Triple H has announced yesterday that whoever wins the King and Queen of the Ring tournament on both sides will receive a Championship opportunity at SummerSlam. Whoo! Lyra Valkyria has already advanced to the finals to face whoever comes out victorious in the following match.

Bianca Belair vs. Nia Jax – Queen of the Ring Tournament Semifinals

A game of tug-a-war commences as Nia attempts to shove Bianca into the corner of the ring, yet Belair manages to push back until Jax pulls her down face first. Belair muscles through despite the bad start, she applies a sleeper hold that doesn’t last very long.

Belair collides with Jax multiple times, perhaps trying to shove her down to her knees. She continues hammering down on Nia with thunderous punches to the temple. In order to retaliate, Jax uses Belair’s braid.

Bianca turns things around by allowing Nia to crash into the post shoulder first, which leads to a body splash on the outside of the ring courtesy of the EST as Lyra Valkyria looks on.

Jax gets a little too cocky as she grabs hold of Belair’s mini gear crown and places it on her head foreshadowing the end goal. However, she misses with a leg drop and lands on her butt instead. Ha! Belair nearly had her, and so did Nia.

Regardless of Belair’s knee tweaking whenever it pleases, she almost pinned Nia with that crossbody despite the delay. Jax regains control after a little moment, yet Bianca’s raging forces powerbombs Nia on one good leg. Wow-wee. Rarely do we see Jax woman handled like this.

We’ve arrived at the juncture of the fight where Jax starts utilizing Belair’s knee by slamming it numerous times against the mat. The EST was going for the KOD the second time and nearly got it, but her knee simply buckled.

Nia took advantage as she ends Bianca with a Senton followed by the Annihilator. After the match, she delivers a warning to Valkyria.

Winner: Nia Jax

Backstage, Bianca is getting her knee tended to, but not without budding heads with Tiffany Stratton, Indi Hartwell and Candice LaRae. Candice wanted to rub in Belair’s face that she caused that injure to take root in order to encourage her to give up, so someone more deserving could take the crown.

Due to Jade Cargill’s appearance, LaRae and Hartwell scattered quickly. This angered Cargill, so she decides to go speak to Aldis about a match.

Next up, we have the Grayson Waller Effect with the Tag Team Champions as a whole broadcasting a “very special” edition of this segment. I’m guessing they wanted to mention LA Knight, yet Carmelo Hayes interrupts assuming they were talking about him. These three men are ranting about the likes of Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin, and LA Knight.

Given how many times they’ve name dropped him, LA Knight makes his entrance. Wade Barrett was excited, though. The Megastar hilariously throws Waller’s props on the floor. He chooses to confront Hayes, and Carmelo answers with a sneak attack that quickly goes sideways… until The Street Profits offer a hand.

The Street Profits & LA Knight vs. Carmelo Hayes & A-Town Down Under – 6-man Tag Team match

Montez Ford and Carmelo Hayes start this fight off with attempted wrist locks. Ford takes over when he avoids an incoming shoulder attack, which forces Hayes to collide with the turnbuckle. Big drop kick from Montez stops Hayes still for a moment along with that face buster from Dawkins.

As LA Knight and Theory battle it out, Austin is on the receiving end of multiple arm drags with malicious intent. A sneaky double team by A-Town Down Under breaks whatever momentum Knight had.

Angelo comes in and drags Waller for filth. It was going well for a bit, but there were too many shenanigans on Hayes and Theory’s side almost resulted in a brawl outside the ring.

Honestly, Theory and Waller were trying too hard to prevent their opposing challengers to gain any upper hand by yanking on LA Knight’s ankle. However, the Megastar becomes a one-man army, bulldozing through everyone.

Carmelo stumps Knight with a First 48. Ford knocks HIM out with a step-up enziguri. Theory rams Montez through with a harsh right hand. Angelo turns into a bull and shoves Austin in mid-air. Waller stops all this with a knee to Dawkins’ jaw.

After tagging Montez, LA Knight rushes over to spear Carmelo over the announcement desk. Meanwhile, Ford frog splashes Waller to obtain a win.

Winners: LA Knight & The Street Profits

BREAKING NEWS Triple H has announced that in Minneapolis 2026, SummerSlam has been extended as a two night event on August 1 and 2. Are you ready? Whoo!

