MONTREAL — The Dudleys have always had high aspirations and it doesn’t stop at being the WWF tag team champions.

Although they enjoyed quite their share of success in the ECW, it was the WWF that they always had their eyes on. And starting at the bottom is exactly what they wanted.

“Because when you start off at the bottom, the only place you can go is up,” D-Von Dudley told SLAM! Wrestling in a recent interview.

D-Von Dudley, centre, with Alain, left, and Yves Leroux, right, Oct. 16, 2001 in Montreal.

Going along with every storyline submitted to them also help D-Von and partner Bubba Ray Dudley gain the writing team’s respect and also gain acceptance from the other wrestlers as great team players.

Whether it was getting their butts kicked in the ring by the mid-carders, or kicking someone else’s butt, it got them noticed by Vince McMahon as a team willing to do anything to achieve their goals.

“I believe we have proven ourselves many a times when he has given us the ball to run with people like the Rock, Stone Cold, the Undertaker and Kane,” D-Von surmised.

Even if they don’t really know where their storylines are going, one of the only aspirations they have is to become the most successful tag team in WWF history.

“Whatever directions the storylines are going, hopefully, it’ll make us the top tag team ever in the World Wrestling Federation,” he said. “Every time we have a match, whether we get our behind kicked in the middle of that ring, or put an old lady through a table, we like to believe we make a little bit of history, and it’s great to know that Vince, Shane and Stephanie have that much confidence in us to do so.”

As being heels or faces, they don’t have any preferences, as they believe that even if they’re getting booed by the crowd, that’s a sign of doing a great job.

“At first being a bad guy was appealing, but after changing over to a face, it was a different look. We had people cheering and behind you. At a certain point when you stand on the apron and your partner is getting the tar beaten out of him, and he finally makes that hot tag, then the fans are going bananas, it’s a great feeling. But by the same token, when you’re beating up a face and he finally makes that tag, and you bump around for the face across from you, and the people are cheering for him, you know you have done a great job too. So we really don’t have a preference as long as we put on the best show possible and get a chance to show our stuff, that’s what is most important to us.”

As far as going solo, D-Von feels the Dudleys still have so much to accomplish as a tag team that neither are looking at a solo career at this moment. But also before he retires, D-Von would very much like to see what he can do a singles competitor so he can look back and feel he has accomplished everything he could.

“Definitely before the end of my career, I really want to see how I do solo as a face or heel both, then I’ll be able to sit back and retire and have absolutely no regrets and especially not come back after retiring,” D-Von said.

Although many believed the Dudleys were making a huge mistake when they left the ECW to join the WWF, D-Von is particularly glad to have made the move — and especially glad that they remembered to bring the tables with them.