Tonight’s episode could mark the beginning of the end for Nattie and TJ, who get into a fight so bad that all that was missing was a barbershop window spot. Meanwhile, Brie feels the stress, Rosa is half-dressed, and Naomi’s health is a mess. Check out the full recap for all the details.

The show starts off with Rosa apparently coming on to Paige backstage, which could lead to this becoming the greatest episode of any TV show in history. Alas, Paige seems to want none of that attention, so I guess we’re back to the usual dreck that is this show.

The Bellas are having brunch where Brie questions why Nikki wants to start off her day with an expensive bottle of wine. With her and Daniel Bryan both off the road, she has no money to fritter away, so she questions the sense in Nikki spending that much. Nikki has no sympathy and pretty much rubs her sister’s face in the fact that she’s poor.

Rosa and Nattie are traveling together, and Nattie mentions that TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd) forgot her birthday, and she’s understandably upset about it. Rosa can’t believe that TJ would be so rude to Nattie.

Naomi and Jimmy Uso go bowling, and during an over-enthusiastic celebration for throwing a strike, Naomi starts to feel light-headed. She thinks it may be the result of her birth control implant surgery. Jimmy wants her to go to the doctor, but his intentions may not be entirely out of concern for her health, as apparently he’s getting frustrated since, because of her surgery, she’s been closed for business so to speak. She says she’ll consider going to the doctor.

The Bellas are heading to Nikki’s doctor that did her egg freezing, but the doctor should thaw those suckers out and throw them away, because Nikki learns of an upcoming drought in California and her first concern is that this will affect the availability of the wine she likes, and nobody who’s that vapid should be allowed to have kids. Brie calls her out on her shallowness, and the ensuing argument escalates when they start talking about work and Brie’s money issues.

As she watches Nattie’s NXT match against Charlotte with the rest of the girls, Rosa gossips with Summer Rae about TJ having forgotten Nattie’s birthday.

Daniel and Brie head to a furniture store, but Brie wants to go to the one that she’s researched. They start fighting over it, and it looks like there’s something else going on with Brie because she’s not getting along with anybody this week.

Nattie and TJ are at home and being paid a visit from Nattie’s dad, Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart and mother. Nattie decides she’ll throw herself a birthday party celebration, in hopes that TJ will get the hint. Then he does the stupidest thing a guy could ever do, as he unveils her present, a new treadmill, which Nattie is kind of offended about because it suggests she needs to work out more. This escalates into a fight and Nattie basically calls out TJ about not being romantic enough.

Nattie drives to a hotel and gets a room, and then calls up Rosa to join her. Rosa asks Nattie why she left TJ, and offers Nattie a place to stay with her – I guess because Paige rejected her advances earlier in the show. Honestly, Rosa is kind of a stalker, I think.

Naomi and her uncle go to the OB/GYN to figure out what’s wrong with her, and learns that she has a uterine polyp, which sounds really gross. The doctor recommends surgery, and someone ought to nominate Naomi’s Uncle for sainthood for sitting through this personal discussion about uterises, or utera, or whatever it’s called, without looking even a little uncomfortable. Though the jury’s out if he’s actually even alive – honestly, the guy hasn’t even demonstrated any emotion whatsoever.

John Cena and Nikki are out driving around, and Nikki reveals that a couple of people, including Daniel, have called to express concern about Brie, as she’s apparently going off on everyone lately. Cena suggest Nikki call her to find out what’s going on with Brie, and hold an intervention if necessary.

Later, at a bar, Rosa’s invited the girls to go out and celebrate Nattie’s birthday. Eva Marie is there, as is Ariane, who has voluntarily taken herself out of the main roster and go back to developmental to hone her skills. Nattie shows up, and is nearly moved to tears by Rosa’s gesture. I kept waiting for Nattie’s nemesis Summer Rae to show up and ruin the celebration, but no such luck.

Later that night, Naomi is still in a great deal of pain. Notwithstanding Jimmy Uso’s recommendation, Naomi still refuses to go for surgery, fearing the possible complications. Jimmy’s disappointed because that means he’s still not getting any for the foreseeable future.

The next day over lunch, Naomi tells Rosa and Summer Rae about the pain she’s in, and how it’s affecting her and Jimmy’s love life. Rosa suggests she take some pole dancing classes. Yeah, that should help with the pain.

Nikki and Daniel are shown planning for Brie’s anger intervention. This is not going to go well, methinks.

The next day, Naomi, Summer Rae, and Rosa head to a pole dancing class, and the next few minutes are dedicated to showing them and their instructor work that pole. And with that, I temporarily don’t hate having to recap this awful show.

Oh, but then that feeling passes, as Brie returns to her house to get ambushed by Bryan and Nikki. They drop the hard truth on her that she’s been really acting like a beeyotch lately, and, as predicted, she gets upset with them. Brie admits she’s feeling stressed by the whole lack of funds coming in, but doesn’t get why her sister and husband don’t understand her frustration. They basically say that when she’s stressed, she should talk to them so they can get through it, as opposed to taking it out on them. She smells what they’re cooking, and all seems to be good again – except for having to watch their dog stick its tongue up Bryan’s nostril.

The girls go out after a show, and Rosa seems to be attracted to Nattie, and who ever would have thought that Rosa would be so great on this show? If JoJo would have been so outgoing, maybe she would still be on this show. Rosa leans in for a kiss, but Nattie shuts her down, and I say boo to that. In the bathroom, Nattie tells Naomi what happened, and Naomi basically laughs off Nattie’s prudish concerns. Nattie goes back into the club and Rosa apologizes, but Natttie doesn’t forgive her.

In the morning, Bryan and Brie are out for lunch, and Brie gets the call to come back onto TV. This will undoubtedly fix her bad mood, and her and Bryan celebrate the good news.

Later, Jimmy heads over to Naomi’s and she breaks out her new pole dancing set. Jimmy is ticked off with her, saying she’s just trying to distract him from the bigger issue here and that’s why she is so reluctant to go to the doctor. He snaps and throws the box across the room. She finally agrees to go to the doctor, despite her fears.

The next day at TV, Nattie confronts Rosa about the attempted kiss. Rosa apologizes, saying that she only did it to boost Nattie’s confidence and make her feel special, because TJ doesn’t seem to be doing that. Nattie forgives her, but is ticked that Rosa would assume something like that about Nattie’s relationship with TJ.

A couple of days later, Nattie and TJ meet up to talk about the tension that’s come between them. TJ is still clueless about why Nattie’s upset, and tells Nattie that instead of being emotional, she should sit down with him and they cna rationally work on their relationship. Nattie says she may not be able to do this anymore, and if she’s talking about watching this show, I completely understand. Before they can hash this out further, Nattie gets a call from the office, and pointedly says that she’s alone right now. She takes the call and walks away, leaving TJ by himself, possibly for good.

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