Tonight on Total Divas, with WrestleMania week in the rear-view mirror, our Total Divas are back to the normal grind on the road. Though the lights aren’t shining as brightly, they are still on and the heat is still there. Nattie and TJ argue over her not putting her foot down, while Nikki battles over her relationship with her brother-in-law. Alicia feels left out and gets left behind as Paige flaunts her boyfriend. All that and more on this week’s edition of Total Divas: “Divas on Overdrive!”

Nikki is staying with Brie and Bryan and their mother. Bryan quizzes Nikki and gets her in a bit of tizzy with trying to be a teacher. Alicia and Paige sit down to have a laugh and discuss her relationship with Kevin, the lead guitarist of A Day to Remember. We go to dinner with The Bellas and Bryan and the topic switches to babies. Bryan digs at Nikki and toasts to Nikki never having babies. The two play and make digs as we go home to TJ and Nattie. Nattie has volunteered to be a temporary rescue home for 18 cats and kittens. The cats are left on the porch as the couple argues over becoming a cat shelter. We go to a festival with Paige and Kevin, where they do the rounds as a celebrity couple and Paige is at her boisterous best.

Jim and Ellie meet with TJ and Nattie. One cat has gotten out of the screened pool area and Nattie drops kittysitting duties on “The Anvil” and her mom, much to their chagrin. Back to the Bellas in Phoenix and Brie is getting a little tired of Nikki being a little more than a guess. Bryan decided that Nikki living like an animal means he can move her clothes to the barn. Naomi and Alicia sit down Paige and Kevin, where Paige has some news to break. Paige tells Alicia she won’t be moving in with her and Alicia chases her around catering as we go to commercial.

Paige tells Alicia she is moving in with Kevin and Alicia wants to make sure Paige isn’t making another boyfriend mistake. Nikki and Bryan in the makeup room and the two joke themselves into an argument. Bryan and Nikki argue over the closet and the clothes, as well as how eco-friendly Nikki is. Alicia has a match with Naomi and she can’t keep her mind fully on it as she is still mad at Paige. We fly to Florida to Alicia’s housewarming party. Alicia takes a shot at Kevin in her speech and says Kevin is just like Bradley. Alicia gives him the title of “Bradley Jr.” Paige has to take Kevin off the to the kitchen and apologize as we go to break.

Nattie and TJ hanging out with Big Show and Nattie tells TJ they are giving Heath Slater, Adam Rose, and Titus O’Neil a lift tonight. We hit the road and O’Neil gasses up the car from inside. Jonathan and Naomi share some loving jokes while Nikki and Brie argue. The Nattie caravan play “Would You Rather?” and have a little talk about virginity. TJ takes some ribbing from Titus when they learn that Nattie and TJ were each other’s firsts. The Bellas bicker over the clothes a little more and Alicia, Paige, and Emma talk boys. Paige calls Alicia out on the housewarming party and says Alicia is being a s**t friend. Paige gets on the horn with Trinity and Jonathan and wants to meet up with them to ride. Paige yells at Alicia to pull over and more rage on the roads after the break.

Emma upset with the arguing as they pull over and Paige makes the switch as Jonathan videotapes the argument. Trinity and Paige discuss the argument as Jonathan laughs. Nattie and TJ make a stop at the gas station and Nattie apologizes for making him a taxi driver for the night. Nikki has Brie call Bryan and Brie wants Bryan to tell Nikki that he likes her. Bryan says he loves Nikki because she’s family, but he can still dislike her. Nikki wants the jokes to stop and he agrees. The Nattie Taxi stops at the restaurant of one of Heath’s friends. The place is less a restaurant and more of a strip club. Nattie jokes with the guys and TJ leaves because he is uncomfortable. The couple argue in the parking lot as we hit commercials.

TJ leaves Cover Girls and locks himself in the car. Nattie does a little PG poledancing with Ray, Titus, and Heath playing along. They all head back to the car and Nattie promises to make it up to TJ tonight and everyone has a laugh. To the Bella mobile and Brie reminds Nikki of all the things Bryan has done for her. We hit the hotel and Alicia and Paige share some words as the advertisers cut in.

Nattie and TJ in the hotel room and TJ wants Nattie to say “no” more. We are in Indianapolis and Titus and Ray thank Nattie and TJ and joke about making it a weekly thing. Alicia and Trinity in the locker room and she wants Paige and Alicia to talk it out. Alicia covers up the TV so she doesn’t have to see Wade and Alicia and Paige meet up top talk it out. Wade walks by and gives Alicia a hug. Paige tells him to keep walking and they joke a bit as we cut away.

Paige and Alicia figure out that Alicia is in love with Wade still and Alicia was a little bit jealous over all the love. The two joke and make up and we get a preview of the Divas in England next week to close the show.

Nolan Howell apologizes for not being as entertaining as SLAM’s “Total Diva” Bob Kapur and hopes he will come back next week. He can be reached at for any questions or comments.</b