Lana’s husband, former WWE superstar Rusev, has COVID-19.

“I am absolutely positive for COVID-19. I am absolutely, 100 per cent, super-mega incredibly, positive. Yes. I got a phone call from the doctor,” Miroslav Barnyashev, now known as Miro, announced on his Twitch channel today.

Miro described how he lost his sense of taste for a few days which is one of the symptoms of the virus.

“I knew the whole smell and taste situation and this confirms it,” he said.

Fans chatting with him on the live stream sent along their best wishes.

“You don’t have to be sorry. It is just life. You go out, you get positive results,” he continued.

Miro gave an update on his wife’s side of the family, WWE’s Lana (CJ Perry).

Her mother is out of the hospital. She is recovering at home while Lana’s father is improving but is still in hospital.