There’s more to indy star Sexxxy Eddy than most fans would expect.

While he struts and gyrates his way to the ring, decked out in a pink bowtie and flaunting his physical gifts to the ladies at ringside, fans assume that the “Sex XXXpress” is just another pretty face.

But there’s a dark side to Eddy. Once he’s in the ring, he’s been known to compete in some of the most violent matches ever dreamed up and he does it all wearing next to nothing.

Sexxxy Eddy being Sexxxy Eddy.

“Who doesn’t want to see the pretty boy get what’s coming to him?” Eddy asked SLAM! Wrestling. “I went into it and was like, I’m going to try and avoid danger and finally they’re going to get their payoff, finally they get to see the guy that’s cocky and arrogant and who’s like, ‘I don’t do these type of matches’ finally get his. I got a bigger reaction than I would have if I had just started hitting the other guy and he hit me back.”

A lot of the respect Montreal’s Eddy Dorozowsky gained in his first few appearances in death matches came from the fact that he wasn’t fully clothed. While most extreme competitors wear t-shirts and jeans to deflect some of the devices of torture they’re being slammed into and hit with, Eddy is basically in nothing more than a pair of nothing-left-to-hide underwear-like tights.

“They went from wanting to see me get beat up to feeling my pain with me,” said Dorozowsky, 31. “Most average death match workers wear jeans and they’re pretty covered up. I thought I’d try this and see if it works for me and after a couple successful matches with good reviews and getting things on YouTube and stuff then after that, the crowd wanted more and I think it just adds something different.”

The pretty boy side of his character was born out of an appreciation of Shawn Michaels and the reactions he got from female fans.

“At the time when I just started wrestling, I didn’t have a girlfriend and I thought what better way [to get one] than to do a sexy character, which I didn’t know anything about,” the 6-foot-1, 195-pound Dorozowsky said. “I didn’t realize how much work you have to put into it. You can’t just give yourself a character and be successful at it, it’s something you work at and you learn and develop as you go along.”

The hardcore side came from wanting to be able to adapt to all styles of wrestling and being able to work any type of match he was presented with by promoters. And boy did Eddy adapt. He can be seen on YouTube doing moonsaults with a garbage can over of the entire upper half of his body.

Giving a whole new meaning to Sexxxy Eddy and hardcore.

Eddy will be bringing his act to Toronto this weekend, appearing for Stranglehold Pro Wrestling on Sunday, July 19 at the Tranzac Club (292 Brunswick Ave.). Bell time is at 2 p.m. and Eddy will be featured in the main event as he battles The Juggulator in a Barefoot 10,000 Thumbtack Match.

It will be the first time Eddy has competed in a match like this and understandably, he’s a little apprehensive.

“Ian Rotten was telling me about a match with him and Mad Man Pondo and one of them landed on a tack and they became kind of paralyzed,” said Eddy. “They were stiff as a board until the ref pulled it out and they got their feelings back. It’s something that hopefully won’t happen, but if it does, you just have to deal with it. I’m a little scared for that.”

Despite the blood and pain the match promises to deliver, Eddy is still looking forward to the event — at least until the match is over and the adrenaline wears off as he recovers backstage.

“When you have the adrenaline pumping, you can pretty much do anything or at least that’s how I feel,” he said. “It’s after that, going backstage, that’s when my feet will be swollen and throbbing and that’s when I’ll feel it a lot more.”

No amount of pain will deter Eddy, though. He once had an artery pierced during Combat Zone Wrestling’s Tournament of Death 3 and only missed two months of action.

So, if you yearn to see a ladies man get his comeuppance, then Sexxxy Eddy’s your guy.


Daniel Wilson always wanted to play the pretty boy too, but appearing in front of cameras just isn’t in the cards. He does have the perfect face for radio and print, though and can be reached at