TNA’s Destination X pay-per-view had what appeared to be a stacked card. With the returns of Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, topped with a tag team bout between Beer Money Inc. and Team 3D, as well as an Ultimate X match, Destination X almost guaranteed to deliver. However, several anti-climatic and even predictable finishes, along with a few lackluster matches turned this PPV from an easy winner to a total disappointment.

Leading up the the main event, not too many matches or segments stood out. The big hype of the PPV itself was the showdown between Kurt Angle and Sting for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. As an added dynamic, Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley announced their roles in the match on last Thursday’s Impact, as Guest Referee and Guest Enforcer.

With all the craziness surrounding the match, along with the new additions, it became pretty clear that the match could go one of two ways. It could either be really entertaining with several twists and turns, or it could turn into a cluster of sorts, which it eventually did.

The match started out hot and heavy, with both competitors fighting to the floor and through the Impact Zone. As the fight moved back into the ring, the two continued to exchange blows, with Sting missing a Stinger Splash and Angle countering with an Angle Slam for a two count. Angle followed with a nice top rope Moonsault, but it still wasn’t enough to secure the victory.

Sting mustered up enough energy to fight back and landed a Scorpion Deathdrop, but this time Angle kicked out. At this point, Jeff Jarrett was taken out of the match inadvertently by a Kurt Angle clothesline. That’s right, Jarrett was laid out by a clothesline. As Mick Foley slid in the ring to check on Jarrett, Sting locked in the Scorpion Deathlock and Angle tapped, but there was no referee to see it.

Sting released the hold and went to check on Jarrett, giving Angle enough time to gather his bearings and hit another Angle Slam, however, Foley was only able to count the two. Enraged, Angle argued with Foley and kicked him below the belt. Angle then went out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair, which he attempted to use. Foley grabbed the chair and went to hit Angle, but connected with Sting, before getting Angle Slammed.

Angle made the cover on Sting, but only got a two count. Angle proceeded to get into an argument with Jarrett, leading to Angle spitting in his face. Angle then punched Jarrett, who punched him back into a revived Sting, who caught Angle with the Scorpion Deathdrop for the pinfall victory. After the match, Angle and Jarrett argued on the ramp, while Sting and Mick Foley exchanged words in the ring.

TNA Destination X 2009 PPV Results

The show began with a video package hyping the PPV and the Kurt Angle vs. Sting match.

Mike Tenay then welcomed us to the PPV, while Don West sat by and added comments here and there. The two bickered a bit, as the Knockouts made their way into the Impact Zone for the opening contest.

Match One – TNA Knockouts Six Woman Tag Team Match – Madison Rayne and The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) vs. Taylor Wilde, Roxxi and The Governor

This was a decent match. Madison Rayne and The Beautiful People kept Roxxi on their side of the ring for a good portion of the match, until she got to her corner and tagged in Taylor Wilde. Wilde took over and cleaned house on Rayne and The Beautiful People, hitting Rayne with a nice German Suplex for the win.

Winners Via Pinfall at 6:00 min – Taylor Wilde, Roxxi and The Governor

Match Rating – 5/10

In the office, Lauren spoke to Jeff Jarrett, who was wearing a referee’s shirt and Mick Foley, who promised to call the action right down the middle and make sure that nobody from the Main Event Mafia interfered in the match. During this segment a Brutus Magnus graphic came across the screen, a bit early for his entrance.

Brutus Magnus then made his way into the Impact Zone and announced that his open challenges would continue. David Penzer introduced a Navy officer, who announced that Eric Young accepted Magnus’ challenge.

Match Two – Brutus Magnus vs. Eric Young

Back and forth match here. Eric Young seemed to have things going his way, as both competitors fought to the top rope, however, Magnus was able to lift Young up and hit him with a spinning TKO off the ropes to get the win.

Winner Via Pinfall at 5:00 min – Brutus Magnus

Match Rating – 5/10

Sheik Abdul Bashir came out next and complained about not being on PPV. Jim Cornette walked to the ring and said the reason Bashir wasn’t on PPV was because of his mouth. Cornette told Bashir that nobody liked him and that he should just leave. Cornette invited the Navy officer back to the ring and he sang God Bless America as Bashir headed out of the Impact Zone.

In the Main Event Mafia locker room, Kurt Angle whined about his match with Sting. Booker T told Angle that he needed to handle his own business, because he had a match with AJ Styles. Scott Steiner echoed the same sentiments, pointing out that he had to take care of Samoa Joe. Kevin Nash told Angle that the stuff with Sting was his own fault. Angle told Nash that they would see whose side Sting was on at the end of the night.

Matt Morgan made his way to the ring next, as Mike Tenay and Don West argued over Jim Cornette’s decision to throw Sheik Abdul Bashir out of the Impact Zone.

Match Three – 10,000 Thumbtacks Match – Matt Morgan vs. Abyss

Throughout the match, Abyss and Matt Morgan teased going into the thumbtacks and even shards of glass. The two tables filled with thumbtacks were moved over to the side of the entrance ramp. The fight eventually made its way to the top of the ramp, with Morgan nearly being tossed off. He hit Abyss with a low blow, followed by a running bicycle kick, which sent “The Monster” off and through the tables.

