Demons have possessed my N64. For some reason, my copy of No Mercy has been resetting itself every so often, and I lose my CAW’s as well as my title information. If anyone is having the same problems, let me know. I went over to the THQ website, which offers the following advice:

  • If you are using a Game Shark or Non-Nintendo peripheral, please discontinue using it.
  • If you have a Controller Pak in your controller, please remove it for the time being.
  • Re-initialize the game cartridge. To reset the game to factory defaults, follow these steps:
    1. Place the game cartridge in the N64
    2. Turn on the N64 while holding the START button on controller 1.
    3. Select the “Initialize Game Pak” option.
    4. Exit the Controller Pak menu.

    Now onto the tips and questions.

    Unlocking wrestlers

    Seems that unlocking wrestlers may not be as easy as simply having them appear on your screen. After winning the survival mode, I flipped over to my hidden character section, and Andre (who, as I was informed my several emails, does not use the Last Ride as his finisher) was nowhere to be found. My guess is that because I myself did not eliminate Andre, he was not unlocked. Ditto Shawn Michaels. A nice little bonus challenge snuck in by THQ.

    I’ve received a couple e-mails regarding unlocking Linda McMahon. I have yet to unlock her myself, though my best guess is that she is unlocked in the heavyweight title mode, quite possibly in only one of the storylines. Anyone unlocked the soon-to-be former Mrs. McMahon?


    I’ve received a couple emails regarding the use of tables in No Mercy. Here’s the deal with them.

  • There are three tables in the game: one is ringside, another in the locker room, and a third in the bar.
  • You cannot pull tables out of the audience or any other location.
  • The only way to put your opponent through the table is by standing on a table with them and performing a move. Not all moves will but your opponent through a table, though most will.Create-a-Wrestler

    We’ve got two fresh ones for you this week, both from WCW. Thanks to Mike Oz for these submissions.

    Mike Awesome

    Creator: Jon Waldman

    Name Mike Awesome
    Body medium 2
    Head 1
    Face 94
    Hair middle 1
    Front 18
    Ring Attire saturn (b,r)
    Feet boots1 (b,w)
    Knee Pads 2 (b)
    Elbow Pads supporter (b)
    Wristbands 1 (b)
    Front special move Super-Powerbomb 2 (get from Andre the Giant)
    Rear special move Full Nelson Driver
    Taunt 123

    Scott Steiner

    Creator: Jon Waldman

    Name Scott Stiener
    Alias Big Poppa Pump
    Music Richards
    Body Austin
    Head 7
    Face 94
    Hair clean cut (blonde 1)
    Facial Hair 5
    Ring Attire Crash2 (b,w)
    Feet Boots1(b,w)
    Knee Pads 2 (b)
    Elbow Pads Supporter (b)
    Wrist Band 1(b)
    Entrance Attire Tazz (B,B)
    Taunts u- 37, r- 31, l- 7, d- 3
    special 61
    celebration 37
    front special screwdriver ($2,000)
    rear Pump Handle Slam

    Reader Chris Banks wrote in, asking if anyone knows how to create ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels. If anyone has created the indie star, let me know.

    Hardest Matches

    I’ve received a lot of emails about my survery, and a lot of people have varied responses. The most votes thus far have gone to Chyna’s three-minute challenge, the Acolyte handicap match, and the ‘I Quit’ match. Next week I will have tips for all the game modes, so send all your tips, CAW’s, and any questions you have about No Mercy.