WWE doesn’t always think through the names of these shows do they? The Horror Show at Extreme Rules is this Sunday and if the show isn’t good, the headlines will write themselves. Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, we have one final Monday Night RAW before Extreme Rules. Tonight is being billed as a night of grudges matches; but aren’t grudge matches usually settled on pay per views? If they are settled tonight, what’s going on this Sunday?

The V*I*P Lounge

MVP welcomes the man that took in Drew McIntyre when he was down, Dolph Ziggler. Dolph claims he made Drew McIntyre what he is today. Without him, Drew never would have beaten Brock Lesnar. If you are here to find out what the stipulation will be for the WWE title match, well, you’re out of luck; Dolph isn’t talking about that.

The champ interrupts the love fest in the ring between MVP and Ziggler. McIntyre promises not to destroy the set or Claymore MVP. The champ has done a lot of soul searching, coming to the realization that Dolph uses people. Drew was the muscle, doing the dirty work. He vows to torture Dolph, making him regret coming to RAW. McIntyre is itching for a fight and decks Ziggler in the jaw, flooring him. MVP doesn’t want any, backing off.

Charly Caruso welcomes Angel Garza, Andrade and Zelina Vega backstage, wanting to know how they are going to work together if they can’t stop arguing. Vega isn’t thrilled with that question, pointing out that they teamed with Orton to take out the Big Show and have the Street Profits running scared. Garza and Andrade step in when Vega starts making thing personal. Andrade says he has Garza’s back if he has his. The Viking Raiders interrupt, calling themselves the most dominate team on RAW. They vow to run through them for disrespecting the Street Profits. Charly is smitten with Ivar, much to Angel’s chagrin.

The Viking Raiders vs. Angel Garza and Andrade w/Zelina Vega – Elimination Match

At the bell, Andrade and Garza strike. Ivar is trapped in the corner, but is able to roll under Garza and make the tag. Erik slams his partner into Garza in the corner. Erik misses a knee strike in the corner, crashing to the mat. Garza connects with a super kick. Andrade tags in, hits the double knees as Garza drop kicks Ivar off the apron. Andrade hits the hammerlock DDT and covers Erik to get the pin.

Eliminated via pinfall: Erik

Ivar gets himself out of bad situation as Andrade and Garza argue over a tag. Ivar takes out both men with a suicide dive to the floor. He tosses both men into the ring and busts through a double clothesline. Garza connects with a drop kick. Ivar with a cartwheel and takes down Garza with a clothesline. Andrade makes a blind tag that costs him. Ivar connects with a spinning heel kick and covers to get the pin.

Eliminated via pinfall: Andrade

Garza connects with a missile drop kick, following with a super kick. Ivar with a seated senton and a spin kick. He covers, only for Andrade to put Garza’s foot on the rope to break the hold. Garza counters a splash in the corner into a sit out power bomb. Garza gets the pin.

Winners via pinfall: Angel Garza and Andrade

Sarah Schreiber wants a word with Ruby Riott about her run ins with the IIconics. Peyton and Billie save her the trouble of conducting the interview, running her off. They taunt Ruby for not having any friends, saying their match will be a handicap match. Fortunately for Ruby, Bianca Belair has her back.

The IIconics vs. Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair

Ruby fires off punches to both Peyton and Billie to start off. Ruby with an earlier pin, that Royce easily kicks out of. Kay tags in, hitting Shades of Key. Riott kicks out. The IIconics stomp away at Ruby in their corner. Royce connects with a spin kick. Riott with a jawbreaker and finally gets the tag. Belair cleans the ring with Kay, spearing her into the corner. She slams Billie to the mat; a handspring sends Peyton to the floor, but she is still able to break up the pin. Belair ducks Shades of Kay and counters into the KOD. Ruby takes out Peyton, allowing Bianca to score the pin.

Winners via pinfall: Bianca Belair and Ruby Riott

R Truth runs into Ricochet and Cedric Alexander backstage and confusion reigns. The drop a truth bomb on R Truth that he is actually facing Randy Orton tonight.  He runs up on Akira Tozawa, looking for training on becoming a black belt. Akira rolls him up, but Truth kicks out. Ricochet and Alexander have his back. Truth immediately challenges Tozawa to a title match.

R Truth (champion) vs. Akira Tozawa (challengers) w/ninjas – 24/7 Championship Match

Truth wants the ninjas gone, since he doesn’t have on back up. Shayna Bazler walks to the ring. Tozawa orders the ninjas to attack her, and she makes short work of them. Tozawa has seen enough and clears out. So I guess this isn’t happening. Truth decides its best to leave too.

