Night eight of the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors tournament saw a rare but justified disqualification when Clark Connors and El Desperado brutally brawled on the floor, in the seats, in the audience for the overwhelming majority of the match.

Connors decided to bring two steel chairs in the ring during his entrance. He takes a seat on one of them as he waits for El Desperado. When Desperado enters the ring Connors slides him one of the chairs. The official steps between both men but cannot stop both men from dueling with the chairs, swinging them at each other. Connors wins that challenge and starts pounding and kicking Desperado down.

The match goes to the floor where they fight into the crowd, the seats and all over the arena. Desperado is thrown into a retaining wall. Connors heaves a ringside barricade into Desperado. Desperado slams Connors’ head into a steel chair in the front row as the woman who occupied that seat moments ago screams as she is pushed out of the way by a Young Lion. Desperado has his head slammed into the announce desk.

They roll back into the ring only to go right back outside to brawl some more. Connors hits Desperado across the back with a steel chair. The official does nothing about any of this.

Connors to those sitting in the front row: “F—–g move!”. Connors though is the one who is throw through like five rows of chairs. Connors gets up to spear Desperado. Connors rips up the mats on the floor. Desperado is powerslammed on the floor.

Guest commentator Robbie Eagles says: Is (Marty) Asani even counting any more? Is this match still going on?

Clark Connors has it in for El Desperado. Courtesy: NJPW.

Connors clears off the announce table. Connors powerbombs Desperado through the table.

Connors rolls Desperado back into the ring. Asani won’t count the pinfall though.

Eagles: He won’t make the call but he will let the match continue? Tell me that makes sense.

Connors gets into Asani’s face. Asani shoves him back. Connors grabs Asani by the throat backing him up into the ropes. Desperado clotheslines Connors over the top rope to the floor. Desperado gives Connors a Conchairto on the floor. Desperado rolls Connors back into the ring. Asani grabs the steel chair Desperado is carrying. Connors spears Desperado he argues with Asani about the chair. Connors spears Desperado but only gets a three count.

Eagles: When will this end? Someone think of the children!

Connors mounts Desperado punching and punching him in the face. Asani reaches to stop Connors’ assault on a KO’ed Desperado. Connors shoves Asani away. Connors spikes Desperado with a No Chaser. Desperado grabs the ropes to stop the pinfall attempt.

Fans flee as the fight comes to them. Courtesy: NJPW.

Eagles: You’ve got to be joking. Desperado is dead and that is the ghost of Desperado who put his hand up.

Desperado weakly raises his hand giving Connors the finger. Once again, Connors punches and punches Desperado in the head. Asani is shoved off a second time. Asani calls for the bell and disqualifies Connors.

Desperado is unmasked. Courtesy: NJPW.

A furious Connor spears Asani then starts attacking the Young Lions who are assisting Desperado. Connors rips off Desperado’s mask exposing his face to everyone. He beats on Desperado some more smashing a piece of a broken table over his head. He leaves with Desperado’s mask as officials give Desperado the medical attention his needs.

Best of the Super Juniors Standings


Best of the Super Juniors A Block


Best of the Super Juniors Block B


Best of the Super Juniors – Night Eight Results

A Block match: Titan versus Kosei Fujita

Another victim taps out to Titan.

Winner: Titan

B Block match: Dragon Dia versus Robbie Eagles

Dia continues his losing streak. Eagles hits a 450 Splash on Dia’s knee. Dia submits to the Ron Miller Special.

Winner: Robbie Eagles

A Block match: BUSHI versus Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Bushi spits his mist on Kanemaru’s eyes and pins him with MX.

Winner: BUSHI

B Block match: Drilla Moloney versus KUSHIDA

Kushida continues his slide as Drilla escapes the Hoverboard Lock to pin Kushida with a Drilla Killa.

Winner: Drilla Moloney

A Block match: Kevin Knight versus HAYATA

Hayata blocks Knight’s Tornado DDT to pin him with his own spike DDT.

Winner: HAYATA

B Block match: Taiji Ishimori versus Ninja Mack

Mack escapes the Bone Lock only to be pinned with the Bloody Cross.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

A Block match: El Desperado versus Clark Connors


A Block match: TJP versus Blake Christian

TJP catches Blake with a cutter as he tries for his Springboard 450 Splash. TJP puts Blake away with the Mamba Splash.

Winner: TJP

B Block match: DOUKI versus Sho

Yujiro Takahashi pulls Red Shoes out of the ring as Douki is about to pin Sho. Yujiro hits Douki in the ribs with his cane. Taichi attempts to even the odds. Yujiro knocks him off the apron. Yujiro gives Douki the Pimp Juice DDT. Yujiro rolls Red Shoes back into the ring to make the count. Douki kicks out. Taichi and Yujiro start battling in the ring. Taichi punts Yujiro in the “lower abdomen” and lays him out with a running clothesline. Taichi takes Yujiro away from the ring. Sho pins Douki with the Shock Arrow after a running kick. Sho reveals that he load his boot with his wrench.

Winner: Sho