Winner Via Putting His Opponent Through The Thumbtacks at 9:00 min – Matt Morgan

Match Rating – 6/10

Backstage, Booker T and Sharmell complained to Jim Cornette about the TNA Legends Championship being on the line in his match with AJ Styles. Cornette showed them the contract that Booker agreed to on Impact, which sent the duo huffing and puffing away.

A package was shown to hype the Finals of the One Night with ODB Contest.

In the ring, Jeremy Borash introduced ODB, who was accompanied by TNA senior official Rudy Charles. Borash introduced the three finalists, Cody Deaner, Shark Boy and Bernie Weber. They all were given the opportunity to tell ODB what they would do with her for one night. After that, they went into a dance off, as ODB gave her final inspections and whispered her decision to Borash. JB announced that the winner of the contest was Cody Deaner. Deaner celebrated with ODB, as Shark Boy and Bernie Weber complained about the results.

Lauren spoke to Beer Money Inc, who said that they didn’t care about what Team 3D has done, nor did they care about which one of them they sent packing from TNA. They said that tonight they were going to write TNA history.

A package was shown for the Awesome Kong vs. Sojournor Bolt TNA Knockouts Championship match.

Match Four – TNA Knockouts Championship Match – Awesome Kong w/ Riesha Saeed (C) vs. Sojournor Bolt

Sojournor Bolt and Awesome Kong went back and forth, with Riesha Saeed trying to get involved, only to get knocked down by Bolt. Bolt attempted a huricanrana, but was countered and hit with a Kong Bomb. Nothing really jumped out here.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion at 4:00 min – Awesome Kong

Match Rating – 4/10

A package was shown to hype the Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe match.

Match Five – Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe jumped right into this fight and busted Scott Steiner open right away. Joe used Steiner’s pipe against him and tossed referee, Andrew Thomas out of the ring. Referee Rudy Charles came out to stop Joe, but got clocked with a punch, as the bell rang for a disqualification.

Winner Via Disqualification at 2:00 min – Scott Steiner

Match Rating – 1/10 (It was really a segment more than a match.)

As Scott Steiner was announced the winner via disqualification, Samoa Joe dove out of the ring and continued the attack on him, fighting through the Impact Zone and biting his head. The two fought all the way outside the Impact Zone, as Mike Tenay and Don West pitched it to Lauren with AJ Styles.

Lauren spoke to AJ Styles, who promised to bring the fight to Booker T and win the TNA Legends Championship.

Match Six – TNA Legends Championship Match – Booker T w/ Sharmell (C) vs. AJ Styles

This was a good match. AJ Styles and Booker T went at it both in the ring and on the floor. They countered each other’s moves and went into several near falls. Styles was able to get the better of Booker and plant him with a Styles Clash to get the pin and win the TNA Legends Championship. Definitely a turning point in the PPV, but not enough to save it all together.

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW TNA Legends Champion at 10:00 min – AJ Styles

Match Rating – 7/10

After the match, Sharmell helped Booker T out of the ring, as AJ Styles celebrated throughout the Impact Zone.

Mike Tenay pitched it to Lauren, who was with a muddy Samoa Joe. Joe was carrying his knife and it had blood on it. Apparently Joe took care of Scott Steiner and left him somewhere. Okay.

Match Seven – TNA Tag Team Championship Match – Beer Money Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode)(C) vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon)

This was another entertaining match. James Storm and Robert Roode had a couple of miscommunications during the match, that led to a few arguments and shoving match. Team 3D had things going their way and were about to hit Roode with the 3D, when Storm rolled in with a steel chair and used it to get disqualified. Jim Cornette came out and said the match would not end that way and said it had to be restarted with No DQ rules. Team 3D went right back on the attack, but Storm and Roode ran over to the announce table, and were handed the belts by Don West, before running off. Bad finish to a good match.

Winners Via Count Out at 13:00 min – Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) – STILL TNA Tag Team Champions – Beer Money Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode)

Match Rating – 7/10

After the match, Team 3D yelled at Don West for handing Beer Money Inc. the TNA Tag Team titles. West defended himself as Mike Tenay looked on angrily.

A package was shown on the TNA X Division Championship Ultimate X Match.

Match Eight – TNA X Division Championship Ultimate X Match – Alex Shelley (C) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Consequences Creed vs. Jay Lethal vs. Suicide

There wasn’t anything so crazy about this Ultimate X match, as compared to others from the past. It was still a good match, that saw Lethal Consequences and The Motor City Machine Guns work together to a certain degree. The end came when Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed and Chris Sabin were all hanging over the title and Alex Shelley was hurt in the corner. Suicide dove from the side of the structure on top of the belt, knocking all of them down and grabbing the belt himself. Cool finish.

Winner Via Grabbing the TNA X Division Championship and NEW TNA X Division Champion at 14:00 min – Suicide

Match Rating – 7/10

Jeremy Borash spoke to Sting, who said he was ready to defend the TNA Heavyweight Championship against Kurt Angle.

A package was shown for the Kurt Angle vs. Sting TNA Heavyweight Championship match.

Jeremy Borash made the in-ring introductions for the Main Event.

Match Nine – TNA Heavyweight Championship Match – Sting (C) vs. Kurt Angle – Guest Referee – Jeff Jarrett – Guest Enforcer – Mick Foley

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL TNA Heavyweight Champion at 14:00 min – Sting

Match Rating – 6/10

Overall PPV Rating – 5/10

Chris and Bryan Sokol are from Long Island, NY and enjoy tag team reporting for SLAM! Wrestling.