I was wronged with Chris Schramm’s review of my book.

And I use the word “review” very loosely, because based on what Chris wrote about my book, I find it very hard to believe that he actually read the book at all. If he had, he’d not been as negative as he was. I also have to ask… where were the positives in the review? I’ll provide the answer — there were none!

Personally, I don’t give a damn what Chis wanted my book to be, or what he thought it should be. He should have been reviewing the book on what it is. And do you know what it is? I’ll answer that too. It is a chronological and retrospective look-back at a bygone era of wrestling… the way it used to be. It was NOT meant to be an exposé of the business, nor was it intended to be for a younger or newer fans to wrestling. Because today’s fans don’t care!

Had Chris really read my book — and I mean really read it — he’d know how I explained the angles and storylines as they were presented by the wrestling promotion, and then within the story, and also in sidebars I explained what really happened or wasn’t told to us, the fans. And that theme takes place through the entire book. However, amazingly enough, Chris missed that.

I’ve been writing for major wrestling magazines, and contributing to books for the last 40 years. And yet, Chris had the gall to say that I wasn’t a writer. And that was just one shot he took at me personally in his alleged review.Not to mention he compared my book to Melby’s Gopherland photo album… give me a break!

And even worse than that, he compared it to that garbage Chokehold and Sex, Lies, and Headlocks pieces of crap, which are full of inaccurate information in them.

Was there any incorrect information in my book? NO! It is a factual account of the many legends that came through Minnesota during a 40-year period of time. A territory that Chris never experienced. But had he actually read my book, he’d be able to have a feel for the way it was when wrestling was presented as “real.” Which by the way, is the way most fans over the age of 40 remember it with fondness.

It is apparent to me that Chris is not of the age to fully appreciate the value of what my book is intended to be and to what fan base it is intended for. The newer generation of fans(?) have little (if any) appreciation of pro wrestling the way it was presented before 1984. They can’t understand something they never lived through. All they know is the circus and rock star version they are fed today by the WWE.

For those fans that are interested in a historical look back at the way wrestling used to be, Minnesota’s Golden Age of Wrestling, from Verne Gagne to the Road Warriors is a book you will want to add to your collection. But if you are looking for my book to be an exposé, then save your money.

George Schire
Minnesota’s Golden Age of Wrestling

An avid historian, GEORGE SCHIRE has been a writer and columnist for national wrestling publications and a ring announcer. He currently co-hosts a popular Internet wrestling show for the Pro Wrestling Torch called Torch Nostalgia Podcast, along with co-host Brian Hoops. He lives in Oakdale, Minnesota.