


Wendy Choo returns this Tuesday in another vignette featuring broken glass and dark makeup. Between her and Roxanne Perez, the following package highlights the discrepancy between them and TNA’s forbidden door entrant Jordynne Grace – who receives loud “TNA” chants during championship introductions. 

Jordynne Grace vs Roxanne Perez (c) – NXT Women’s Championship 

“We aren’t excluding, we’re including,” Vic Joseph says as TNA Knockouts Champion Grace outclasses Perez in the early goings. Even targeting the left arm, Perez on offense is not fathomable, but the challenger recuperates with a second-rope slam. Bloodied, Grace runs through Perez with hard strikes, and the champion screeches to compensate. The former survives an armbar and comes back with a Muscle Buster, but Perez connects with a diving DDT and moonsault in-ring. Grace reverses Pop Rox as Tatum Paxley arrives to steal the Knockouts Championship, only for Ash By Elegance – who Joseph deliberately almost calls Dana Brooke – to thwart her. But the distraction allows Perez to reverse the Juggernaut Driver and hit Pop Rox for three, killing momentum with an unmoving turn of events. 

Winner: Roxanne Perez


Sexyy Red is interviewed backstage to promote her upcoming tour, and Lola Vice steps in to share a celebratory twerk. Wes Lee’s interview is cut off more violently, as Gallus commits a three-on-one assault in the halls.

Ethan Page vs Trick Williams (c) – NXT Championship

Cameras follow the competitors’ entrances from the back for big-fight feel; Page feels like a main eventer despite a def rebel dud, and “whoop that trick” is a global phenomenon. Williams’ snappy offense is cut off by Page’s throw into the steel steps, and the newcomer leisurely retains control to “you don’t go here” chants. The champion finally makes a comeback with Booker T leg lariats, a dive into the crowd, and a spinning big boot before trading blows. Page kicks out of the Bookend, slams Williams through the announce desk, and hits Razor’s Edge for two. But overzealousness from Page creates a dispute with the referee, allowing Williams to capitalize with Trick Shot for a pretty decisive victory. The champion celebrates with Sexyy Red, and Page is left with a bruised ego at show’s end. Surely though, Page would’ve wanted to twerk with her in victory instead.

Winner: Trick Williams 


NXT Battleground 2024

Las Vegas, NV

The novelty of the UFC Apex wore off quick with a dragging show pace and two weak “outs” for Jordynne Grace and Ethan Page to lose. But the bouts themselves delivered, and three women’s matches (unheard of on a WWE PLE card) were the most exciting segments in their own distinct way.