No Contest

Bayzler is here to deliver a dose of reality to the women’s division.

Backstage, Seth Rollins tells Murphy to focus on his match with Aleister Black as he gives his sermon.

Rollins pontificates on what an eye for an eye means. He thought Rey was using it as a metaphor, but no, Rey means it literally. Seth is trying to understand how we got to this point. He just wants RAW to have a brighter future, but now he is in the match which requires gouging out an eye to win. Well, Seth never meant to harm Rey Mysterio, but now he is going to blind him. Sunday will be a new beginning for Monday Night RAW.

Before he can say even more, Kevin Owens interrupts. He thought Rey would pick something more traditional, like a cage match, to keep the disciples at bay. What’s disturbing though is that Rollins was able to make a nice guy, like Rey Mysterio, get so violent. Owens has Seth covered, though, and gives him an eye patch. Rollins is incensed and calls out Murphy, but Aleister Black cuts him off on the ramp.

 Aleister Black w/Kevin Owens vs. Murphy w/Seth Rollins

We join the match in progress, as Murphy knocks Black to the floor. Black catches Murphy with a kick coming off the middle turnbuckle. Murphy ducks a kick and elbows Black in the back of the knee. Murphy runs into a knee strike. Black lifts Murphy up for Black Mass, but Murphy strikes Black in the knee. Murphy looks for a suplex from the apron, but Black fights back, connecting with a Black Mass kick. Aleister covers, but Rollins pulls Murphy out of the ring. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner via disqualification: Aleister Black

Rey Mysterio and Dominic run down to help as we go to commercial.

Kevin Owens w/Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio and Dominic vs. Seth Rollins

Owens puts the boots to Rollins in the middle of the ring. Seth begs for mercy; Owens stomps him into the corner, instead. Rollins connects with a shot to the mouth and goes up top. Owens yanks him down, following with a cannonball. Rollins kicks out of the pin. Owens locks in a bow and arrow. A kick to the face breaks the hold. Rollins is dumped to the floor, where is surrounded.  Owens gets thrown to the floor, but Aleister Black protects him. Owens surprises Rollins with a shot. Rollins has no where to run, no where to hide. KO slams him off the apron and smashes him into the barricade. The two trade shots on the apron. Owens head butts Rollins in the ring. Seth answers with a chop block and follows with a suicide dive into the barricade. We go to commercial.

After the break, Rollins is in full control, beating Owens on the floor. In the ring he drops a knee. Rollins taunts Owens, who fires back with a haymaker. Owens super kicks Seth and both men are down. KO hits a DDT, but it’s not enough for the cover. Owens runs into a boot and is dropped into the middle turnbuckle. Seth hits a blockbuster, but it’s not enough to get a pin. Rollins jumps over the Owens and lands a super kick. Owens avoids the stomp, but misses on a stunner. Seth gets caught on the top turnbuckle and rakes Owens across the eyes. KO hits the mat. Black, Dominic and Rey all run interference, allowing Owens a chance to get to his feet. Rollins turns around right into a stunner. Owens covers and gets the win.

Winner via pinfall: Kevin Owens

After the match, Rey Mysterio tells Seth he crossed every line, but this Sunday it’s his turn. Rey is willing to make a sacrifice of his own. Seth will be leaving with only one eye.

Big Show needs to talk to Ric Flair, backstage. Flair is glad Show found him since they have a long and storied history. Show is the most athletic big man Flair has seen. The problem now is that Show is picking a fight he can’t win. Flair wants Show to stay healthy and not get injured at the hands of Randy Orton. It’s not to late to quit and go back to Hollywood.

Show knows what Ric is trying to do. He knows Orton is dangerous, but tonight he faces R Truth. Show wants to know if Flair is willing to sacrifice his friendships so Orton can be the legend killer.

Elsewhere in the back, Randy Orton says you are lucky if you make it out of this business with a handful of friends. He had Edge, Christian, Big Show and Ric Flair. Edge couldn’t trust him though and now he is at home. Christian had to defend his friend’s honor, but selfishly accepted Orton’s challenge for one more match. Big Show wants to avenge some injuries, instead of staying friends. Ric Flair is family, though, and it would be a shame if he did anything to jeopardize that. As for tonight’s match, R Truth has Orton’s respect, but it will be a shame when Truth ends up as one more chapter in the story of the Legend Killer.

R Truth vs. Randy Orton w/Ric Flair

Flair wants to be the first to celebrate Truth’s greatness. Flair let’s him know that Orton loves him, so he is just going to give him an RKO.

