Hello once again readers and lovers of all things wrestling. Sitting at the Devine computer recovering from hernia surgery and filling your lives once again with some Devine Inspiration.

The road to recovery is one of the most frustrating and agonizing things in a wrestler’s or athlete’s life. There is nothing more painful than sitting on the sidelines while your friends and comrades continue to do the thing that you love more than anything else in the world.

What can make this all the more frustrating or painful is not having any support while you are laid up. And by that I mean support in the way of family and friends around you to help “lighten the load” or make you smile. So at this time I want to show love for all of you who have sent well wishes and emails and phone calls of support and get wells. They have really been helpful in keeping the spirits up and focusing my energy in positive places. With all your support you will see me back in the ring and on TV sooner than later and I thank you all for that. They say the measure of a man is not how he fares while on top, but how he carries himself when he’s been knocked to the bottom. I promise I will be worthy of your support and aid.

I am going to do some shilling this week as there are a couple things I think wrestling fans in general need to know about and should support, so I apologize if you thought this week’s Intervention was going to be deep and all but … sorry, I’m about as deep as a thimble so that ain’t happening! 😀

First off, on February 21st, www.warrior1wrestling.com will have available a great double DVD set of their inaugural event from last summer in Oshawa featuring Mick Foley, Raven, Samoa Joe, Kid Kash, Jimmy Hart, Kamala, American Dragon, Chris Sabin, Gail Kim and of course Team Canada in all its glory. There are 10 matches and a ridiculous amount of wrestlers, but for me this is a must grab for the extras:

  • Kamala learning to bowl and playing in the arcade!
  • Footage of wrestler meet & greet/autograph sessions
  • BONUS Team Canada footage
  • Backstage interviews
  • Blooper reel
  • Hosted by JT Playa and Jennifer Blake
  • Available in English and French

I swear to God, Kamala is priceless. And the Team Canada — let’s call it assault — of referee Pee Wee Castles is worth the price of admission alone. Can you say D’Amore Moonsault? I knew you could!

Team Canada has its way with referee Pee Wee Castles. Courtesy www.warrior1wrestling.com

For those of you who are TNA fans and may not have heard, TNA may be getting a prime time slot either Mondays or Thursdays on Spike! This is fantastic news and a great boost for the company. There has been a bit of talk though as to whether Monday (TNA’s choice) or Thursday (Spike’s choice to lead into UFC) would be better. But in truth I think the more important question is not Monday or Thursday but the question of 60 or 90 minutes!! I hope and pray that TNA gets a 90-minute platform to showcase their already under-used talent.

Think of it: Longer matches. More of them! Better opportunity to compete on a national level with WWE for a share of the wrestling market. And More Team Canada!! What more could you ask for!?

I urge TNA fans and wrestling fans in general to email Spike and help push them in a 90-minute direction. With enough fan support anything can happen. The fans brought back Family Guy, so why couldn’t we get a 90-minute TNA show? Do your part people.

And last, but not least, being laid up and unable to hit the ring I will be spending a huge amount of time at the AWE training center here in Winnipeg over the next couple months.

Take care everyone and Stay Hot!