The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer claims the WWE is knowingly leaking bogus news to purposely damage AEW.

One such example Meltzer claims is AEW Collision’s ratings for June 1st of this year. For those who don’t know, preliminary television ratings are often posted by companies that collect data and market measurements. They sometimes follow those stats up with amended numbers for various reasons, like some markets not reporting their data, etc.

In this case, Forbes reported Collision’s ratings as 122,000 then later changed that to 378,000. No reason was given for the correction.

In response to this Meltzer wrote: “This was a number supplied by WWE. And for those who think like, ‘WWE’s not concerned about AEW!’ or ‘It’s a one-sided thing,’ AEW is in a war with WWE. It’s a pro wrestling war. Okay? These pro-wrestling wars are insidious. They are brutal. They are both in a public relations war, where one side is far more effective as far as getting news out there and controlling the media because they are afraid of not having access or whatever they are afraid of. WWE obviously, whenever AEW has a badly rated show, WWE makes sure that the fast nationals get out.”

It should be noted that Meltzer did not provide any evidence for his accusation. There were no reports of inside communications or quotes from inside sources, etc, to prove or back-up his claim.

The WWE has not made a public statement on the matter.

TOP PHOTO: Dave Meltzer at the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Hall of Fame in Waterloo, Iowa. Photo by Greg Oliver