Truth wants a word with Flair. Orton goes after Truth, who answers with punches. Truth misses a scissors kick and Orton nails the RKO. He covers to get the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Randy Orton

Orton doesn’t leave the ring, looking to punt Truth. Big Show walks down, until Orton tells him to stop or Truth gets it.  Orton has something for Show, an unsanctioned match next Monday. Show accepts.

MVP asks Cedric Alexander if he got that thing he sent him. Cedric repeats that he isn’t interested. Sarah Schreiber asks MVP what his plan for Sunday. MVP isn’t worried since he has a win over Apollo Crews; he is planning the celebration.

Sarah is working hard, chasing down Drew McIntyre, asking him how he prepares without knowing the stipulation. Dolph Ziggler jumps him as he answers.

Ricochet w/Cedric Alexander vs. Bobby Lashley w/MVP

Lashley easily shakes off a drop kick. Ricochet tries to use his speed, but Lashley trips him up on the apron. He slams Ricochet into the security barrier. Lashley spears him in the corner. Ricochet dodges Bobby in the corner, but gets caught coming off the ropes. Lashley hits the Dominator, but can’t get the pin. Lashley with a suplex. Ricochet with a kick and a standing shooting star press. Lashley kicks out. Ricochet goes up top. Lashley dodges, but Ricochet lands on his feet and super kicks him. Lashley is able to lock in the full nelson. Ricochet taps out.

Winner via submission: Bobby Lashley

After the bell, Alexander tries to make the save. He takes out MVP with a Neuralizer, but gets caught by Lashley with a full nelson.

Backstage, Charly Caruso is with the Big Show, who is ready to clarify his answer to Orton. Yes, he accepts.

Bayley and Sasha Banks (champions) vs. The Kabuki Warriors (challengers)  – WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match

Bayley and Banks jump Asuka and Kairi during their ring entrance. The Kabuki Warriors turn the tables, so Banks and Bayley retreat.

The bell finally rings as Asuka and Banks circle each other. Sasha takes refuge in the ropes. She ducks Asuka, tagging in Bayley. Asuka gets double teamed in the corner by the champs. Asuka catches Bayley with double knees to the face. She tags in Kairi, who takes out Banks on the apron and hits Bayley with a running blockbuster. Banks charges into the ring and Sane takes out both with a clothesline. She nails the sliding elbow on Bayley, who kicks out of the pin.  Asuka makes a blind tag as Kairi spills Bayley to the floor. Banks runs in and is dumped the floor. The champs jump to the apron, only to get taken out with a dual hip attack. Asuka locks in an arm bar on Banks. She whips Banks into the corner and catches her with a hip attack. Sane tags in and is tossed to the floor, where the champs catapult her into the Plexiglas.

After the commercial break, Banks has Kairi in a pinning predicament. Sane kicks out, but isn’t out of trouble. Bayley works her over in the corner. Banks tags in, hitting the double knees. She follows with a suplex into a pin. Kairi kicks out. Sane with a jaw breaker, but Bayley locks her up with a leg hold. Banks tags in, beating Sane into the corner. A spinning back fist knocks Sasha to the mat, allowing Asuka to get the hot tag. She knocks Banks to the floor with a hip attack, and charges a legal Bayley in the corner. Asuka takes out both women with a bulldog. Asuka with a knee strike off the apron. Bayley catches Asuka on the turnbuckle with a strike, allowing Sasha to hit a meteora. The champs slam Asuka into the mat, but is able to kick out of the pin. Bayley hits a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle. She takes out Kairi on the apron as Banks had made the tag. Sasha with a frog splash, but Asuka counters into the Asuka lock. Kairi cuts off Bayley with a spear, but Banks is able to get to the ropes to break the hold. Banks looks for a sleeper, as Sane makes a blind tag. Asuka shoves Banks into the ropes, where Sane is waiting with an axe kick. Asuka delivers a kick to the face and Kairi drops the Insane elbow. She covers, but Bayley is able to pull her partner out of the ring.

Sane goes back up top, delivering a forearm shot to Banks. She nails an Alabama Slam and follows with a sliding elbow, but Sasha counters that into the Banks Statement. Kairi taps out.

Winners … and still WWE Women’s tag team Champions…via pinfall: Sasha Banks and Bayley


Monday Night RAW 7/13/2020

WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida

Heading into the Horror Show at Extreme Rules, Monday Night RAW delivers another solid show. The grudge match theme keeps the show focused, maybe WWE should try more theme nights. The Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens put on a show. The women bring it in the main event tag team title match. It may not be five stars, but it isn’t a to be missed.  And the lack of karaoke bumps up the grade half a star.