AEW used to be known for great TV and great pay-per-views. Then, in the last couple of years, they have become known for awful television and great pay-per-views. Now, the promotion that averages 2,000 – 3,000 for their shows, lackluster television ratings and only pulls in strong attendance for their pay-per-views, can’t even maintain the standards of those events.

If the majority of the matches at their anniversary Double or Nothing show are the measuring stick things don’t bode well for AEW. It very well could be that rumors of matches just thrown together without much lead time for the talent could be the case because the card was filled with bouts with no measurable flow or momentum. While most of the championship matches paid off decently the main event, an Anarchy in the Arena match with The Elite (Young Bucks, Kazuchika Okada and Jack Perry) taking on FTR, Bryan Danielson and Darby Allin, is not only one of the very worst angles since the Invasion storyline in the WWE but the match was absolute garbage. The kind of garbage that those who don’t really appreciate professional wrestling, those who have never watched anything outside of AEW, think are “awesome”. As we have see in the past, listening to those kind of wrestling fans or the marks on X who don’t represent the average wrestling fan is about as smart as, well, wrestlers lighting themselves on fire when they aren’t professional stuntmen. It is just plain stupid.

AEW Double or Nothing 2024 Results

Buy-In Pre-Show

Thunder Rosa vs. Deonna Purrazzo 

Why would you have two of the very best women’s wrestlers in the world on the pre-show? The decision literally blows my mind. In a hotly contested match Purrazzo wins by holding onto the ropes.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Rating: 7 / 10

The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn vs. Brian Cage and The Gates of Agony 

Remember when The Acclaimed were the hottest thing in wrestling? Then again, that can be said for a lot of the AEW talent. Gunn rolls up Kaun for the sneaky win.

Rating: 6 / 10

Winners: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn

Tony Khan and Martha Hart announced that the winners of the Owen Hart Tournament this year will get AEW World Championship matches at All-In.

Roderick Strong (c) vs. Will Ospreay – AEW International Championship Match

Although both men are two of the very best his match goes far too long.

Ospreay is met with a massive ovation. He has just as massive a bandage on his forehead. Roderick Strong and the Undisputedly Dead and Buried Kingdom come down to the ring. Before the bell can ring Ospreay attempts a Hidden Blade on Roddy but misses. Ospreay ducks Roddy’s clothesline on the floor and knocks Matt Taven over the barricade with one of his own. Bennett charges. Ospreay heaves him over the barricade too. Roddy whips Ospreay who leaps on the barricade and splashes both Taven and Bennett.

Ospreay catapults Roddy into a steel post before rolling him back into the ring. While the official check on Roddy. Bennett gives Ospreay an electric chair. Taven sneaks into the ring, dives over the ropes, gets caught in the ropes, misses Ospreay and everyone crashes to the ground.

Don Callis, who is on commentary, wonders why the other members of The Undisputedly Dead and Buried Kingdom are allowed at ringside. Roddy rips off the bandage on Ospreay’s head. Ospreay goes his corkscrew kick but completely misses Roddy. They both still go down. Bennett and Taven leap onto the apron to distract the official. I agree with Callis. Why are they allowed down at ringside? They aren’t managers.

Wardlow attacks Ospreay from behind. The official catches Wardlow in the attack and pulls Ospreay out of a powerbomb. He demands Wardlow leave the ring or he will award the match and title to Ospreay. How he can do that is anyone’s guess.

Roddy misses a running knee in a corner. Ospreay delivers some Cheeky Nando’s to him. Ospreay takes everyone out with a Sky Twister dive. The official finally ejects The Undisputedly Dead and Buried Kingdom from ringside.

Ospreay flips and lands on his knee hurting it. Strong turns a Hidden Blade into a Texas Clover Leaf. Ospreay escapes by reaching the ropes. Roddy aims for a high boot but Ospreay powerbombs him. Ospreay hits the OsCutter. He cannot follow up as his knee is still bothering him. It doesn’t make any sense, however, the official pushes Ospreay away to check on Roddy. Who gets checked on after a Stunner?

Don Callis leaps into the ring. He demands Ospreay execute the dreaded Tiger Driver to end the match.

“You want to win this match? Tiger him! He is going to the hospital anyways,” yells Callis.

The official continues to hold Ospreay back. What?!?!?!?

Ospreay shoves the official away lifting up Roddy for the Tiger Driver. He has a change of heart and puts him down. Roddy drops Ospreay with a backbreaker and a running knee strike.

Ospreay is “elevated” with his first AEW championship. Courtesy: AEW, Triller TV.

Callis on commentary: You cannot be weak in these moments. He should have put him in the hospital. Ospreay flips out of a backbreaker, lands on his feet, hits a Hidden Blade and Storm Breaker for the win.

Winner: …and new AEW International Champion, Will Ospreay.

Match Rating: 7.5 / 10

Adam Cole’s music hits. He comes down to the ring. He tells the audience they suck. He says he shouldn’t even be in Las Vegas. He should be at home rehabbing his ankle.

Tony Schiavone blithers: He should be thrown out of his own home.

MJF is back. Courtesy: AEW and Triller TV.

Cole is tired of being disrespected. He takes out the Devil mask. The crowd starts cheering for MJF. Cole says the crowd will give the Devil his due. The lights go out. On the big screen a video plays. We are taken down a long hallway of what appears to be MJF’s house. In one room, his picture hangs over a fireplace as well as a Casino Battle Royal chip. In the middle of the ring is a mannequin with MJF’s suit on it. In the pocket someone takes out a photo of MJF and Adam C0le. It has been ripped in half. The video ends.

Cole stands perplexed in the ring. MJF’s music hits. A fuming MJF heads to the ring. Cole tries in vain the explain himself. He opens his arms for a hug. MJF hugs Cole then kicks him in the nuts. MJF delivers a brainbuster.

Why did AEW just blow off this big return and big angle in this way? Very bizarre.

“Someone get this s–t stain out of my ring,” says MJF.

MJF explains he isn’t giving his trust to anyone ever again. All Cole did was wake him up. He then hits all of his catch phrases. MJF says he doesn’t need a New Japan or a Vince McMahon to ‘make’ MJF. Someone should tell MJF that McMahon no longer works for WWE. Perhaps he missed that during his time off. He goes on and on about how great he is. This promo is just way too long and doesn’t seem very inspired. MJF says he is the “Wolf of Wrestling” because he isn’t leaving.

Again, no idea why AEW would use this show to mark the unexpected return of MJF when they could have foreshadowed this and spiked Dynamite’s ratings. The Devil angle was a big deal and AEW just ends it like this? I guess nothing matters and AEW desperately needs MJF back even if Cole isn’t ready to go.

 The Bang Bang Gang (Jay White & The Gunns) (c) vs. Death Triangle (Pac, Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix) – AEW Trios Championship Match

The Gunns try to slip the golden baseball bat into the ring. The official spots them and stops them but Juice Robinson pushes Pac off the top rope. White pins Pac with a Blade Runner. Robinson celebrates with the rest of the Gang.

Winners: …and still AEW Trios Champions… The Bang Bang Gang (Jay White & The Gunns).

Rating: 6 /10

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