The great Killer Kowalski was removed from life support on Monday in Whidden Memorial Hospital in Everett, Mass. Though he has not been declared dead, his family holds out little hope.

His wife, Theresa, continues to stay by his side at the hospital, informing Kowalski’s brother, Stan, and his family, as best she can in Ottawa, Ont.

Killer Kowalski on Friday, August 1st. Photo by Jason Clevett

“He’s off life support. There’s not much you can say. It’s more or less waiting,” said Stan Spulnik Tuesday night. “My wife and I and the rest of the family went through that with our sister [Wanda]. It’s not easy. You’re there literally 18 hours a day, just go out for a meal, a break, or something like that. That’s what we did. My sympathies go out to Theresa, having to sit there. We tried calling her today, and she took her answering machine off.”

The family decided to remove Kowalski from life support on Monday.

“We spoke about it, and she said that, she didn’t really ask what we wanted or not, but we certainly agree with it, that he be taken off life support on Monday,” said Spulnik. “We’re fully aware of this because a year and a half ago, my sister died. She was on life support, but she was also brain dead because of blood clotting. They took her off life support, and she survived for an additional six days from the day that she was put in the hospital.”

Spulnik is “a little annoyed” at his youngest son, Mark, who lives in Australia and posted a Blog [] about his uncle’s death.

But his uncle has not passed.

“He is on his own. I don’t know if he need any sort of treatment for pain or anything like that. I’m not aware of that,” said Spulnik.