As we continue to enjoy the show, the Undisputed Champion the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes proudly walks to the ring. He hasn’t even spoken yet when Logan Paul had the audacity to show up.

Who invited you?? I’m not going to lie to any of you, I tuned Logan out the best I can. I do NOT acknowledge the bastard, so what’s the point of writing what I know I don’t care for? It’s rude, isn’t it?

He can ramble all he wants, but for that to mean something, I’d have to care one way or another. But I don’t, so…. I’m at peace. Ha! I’ll be fine. Rhodes reveals that Paul is a scared child with imposter syndrome.

Cody doesn’t believe that Logan gave his ONLY brace knuckles to Michael Cole last night during the kickoff show, so he asked the referee Ryan Tran to check Paul. Rhodes was clean once Ryan finished checking him, but when he checked Logan… Obviously, he was lying. Tran found some thick-ass brace knuckles in Paul’s Prada pants claiming they belong to his brother.

Cody makes a comeback by informing Logan that the moment he stops treating this company as a part-time job rather than his whole life, putting real respect into this business, he will never become Undisputed Champion.

Bayley vs. Chelsea Green

From the jump of the bell, Chelsea pounces after Bayley with a right hand, clocking the Champion. Big drop kick from the top of the ring nails Bayley good. Somehow, the Champion is in trouble the majority of the time.

Luckily, Bayley bounces back… temporarily speaking. Chelsea came back on top with some underhanded maneuvers. The Champion retaliates with a Rose Plant, which secures her a victory. Because of this, Piper assaults Bayley. Severally.

Winner: Bayley

Elsewhere, AJ Styles asks Nick Aldis for one more chance to fight whoever comes out the winner between Cody and Logan for the Undisputed Championship tomorrow. One more chance. Personally, Aldis agrees with Styles, but professionally, he can’t give AJ want he wants. It has to be earned.¬†Despite the fact that AJ says he doesn’t have any more time left, which leaves me concerned, he walks out of Nick’s office unsatisfied.

After seeing that Andrade has been officially drafted to SmackDown, Elektra and Santos choose to play it smart despite past inflictions. They see the utility Andrade could bring to the table. Ha! If they manage to set it up right.

King and Queen of the Ring starts tomorrow at 1 p.m. Special appearance by Ibrahim Al Hajjaj, who was present at Crown Jewel last year. In the Finals for the Queen of the Ring, Nia Jax faces Lyra Valkyria. Women’s World Champion Becky Lynch battles Liv Morgan. Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn defends his title in a Triple Treat match against Bronson Reed and Chad Gable.

This was just announced for 11 a.m. eastern, Women’s Tag Team Champions Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill collide with Candice LaRae and Indi Hartwell. And of course, Undisputed Champion Cody Rhodes fights Logan Paul to keep his gold.

Randy Orton vs. Tama Tonga – King of the Ring Tournament Semifinals

Backstage prior to Tama Tonga’s match with Orton, Paul Heyman informs Solo Sikoa that Tonga Loa won’t be here because he couldn’t clear customs at the boarder. He also says that there’s a reason why Tama and Loa haven’t been brought into The Bloodline. Tama suddenly shows up telling Heyman that being labelled as “dangerous” is more valuable rather than useless.

As soon as the bell rings, Tama throws his jacket gear off and jumps Randy, cornering him as viciously as he can while snarling like a hyena. Orton retaliates with a huge fall-away slam. The Viper drives Tama into three posts. Randy follows Tama outside as he attempts to slam his opponent on the announcement desk, yet he gets his knee clipped by Tonga.

Tama is now in control of Randy’s knee. However, Tonga funnily misses with a frog splash. Despite that hilarious moment, he applies a sleeper hold around Randy’s neck, forcing all his weight on Orton’s back as Gunther looks on.

Randy comes back with a snap powerslam to Tama, then follows that by crashing Tonga against both announcement tables. Another nail in the coffin was Randy’s vintage DDT. Tama nearly steals a win due to Solo’s venture at a distraction, fortunately, Randy saw that coming.

Orton gains victory with an RKO to become Gunther’s challenger for tomorrow. Yay!! Given the win, that upsets The Bloodline to rip Randy apart. It’s a good thing for Orton that he has an ally like Kevin Owens.

See you all in Jeddah.

Winner: Randy Orton 


TOP PHOTO: Randy looking at the crown. Courtesy of WWE